Mathieu: “My best friend right now is honesty”


Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu knows he can’t hide his past from the NFL.

So he’s not going to try.

Matthieu said at the NFL Scouting Combine that he knows his troubled past will make his interviews with teams the most important thing he does.

“It’s not that I’m asking them to trust me now,” Mathieu said. “I’m just asking for them to give me an opportunity.”

Mathieu admitting to having been through rehab and counseling for the drug problems that marked his LSU departure. He said he woke up at 4 a.m. for a drug test today, and knows he cost himself “millions” with his past problems.

And he said that NFL teams will know all about that record when he meets with them.

“My best friend right now is honesty,” he said.

Mathieu said he hoped to run in the 4.4s when he did his 40 later this week, but being straight with teams will be crucial toward getting another chance.

18 responses to “Mathieu: “My best friend right now is honesty”

  1. Good for him. Hopefully this comes from the heart and isn’t due to him being coached up by some agent.

  2. Hope he can turn his life around. He was fun to watch in college. Hate to see these kids self destruct their lives away especially when blessed with so much natural talent.

  3. Drop to the late second round so the pats can sub him in while dennard is suspended. though I’m not sold a backfield of talib Matthew and dennard, while extremely talented, would be such a good idea.

  4. Dope. Me smoke dope, me smoke, me smoke dope! Combine come and I can’t smoke dope! Seriously, this kid is a loser who couldn’t stay clean knowing his future is on the line. And he thinks teams want to give him a signing bonus as a draft pick? Johnny Jolly quitting “Purple Draaaank” thinks thats dumb.

  5. Nothing wrong with Detroit taking him if he can wait until top of the 3rd.

    Uh, this guy’s “problem” is with pot. Not cocaine or meth or prescription drugs. He’ll be fine.

  6. If he goes in the first 3 rounds it will be a waste of a pick for whoever takes him that early. Can he play? Sure. He could be great. Problem is, he is prone to trouble. He has a drug problem. He is an admitted addict and sought treatment for it. Most addicts fall off the wagon. What happens when he signs a contract and gets more money than he has ever seen? Can he be strusted to not celebrate and relapse? The less money he gets, the better off he will be and maybe he can continue his recovery. Drafting him too high will give him a windfall and tempt his senses to get his hands on some drugs. Success is this kids biggest enemy. If he feels he needs to prove himself, he will be far better off.

  7. joewilliesshnoz says:

    Sounds like Bengal material to me.
    Weed isn’t crime enough to move up the Bagels’ list.

    Seriously, though, I’m not sure if he matches up with what they need.

  8. “Weed” is not the problem. The problem is, is that he was served a “get out of the hood” card worth tens of millions of dollars and he screwed it up….at least twice! If someone told you that you would be able to have tens of millions of dollars, beautiful women throwing themselves at you, access to any VIP event, etc; and all you had to do is play football (and not even go to school…this is the SEC) and not get into trouble, would you do it? He screwed up once and was given a Mulligan. This guy is a disaster waiting to happen…..again.

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