Miami likely moving on without Bush

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It’s ironic, to say the least, that a team desperate for sizzle will not be keeping one of the few running backs in the NFL who carries that quality with him wherever he goes.

But Reggie Bush hasn’t done much to help fill the stands in South Florida over the last two seasons, even though he has proven that he’s much more than a specialty player at the professional level.  Complicating matters is that the Dolphins now seem to be more interested in specialty players at the running back position.

So just as it was no surprise that, as of a couple of weeks ago, Bush hadn’t received an offer from the Dolphins, it’s no surprise that reports are piling up of his impending departure.  With tampering season in full swing in Indianapolis, Bush and his agent, Joel Segal, surely know that some other team is willing to offer Bush more money and/or a bigger role than the Dolphins — now that the Dolphins and Bush have finally talked turkey on a new contract.

His destination at this point isn’t clear.  The possibilities will include teams with plenty of cap room or plans to use Bush as something more than a revolving-door option.

Bush has made enough money to not have his take-home pay at the top of the wish list.  The real question is whether there’s a team that will make him the top dog on the depth chart, or that perhaps offers other intangible benefits.

Maybe the right team is the one that plays in his hometown of San Diego.  With Ryan Mathews more fragile than a major award and with the Chargers unable to fill up their home stadium on a consistent basis, bringing Reggie home could help from both a football and a business standpoint.

25 responses to “Miami likely moving on without Bush

  1. No worries on Reggie. If the money isn’t right then time to move on. He’s had his moments over the last two years but nothing that can’t be replaced.

  2. Don’t agree with this as you need multiple playmakers at skill scoring positions due to injury risks. I hope they don’t regret it!

  3. Kind of disappointed to see Reggie go. I think we have a very good option at running back in Miller at a fraction of the cost and that is the main reason they would be letting him go. In his time here he was one of the hardest working players on the team and an excellent teammate. I will be rooting for him wherever he lands.

  4. He’s averaged around 45 rushing yards per game and just under 7 tds per season (rushing/receiving/return) for his career.
    Not a lot of production for what he’s been paid.

  5. Jahvid Best replacement in Detroit. When Best went down all the opposing linebackers dropped back in coverage. With Bush in the backfield that can’t happen. Then Calvin will get 3000+ yards.

  6. It is a great move. Spend the money on upgrading the TE and WR position. Lamar Miller can carry the load for what this team needs at RB.

  7. Bush to Green Bay would make me nervous. He would fit perfectly with his speed and pass-catching ability.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with this move at all:

    1) Bush isn’t a game changer. He’s a very good RB who sometimes gets caught dancing around in the backfield.

    2) Bush is an older RB, and Miami isn’t anywhere close to competing for a Super Bowl. With the workload he’s been given, Bush probably only has two or three years left and will be in decline during that span.

    3) Bush is prone to nagging injuries. He’s a smallish runner and has missed games the past two seasons due to injuries.

    4) Lamar Miller looks like the future for Miami at the RB position. Time to let him take the reigns.

  9. Reggie Bush was solid as a Dolphin, but he is not necessary to bring back. Runningback is the position that the Dolphins have the most depth at. Lamar Miller, a rookie last year, had the highest yards per carry and has speed, unlike Reggie who has quickness. If Reggie will accept a smaller contract he will be a fin. The Dolphins have no need to pay extra for Reggie.

  10. Reggie was a good role model for the past two years but is replacable. Yes, he danced a bit in the backfield but is probably looking for too much money vs. his production.

    He’s fun to watch but that money can be better spent elsewhere. Same goes for Sean Smith… other than the good role model part.

  11. “I remember shaking my head when Houston took Mario Williams over Bush. Boy was I wrong”

    No, you weren’t. Bush changed some games with the big plays he made. Mario was never much more than an OK lineman and a below average linebacker. Bush as been the more valuable player since they came out.

  12. I think Bush out of USC would have brought in San Diego fans, but he’s been away from the area too long and has too much baggage from the USC sanctions to excite Charger fans. I agree he’s the right fit for the Turner offense of 2006-12, but there’s a new OC in Whisenhunt who hasn’t utilized RBs as utility receivers in the past. Now Chip Kelly at the Eagles loves this kind of player…

  13. butteredsanta says:
    Feb 24, 2013 10:03 AM
    I remember shaking my head when Houston took Mario Williams over Bush. Boy was I wrong

    How so? Reggie Bush made many big game changing plays and helped the Saints win a Super Bowl. Mario Williams had decent numbers in Houston but no playoff wins, then last year chased the big contract to Buffalo never to be heard from again. As a Saints fan, I take Reggie every time in that same situation!

  14. For Reggie’s sake let him go. The idiot Dolphins don’t know how to use him anyway.

    Miami fans are used to watching the good ones get away by now.

    Come October when Daniel Thomas will be rehabbing his latest injury and the coaches are wondering why Lamar Miller can’t run 25 times a game thru a line that has also gotten rid of Jake Long…maybe THEN there will finally be reason enough for Jeff Ireland to be fired.

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