Report: 49ers leaning against tagging Dashon Goldson

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Earlier this week, word was that it was “no certainty” that the 49ers used their franchise tag on safety Dashon Goldson for the second straight season.

With a little more than a week to go before the decision must be made, Matt Maiocco of is reporting that indications are that the 49ers will pass on using the tag. Citing multiple league sources, Maiocco says that the 49ers are “leaning” in that direction. General Manager Trent Baalke was predictably noncommittal this week.

“Whether we use the tag or not, I really don’t know at this point. I think I do know, but I’m not willing to share it at this time,” Baalke said.

Tagging Goldson would cost the team $7.44 million, which could also limit their ability to hold onto Alex Smith’s $8.5 million salary long enough to trade it once March 12 rolls around. With talks on a long-term deal not producing much optimism, there’s a good chance that Goldson will be hitting the open market off the best season of his career.

That doesn’t mean he won’t wind up back with the 49ers, but it certainly raises the likelihood that Goldson will strike gold somewhere else.

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  1. As much as I like Goldson, it wouldn’t break my heart to see him leave. I think we can get by with Spillman while one or two of our 14 draft picks is molded to be the long-term starting FS. I think the defense was stale at points during the season and I think it has a lot to do with trying to keep the core 11 together. As much as Goldson’s style creates highlight plays, he also gambles and loses quite often.

  2. This is tough! I like Dashon a lot, he is a dynamic playmaker.. True he does gamble sometimes.. But he is a leader in the secondary creates turnovers and helps lay wood in the run game.. His presence makes players think twice bout catching the ball around him.. Don’t think he’s replaceable so he should be atleast a 2 year priority.. Can still draft one.. And spillman is solid back up

  3. Yea a all pro starting pro bowl safety is replaceable.. Yea alrite. He sets the tone back there and he’s a great ball hawk… Safeties like this are hard to come by… Just ask greenbay how much they miss nick collin. Defense hasn’t been the same since..What we need to do is cut whittner… You don’t let the best DB on the team walk.

  4. Maiocco’s column says that the Niners and Goldson numbers are not even close when it comes to a long-term contract. Remember that Goldson already hit the free-agent market once and came back to the Niners when no one was offering him the money he (and his agent) think he deserves.

    Maybe it will be different this time, maybe not. It’s possible that once the market determines Goldson’s value his agent may start talking again with the Niners. And maybe will just throw crazy money at him.

    Current Niners management has taken a 6 – 10 team to the NFC Championship game and then to the Superbowl. Gotta think they know what they’re doing.

  5. I wouldn’t say Goldson is replaceable, in that another player would be able to step in and play the game exactly as he does. What I would argue is that Whitner has much of the same skill-set, and perhaps a different, more coverage-focused safety would be a better fit for the defense.

    Goldson needs to decide whether or not the extra money he could make on the open market is worth leaving a team that should be competing for championships every year. I’d be happy to give him another four years with a hometown discount.

  6. Pay the man! Nobody outside the locker room knows whether Spillman can handle the position. Let Hawk38 go and the Niners will be starting an inferior player at the spot. Not a good idea for a SB contender.

  7. I like Goldson and would like him to stay, but this has been coming for 2 years now. The Niners are very proactive about extending and rewarding their homegrown players, but they have never been able to come to an agreement with Goldson because he is always asking for too much money. If that’s all the guy cares about then go let him play for a team that won’t be a serious SB contender for at least the next several years. The Niners have offered him very good, but not great money because they set a value for their players and move on if they can’t come to an agreement. Sounds like that’s what is happening here although I’d still be surprised if they didn’t slap the franchise tag on him for 1 more year.

  8. The 49ers need to let Goldson test his worth on the open market. Once he does he’ll realize the 49ers probably aren’t low-balling him.

  9. When the dust and smoke settles, we will know exactly what the deal was with Dashon. If he is resigned, that will mean he accepted “the Niners value figure” which may or may not have been HIS figure. ’cause as someone stated hereon, the Niners do NOT alter their system for any player. And as good as this guy is, he certainly is NOT the one that will make them deviate. Not by a long shot. I would like to see him stay. And I would like to see Whitner replaced – because I know that whoever steps into his slot will be very capable, and may be just may be, an upgrade.

  10. I would find a way to keep him he’s real good and will leave a big hole to fill if he’s gone. Don’t bet on finding a better replacement, he wants to stay with the 49ers find a way to make it happen.

  11. Yeah Atlanta & Flacco will love hearing about the Niners not replacing the replaceable Dashin Goldson. Tom Brady & Russell Wilson too… They’ll love that too. You guys get so much hometown bias… He’s a good player but not worth the money he wants. The 49ers db’s were very suspect when they had no pass rush = Goldson was an all pro because of the front 7. (see ex #1… 2011 Carlos Rogers). You guys…. He’s replaceable for way less

  12. And truly, if Goldson was worth the money he wanted, why hasn’t Baalke paid him yet? He’s paid everyone else that deserved it. He must just have a personal vendetta against Dashon haha

  13. As least they have Whitner -the an instant TD at Safety when in coverage. 49ers missed the boat when they laid an egg versus Ravens. Cap troubles and on the decline. Rams or Hawks will win the west.

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