Report: Chiefs interested in Alex Smith, Luke Joeckel


Trade talks involving Nick Foles might not have gone anywhere, but that’s not the only trade option available to the Chiefs this offseason.

Alex Smith would be another possibility and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network and reports that it is one that interests them. Rapoport writes that “word is starting to leak of their interest” in Smith and that the Chiefs have “shown more interest” than anyone else in making a trade for a quarterback that could become their starter in 2013.

The 49ers said this week that all options are on the table in regard to Smith, who is set to make $8.5 million in 2013. A trade that allows Smith to at least challenge for a starting role while also bringing something back for the 49ers seems like the best one of those options for all involved.

Rapoport also reports that the Chiefs are “high” on Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, a player who has been mentioned often in discussions of possibilities for the first overall pick in the draft. That’s not surprising, although interest in Joeckel will help dictate what the team does with current left tackle Branden Albert, an impending free agent. There’s been some talk of keeping Albert and moving him to guard if Joeckel is the pick in April, albeit talk Albert thinks should cease and desist.

With a decision looming for wide receiver Dwayne Bowe as well, the Chiefs will have plenty to do in the next couple of weeks as they plot their course into the free agency and trading season.

33 responses to “Report: Chiefs interested in Alex Smith, Luke Joeckel

  1. There’s other reports saying that Smith might be worth a second round pick. That’s all crazy talk though because no one is giving up a second rounder for a guy making 8.5M$ for the next two years when they know it’s almost a given the 49ers will have to release him. 4th or 5th rounder? Maybe. 2nd rounder? Hell no.

  2. If my chiefs let albert walk and draft Joeckel, that means he is worth 2 first rounders cuz that’s what albert was and they would be giving him up for joeckel in addition to wasting the first overall pick in away that leaves all the best playmakers on the board for the teams that get the best media coverage to keep the most exciting players away from the chiefs so they can play for teams on the coast. if luck or griffin were in this draft I bet they would pull an eli manning and refuse to play for the chiefs if they drafted him.

  3. I can live with that. They still need to draft a QB later. I like EJ Manuel in round 3. He’s raw, but has ALL of the physical attributes….and he’s a winner.

  4. The 49’ers not doing anything with Alex Smith let the man go he can continual his career. Alex Smith will be happy with the Chiefs, make that money Alex Smith go far it this is 2013.

  5. The Chiefs should just wait it out. Smith makes too much money for the 49ers to hang onto him as a backup. hairbough has thrown Smith under the bus and I’m sure he’s anxious to leave in order to start somewhere else. The 49ers will end up releasing him.

  6. Since it’s likely that the 49ers might not get more than a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Smith, how about they trade him, their first round pick along with maybe a later round pick to the Chiefs for Dwayne Bowe? Not sure if the Chiefs will franchise Bowe though.

  7. I remember when I was a kid, and my when unmoving 49er fandom was compromised when Joe Montana signed with the Chiefs. For the first time, I had an AFC team to cheer for.

    Sounds like the second time may be near.

    1st Round Pick: Joeckel
    2nd Round Pick: Traded to 49ers for Alex Smith

    The team would be immediately improved, and they’d certainly have my attention.

  8. I’m an Eagles fan and I know Andy Reid very well. I think he really wants Nick Foles as his QB and Reid and the Chiefs are sending out a smoke screen in their interest in Joeckel, who happens to be number one on the Eagles list. So to insure the Eagles get him I really see a trade involving Foles and the Chiefs for a mid pick and flip flopping their number 1’s. Eagles would then draft Joeckel with the top pick and the Chiefs would still probably get their man with the 4th pick. Who I personally think will be Geno Smith.
    Now that significantly upgrades KC’s major weakness which is QB. Then I would re sign Albert

  9. Pretty much have to discount everything you hear these days. But Smith & Joeckel would be a good start to turning the Chefs around. 49ers don’t even need a pick this year, so buy now pay later is an option. Say a 2nd in 2014.

  10. Interesting. Obvious the Chiefs need to look at another option for QB because Cassel isnt working out there- maybe hed be good under another scheme coach, whatever- but it ain’t happenin’ in KC for him. Brady Quinn is of course not a realistic option. The big question I would have though is can you trust Smith? KC is bad, I mean real bad. I think Andy Reid will be able to turn them around, but let’s look at Smith. Several coaches with no talent around him in SF and he was nothing to write home about. Then, when he got some talent he still was nothing special til Harbaugh became part of the picture. Harbaugh strikes me as a guy who has a way with getting the best out of his QB’s- and I wonder if Reid could do that with Smith. Although if your KC, I suppose you can’t go anywhere but up at this point, so it’s a risk they may very well be willing (and for lack of options, have to) take.

  11. Everybody in the Chiefs Kingdom wants Geno as there qb bad. Clark Hunt refuses to sit throuhh another year like that. Alex smith is a Cassell 2.0. The chiefs will get what the fans want in Geno Smith. If we re sign Albert we know for a fact Geno will be the #1 pick.

  12. 49ers won’t release him, they will trade him. More than 1 team is interested so if the Chiefs want him..better pull the trigger

  13. Yes but Alex Smith has more ints and fumbles than Cassell. Chiefs have not won a game with a qb we have drafted in over 30 years and havnt won a playoff game in over 20 years. Alex Smith is not the answer. Retreads suck here and were tired of it.

  14. For those who think that Alex makes to much to keep do a little homework. Alex’s 8.5 + Kap’s .8 = less
    Than almost every starter’s salary in the NFL. While they could trade him if they want a good vet to back him up they’ll still have to pay him at least 5-6 million a year. For those of you that thinks the Niners should just give him away you haven’t been paying attention to how Harbaugh and Balke do business.

  15. If we do this, we deserve 30 more years of no championships.

    Yeah, lets trade for a QB who in his career has been benched 4 times for Kaepernick, Dilfer, Shaun Hill, and JT O’Sullivan.

    The guy who despite starting 13 more games, has comparable stats to Matt Cassel.

    And yes, let’s draft a left tackle when we have a left tackle who allows only 1 more sack a year and less than one penalty more a year than Joe Thomas.

    God that would be a stupid decision.

  16. Kansas City has a great running game and a defense that will only get better as it matures. What they need is a QB who is going to take care of the football and let those elements of strength be effective. Alex Smith is that guy.

    And Andy Reid has been successful with that kind of quarterback before. Besides McNabb, the best QB on the Eagles during Reid’s tenure was Jeff Garcia, and I think there are quite a few similarities there.

  17. Chiefs draft Joeckel then trade for Alex Smith then later rounds draft Tyler Bray he has the arm strength and accuracy and is way underrated then people think let him learn from Alex Smith. People are saying draft Genome or EJ both will be mediocre qbs Tyler has and will go on to have the better career.

  18. I hope Andy Reid and the Chiefs make the right decisions and go on to win a Super Bowl in the next couple of years.

  19. Poor Chief’s fans, even if u get Alex Smith, u still dont have a QB, and if u pick Geno Smith u still dont have a QB, 8.5 million for Smith is crazy, just gamble wth G.Smith n go the young cheaper route cause yr not making playoffs anytime soon

  20. Best plan is to franchise Bowe, deal a 3rd for Smith, draft Joeckel #1. Tell Albert that he can take a hike. Since his rookie deal was under the old CBA, KC may actually save money by letting him walk and drafting LJ.

    I’d love to have Albert stay and be happy as a guard but I like having Bowe more.

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