Steelers meeting today with Breaston’s agent


Among the many instances of illegal tampering that are occurring brazenly in Indianapolis are plenty of legitimate meetings.

When it comes to former Chiefs receiver Steve Breaston, he’s fair game for phone calls and emails and face-to-face conversations, since the Chiefs terminated his contract earlier this week.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Breaston’s agent will meet Sunday with Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert.

The connection is obvious.  Breaston played for Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley in Arizona, before joining Haley in Kansas City, after Haley was hired as the head coach there.

The added benefit is that Breaston grew up in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, located roughly 15 minutes to the east of Pittsburgh.

38 responses to “Steelers meeting today with Breaston’s agent

  1. The fit is too obvious not to proceed and sign him. I do not see any down side. Of course, the salary cap has to be fixed before this can be done.

  2. I think it might be a good move if they can get him at a good deal!Him and Brown can draw a LOT of coverage. Then you got Saunders or Cotchery! Assuming they both re-sign

  3. I’m not a Steelers fan, but I will answer your question. Because the past is proven and the future is just that. No one knows if its brighter or not (expect maybe There are only a few teams that can say that they have legitimate haters, the Steelers, the Pats*, the Giants… sorry no Ravens (yet). It is okay to hate those teams, they have earned it.

  4. Funny to see guys succeed under one regime yet flounder in another. Really brings into question whether or not coaches can really get the best from all players or if they can actually change their style to the abilities the players have. In Breaston’s situation clearly Haley was better for him than Crennel.

  5. He says playing time is a big issue and he had his best career stats working for Haley. Still, we do have cap issues and he’s meeting with several other teams. He could be another piece of the puzzle if we can get him, but I still hope we can replace Wallace’s speed with a middle-round draft pick.

  6. According to the Steeler fans,The 6 SB trophys they have will somehow catapult them into the SB over and over and over again!!!!……..Get real! This aging team is a shell of what it used to be! Did they win their division?…..The start of a downward spiral!!!

  7. I think hes a very good reciever. People forget matt cassel has been throwing to him. I like ben and all but hes no brady or rodgers. I think he will fit nicely with our scheme

  8. Breaston was the most sure handed receiver the Chiefs had. They didn’t use him because of issues between him and Crenell/Pioli in 2012 but in 2011 the guy was a rock and made huge catches all year.

  9. Ravenator with the same old tune. Most likely the single fat guy sitting eating Cheetos on his couch ordering from the shopping network at 3 AM wondering where his life went.

  10. Steeler fans it is obvious there is a raven fan who haunts this thread. We need to ignore him and his antics and like a runny nose it will go away. Don’t bother with the thumb down just ignore it. He/she is an attention seeking juvenile and will go away if ignored like stink on sh–. I know I know I was besting him every chance I could, but time for him to whistle in the wind y himself.

  11. Steelers need a #1 WR all we got is a bunch of 2’s and 3’s even with Wallace..pick #17 can get The #1 or #2 WR in the my guess is they’ll draft ANOTHER O-Lineman though. Can’t wait to see what Colbert & Company do

  12. Bring it home baby we would welcome hime with open arms shh and while where at it there is a corner right by Rikers Island Named Revis Island heard he is disgruntled bring him colbert then you have Ikey love and Revo

  13. Why sign another ordinary WR?? They have enough of those already.

    They need a real # 1 WR. Not another #2 or 3 reciever. They are really being cheap. Just resign Wallace.

  14. Can’t replace Wallace with a 3rd or 4th Round WR.. when y’all gona learn that Brown and Sanders ain’t #1s in the NFL? We need Top flight..and it wont happen through Free Agency. How many times do we have a draft pick under 26th?? If we use that pick on Defense I GUARANTEE they wont start for 2 years! That 1st pick needs to be a RB or WR

  15. The Steelers are $13 million over the salary cap, but that should be rectified by the expected departures by Starks, Colon, Foster, Hampton, Mendenhall, Wallace, and maybe Harrison and/or Woodley.
    Somehow, signing journeyman Steve Breaston doesn’t excite me. The Steelers need to go after some established veteran free agents.
    This is the first time during Colbert’s tenure that I’ve been concerned about the team’s depth… or lack thereof.

  16. He couldn’t start for the Chiefs and now he is Jerry Rice all of a sudden? Pittsburgh already have a group of number 2 wide receivers and good slot receivers. Breaston is 6 feet and 180 lbs. He is another small, quick receiver that the Steelers have with current roster. He doesn’t add anything to the offense that isnt already there.

  17. They should just ignore free agency and draft for the future like they have always done. Pick the best player available and develop them. It has always worked so why ditch it now? Then why should they sign a big name guy like Revis when they can’t even re-sign their own guys? I’m just saying Colbert and Tomlin know what they are doing. Leave it to them and it will be fine.

  18. Why sign a WR when you don’t have anyone to throw him the ball? Roethlisberger is overpaid, overrated, and is quickly becoming more injury prone than Mike Vick.

  19. Why sign a WR when you don’t have anyone to throw him the ball? Roethlisberger is overpaid, overrated, and is quickly becoming more injury prone than Mike Vick.

    So your advanced logic suggests the the ravens should get rid of Flacco after one SB appearance versus Bens three appearances… You need to run for political office…such a moron.

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