Underwear Olympics showcase Under Armour gear

Getty Images

The Scouting Combine entails not only competition among players and teams and reporters and agents but also clothing companies.

For now, despite the best efforts of Adidas to horn in on the exclusive turf of the official sponsor of the Underwear Olympics via a promise to offer a contract to the fastest man at the Winter Games of Indianapolis, Under Armour has a hammerlock on the shoes and glorified undergarments worn in and around Lucas Oil Stadium.

Since I’m way too old to comment on what does and doesn’t look good, I’ve consulted Florio Jr. regarding the Combine apparel.  He approves.

But Nike acquired as of last year the exclusive license for the NFL’s outerwear.  Thus, whenever the Under Armour deal expires, it’s safe to say that Nike and Adidas and possibly others will make “league office wine-and-dining” the newest event in the Underwear Olympics.

And the gold will go to the company that coughs up the most of it.