A.J. Smith expected to join Redskins front office as advisor


Former San Diego Chargers general manager A.J. Smith appears set to join the Washington Redskins front office in an advisory role after meeting with the Redskins this week.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Smith is expected to join the Washington Redskins as an advisor and consultant in the personnel department. Smith’s son Kyle also works as a scout for the Redskins.

Smith was in Indianapolis at the NFL combine to meet with the Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots about potential roles with their organizations. Per Acee, Smith had prior relationship with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Redskins owner Dan Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen.

The Chargers fired Smith in December after 10 years serving as the team’s general manager.

40 responses to “A.J. Smith expected to join Redskins front office as advisor

  1. Just when things were going well for the skins, they do this. Maybe they will have him be their opposite guy. Whatever he says, do the opposite.

  2. It’s nice he is able to be with the same team as his son again. One of the hard things about being a G.M. or Head Coach is that your kids grow up. They move away to take different positions with other teams and that sort of thing. Occasionally, but not often, they even leave football to work in completely different fields.

  3. What sort of role will he have? I think Bruce Allen and Shanny have breathed new life into this franchise, I hope he answers to them, and can’t do anything to upset the apple cart…

  4. coltzfan166 says:
    Feb 25, 2013 11:46 PM
    AJ Smith is cheap while Dan Snyder will overpay for anyone. It’s hard to see how they’ll work well together.

    you guys are such idiots…..hes an advisor!!!!! he wont be making any deals..lol… look at the people he was bringing to Chargers….all pro-bowlers…he just wouldnt pay them to keep them!!!

  5. Nooooo! Keep that Egomaniac away from my team! Snyder take a long hard look at what he left behind in San Diego.

  6. Bad GM but did have a stretch as one of the best personnel guys in football. As long as he’s not in charge of resigning anyone its a good hire.

  7. aj should only come in during draft season , once the players get there he should disappear, the guy is a jerk but he does a pretty good job at drafting players

  8. As a Giants fan..Im very excited about this news…The Lord of No Rings has come to the NFC East..now we just have to worry about the cowboys and eagles

  9. AJ Smith always could identify talent his problem was when it was time to pay them he was arrogant and unnecessarily played hardball. If we’re using him as a high end scout cool. If he is advising on cap or salary issues no way.

  10. I’m reading these idiot comments wondering do some of you that previously post have any football knowledge at all or do you just troll. If he’s joining the team as an advisor he has no power or control other than giving an opinion. Either you’re too stupid to understand that or you get your rocks off posting troll comments. Pathetic.

  11. Welcome to this side show of a franchise. One of the most laughable owners in the NFL, haven’t won a championship in two decades, and traded away our first round picks for the forseeable future for a young QB who no longer has his real knees left.

    We love living in the shadow of the real collosus from Maryland, you know, the defending Super Bowl champions.

  12. What a crazy move. Throw Smith, Mr. Mediocrity in the mix after the Combine & before the draft? What planet has he been on since he got fired? What does he bring to the table at this point? I don’t get it.

    Warm up Kirk Cousins.

  13. You people should read more often. Advisory role… when was the last time you heard of anyone in an advisory role make a significant decision. What power do you fools think he is gonna have?

  14. He is an excellent personal guy….proven! He is an advisor…proven! Non-Skins fans and silly uneducated football fans who only read media reports or better yet listen to sports talk shows and no nothing from personal opinion of really watching and knowing what the Skins have really been about..simmer down! As for the haters who keep talking..wishing for further injury to one of the newest greatest talents we have in the NFL, stop it! Any real fan wants to beat the other team with all of their talent intact, not wish for injury….as for the logo…REALLY, you have a problem with the logo? It’s the only logo of a man of color, it shows a native as brave, respectable, dignified..etc… Where is the problem with the logo…argue the name but the logo…Really a reach! HTTR! The Beast is coming…lol

  15. I actually like this move, with him as just an advisor. He actually did a pretty solid job of bringing talent into San Diego, he was just awful at keeping them there! So let him bring in the good talent, keep him away from the renegotiating process!

  16. After 23 years in DC I’ve become really good at justifying every move the Redskins make.

    Oh we’re cutting LaVar Arrington? Well I know he and Gibbs didn’t get along, and I’m sure Gibbs has a back-up plan and definitely isn’t completely senile at this point, so good call guys. Oh we’re hiring the Seahawks quarterbacks coach as our head coach? Huh, OK, I guess that’ll shake things up, could work out.

    Oh we’re paying DeAngelo Hall 12 billion dollars for a couple highlight-reel picks? I mean, they were highlight-reel, no complaints. And now all the tea in China and a guest room in the White House for a guy who stomps people’s heads? Awesome! signing no NFL caliber safeties this year? Eh, Jim Haslett will make it work (to be fair, he kind of did).

    But there is no way to justify this move. AJ Smith is simply the worst executive in the NFL. In fact, how he’s still in the NFL is a mystery to me. On a positive note, he is an advisor: there won’t be any “headbutting” as some commented above. Shanahan came to DC because Snyder offered him total control over the team, which is also why they brought in a non-personnel GM like Bruce Allen. I would prefer Smith was nowhere near the Redskins, but at the same time, I don’t find his presence especially threatening.

  17. Going from one loser organization to another..no wonder redskins are always chanting …fail to the redskins

  18. logicalvoicesayz says: Feb 26, 2013 8:25 AM

    Welcome to this side show of a franchise. One of the most laughable owners in the NFL, haven’t won a championship in two decades, and traded away our first round picks for the forseeable future for a young QB who no longer has his real knees left.

    We love living in the shadow of the real collosus from Maryland, you know, the defending Super Bowl champions.
    Baltimore fans are so weird. What exactly do you want? You have the best team in the NFL; you won the Super Bowl. Why do you still have such an inferiority complex, especially in relation to the Redskins? The very existence of the Redskins franchise seems to upset Raven fans, however.

    When a DC fan says “I think London Fletcher is a great linebacker,”; the typical Baltimore response is not “I think Ray Lewis is a better linebacker,” it’s “London Fletcher sucks and does not deserve to wash Ray Lewis’ jock strap.”

    Your team is better, so be the bigger man. When you rag on the Redskins for existing, you don’t sound like a fan of the defending Super Bowl Champions, you sound like a weak and petty individual. DC has corrupt politicians, go-go music, and affluence; Baltimore has the Wire, the aquarium and Bertha’s Mussels. It’s apples and oranges, AFC and NFC, and there is no rivalry.

  19. Actually, AJ’s total personnel record is mixed at best and horrid as of late. His advisory skills seem pretty bad when you consider the FA signing of Meachem, the handling of Gates’ contract and ensuing failure to make the playoffs, multiple recent draft busts and the list goes on and on.

    No one should wish injury on another player. RGIII is one of the better things to happen to the NFL. Yet, Shanny & Co. saw fit to let him start and continue play far past what the naked eye showed was smart to do.

    The logo/monicker is simply indefensible. Really, I have a problem much more of a problem with the name “Redskins” than just the image of the Native American on the helmet. Just google what that means to any Native American. If you think the N-bomb is an appropriate caption/monicker for a NFL team, we will just never see eye to eye on that. Too bad the NFL and Redskin lawyers prevailed on the trademark challenge to the logo on said basis.

  20. Ha ha ha! His personell decisions are what got him fired in SD. As long as he’s not here, I don’t care where he is. I feel bad for the employees in Washington’s personell dept. This guy is a major douche!

  21. I think people are making too much of a big deal about this move, I don’t think AJ Smith is going to have much of a role in the originzation . This is a non story.

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