Eagles release Mike Patterson


Two years ago, the Eagles dreamed a Dream Team.  The dream is now being dismantled.

Already gone is defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins.  Joining him is defensive tackle Mike Patterson.

The Eagles have announced that Patterson has been released.

Patterson, 29, joined the Eagles as a first-round pick in 2005.  He became a full-time starter in 2006.

During training camp in 2011, Patterson suffered a seizure.  He played all year with a congenital tangle of blood vessels in his brain, and Patterson underwent surgery after the season to repair the condition.  Patterson appeared in only five games last season.

Patterson was due to earn a base salary of $2.9 million in 2013.  He was under contract through 2016.

The biggest remaining question on the defensive side of the ball is whether the centerpiece of the Dream Team, Nnamdi Asomugha, will be released.  He’s due to earn $15 million in 2013, but $4 million is fully guaranteed, with no offset based on earnings elsewhere.

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  1. All is right with the planet again. The Washington Redskins are the king of the division while the Philadelphia Eagles sit in last with Steve Spurrier 2.0 as HC. As it should be.

  2. What is their Cap at this point? More to come? Total dismantling and rebuilding is tough……

  3. This really comes as no surprise. That was a scary situation and he just hasn’t been the same player since that incident.

    This might be the end of the road for him but good luck to him in the future.

  4. Thanks Mike for all that you did for the team over the years. May you still have a strong future ahead of you.

  5. Two years ago, the Eagles dreamed a Dream Team. The dream is now being dismantled.

    Patterson was not apart of that “Dream Team” thing. He’s been on the Eagles his whole career.

  6. With the fourth overall pick of the 2013 draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Dee Millner, corner back out of Alabama.

    Nnamdi certainly isn’t worth the $15 million price tag. If you are going to blow it up and start all over, blow it up and start all over.

  7. so we now have two 3 DTs on the roster. two of which went undrafted.

    OK CHIPP ,, show me what you got !

  8. I’ve said it several times… but how in the heck are the Eagles at the top of the cap space list prior to the latest rounds of bloodshedding? I mean they had something like $23M left, now they have got to be sitting in the mid-30s after Vick’s restructure, Jenkins, Patterson…

    How in the world, with all of these TERRIBLE contracts, did they still have that much cap space? Were they basically paying Vick and Nnamdi and no one else or what?

  9. And to think that the Cleveland Browns inherited the guy that put the “Dream Team” together.

    It’s gonna be a “Banner” year in the Land of Cleve…

  10. Will Florio ever give the “Dream Team” crap a rest? One idiot said that 2 years ago, and he hasn’t even been on the team for over a year. Leave it be already.

    As far as Patterson goes, he was pro who I think all Eagles fans have a lot of respect for. He didn’t make much sense to keep on a rebuilding team that is changing schemes, but I hope he finds success elsewhere.

  11. Good luck Mike and thanks for all the great years in midnight green. He’s just not a good fit for the new system.

    Can we finally stop with the stupid “Dream Team” references Florio? It was said by Vince Young two years ago. It’s a new era in Philadelphia now.

    “so we now have two 3 DTs on the roster. two of which went undrafted.

    OK CHIPP ,, show me what you got !”

    The Eagles have a ton of cap space and high draft picks. They can afford to sign and/or draft defensive lineman that fit their new scheme. Chip and Howie have a plan, and free agency hasn’t even started yet so how about a little patience?

  12. “Looks like Philly is ready to draft a DT. Getting the vibe that the Chiefs will take Joeckel.”

    LOL, “the vibe”. Is this because all the mocks have him first? Some vibe.

  13. The Redskins are “the king of the division”? No one told logicalvoicesays about RGIII’s knee injury, the lack of draft picks, or the collusion-based cap penalties?

  14. The Eagles are getting ready to give Joe Flacco an offer he can’t refuse. When you take a Superbowl MVP QB in Flacco and combine him with the 180 IQ mind of Chip Kelly, you will have the most dominant era of NFL football you will have ever witnessed.

  15. why do I get the feeling reasonablemindsays is logicalvoicesays only with the lights turned out. either way. sounds like at the very least you guys are gearing up to seriously re-vamp that D. The only question remaining is do you go young and develop talent through the draft or do you gamble on the pay me now free agent class. can you find the right mix of both to be competitive now? you’re gonna need a mean D to support that* wild quack attack.

    *= patent pending on phrase: Wild quack attack

  16. Chip kelly will have to free-up 16 roster spots for QB’s, since one will be getting blown-up every game running some QB run-heavy spread in the NFL.

  17. tough deal for all parties involved. mike was a solid player throughout his career and was good at both stopping the run and rushing the passer. he will be missed. not a bust just not a dominating tackle. felt he had more leadership in him then he put out but this last health scare humbles the boldest of men. he is a 4-3 guy and not sure where he will end up but good luck 98.

  18. 808raiderinparadise says:Feb 25, 2013 4:55 PMChip kelly will have to free-up 16 roster spots for QB’s, since one will be getting blown-up every game running some QB run-heavy spread in the NFL.

    Really? Ever watch a game or do you regurgitate nonsense you heard in a bar somewhere? His qb’s ran an average of 8 times a game last year. That number includes plays where a pass was called and the qb scrambled. I didn’t want Kelly, I wanted gus Bradley but lets give the guy a shot.

  19. Does everyone understand that Mike Patterson doesn’t fit into our new defensive scheme? He’s not a nose tackle. He’s an okay 4-3 defensive tackle.

    Thanks for the years Mike. I wish you luck!

    Eagles will be fine.

    And as for the # of DT’s on our team.. we’ll only start 1 and need 2 or 3 total on the roster. chil.

  20. You must build through the draft…Packers , Niners , Giants , Seattle , just look at the most successful over the past decade

  21. Good Luck Mike. Good guy. Does logicalvoice know that the Redskins have won exactly 2 playoff games since 1992?

  22. This is FAR from a house cleaning. Most if the team is still intact and 80% of the problem was scheme anyway. The rest was injuries. Nnamdi is fine, he was hung out to dry by scrub safeties and a horrible scheme. Anyone who trashes him exposes their own lack of football IQ. Look back a month ago at the posts about cap space, look at the comments and you’ll see I called these cuts. They’re money moves and that’s all. If Mike Patt had successfully come back from brain surgery, he wouldn’t have been cut, but he was too expensive to keep as a guy who doesn’t fit the new scheme. Mark my words…Eagles win the division THIS year.

  23. Saw this coming with that ridiculous attempt at trying to suspend him last year and being that he has no remaining guaranteed money. I hope he can keep playing and catch on with another team.

    If they straight up release Asomugha they’ll have $44.8 million to spend under the adjusted cap, including $23 million from the carryover.

  24. Dream Team was an off-handed comment by a bankrupts dope who is now out of the NFL. Who’d have thunk that the unoriginal writers and commentators would give a longer life to “Dream Team” than Vince Young would give to his career?

  25. Im a fan of Mike, hope he finds a home on a good club. Considering hes a good DT he shouldnt last long in the open market, maybe the Bucs or Seahawks take a shot at him.

  26. What does dream team have to do with mike Patterson? He was drafted by this team like 8 years ago

  27. Although I don’t think Patterson performed like a true first rounder, he played as hard as he could and is a gentleman. He will find a spot. I think he will be very good as a bench player.

  28. “logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 25, 2013 4:11 PM
    All is right with the planet again. The Washington Redskins are the king of the division while the Philadelphia Eagles sit in last with Steve Spurrier 2.0 as HC. As it should be.”

    Ok, I get it that you might not be very smart since you are a Skins fan… but attaching “2.0” doesn’t make something bad. In most software cases, which is where your dot reference comes from, the next version is more refined and improved.

    So yes, we have Spurrier 2.0, but you had Spurrier 0.3 (Beta stage) to go with your owner Dan Snyder (Alpha stage).

    And for a Skins fan to insult ANY coach when your coach deliberately put RGIII’s career jeopardy, after you mortgaged the future to get him, is laughable.

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