Jerry Jones: When we win a Super Bowl, give me the credit as G.M.


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones knows he has taken criticism for his work as the team’s general manager over the last 15 years. He also says he wants the credit if the team he has assembled ever wins a Super Bowl.

Jones reiterated at the Scouting Combine that he will remain the team’s General Manager, and he told reporters that they should give him the credit for the Cowboys’ future success.

“I pretty much go with what I did the night I bought the team,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “I said I was going to be the GM. . . . It would be a facade if someone else was sitting in my shoes and someone thought they were spending the money. It would be deception. . . . I would grant you the decisions that have been made over the years have not produced a Super Bowl, two Super Bowls or three Super Bowls that I would like to have been a part of. And the only thing I am going to do there is keep trying and then make sure I get the credit when we do get that one. Y’all are going to give it to me, aren’t you?

If the Cowboys do win the Super Bowl, Jones will, indeed, deserve credit. And if they keep missing the playoffs, Jones will deserve blame.

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  1. you are a clueless, delusional idiot, what is your deal with needing to get credit – you’re not a football guy…i’ve been a cowboys fan all my life and this is utterly frustrating…

  2. Well, he certainly didn’t get much credit when the Cowboys won three Super Bowls during the 1990s; that went to Jimmy Johnson.

    Since that time, the Cowboys are a very average football team. Unless Jerry Jones can find another owner/GM like Mike Lynn who’s willing to trade away his team’s future to save money (Herschel Walker deal), Jones’s Cowboys appear destined for mediocrity.

  3. and when pigs fly, the Oscar for best movie is given to slasher flick, and Roger Goodell says that he is sorry because he got it all wrong…..we’ll give you credit for all of that Jerry.

  4. That just might be the problem with the Cowboys. You think its all about you and not your TEAM!!!!

    You can have credit only if you take credit for not getting your team to the playoffs in 15 years. It works both ways. You cant blame everyone else when you don’t have success but take all the credit if you win!!

  5. actually your football intelligence is no greater than that of your fan base. now i’m not sure if that is a discredit to you or them. but PLEASE,PLEASE keep on keeping on.

  6. Good thing we don’t have to worry about that Jerry. You are doing such a great job keeping us from ever having to humiliate ourselves.

  7. So that means that we get to blame him for the past 15 awful years? If you deserve the credit for winning, then you also deserve the blame for losing all those years. 1 Super Bowl win won’t make up for all those horrible years Jerry.

    Worst GM ever.

  8. Jerry the GM thanks Jerry the owner for his full support and giving him the time to build a superbowl champion even if he has to do it from beyond the grave. If the cowboys win the superbowl in 2050 Jerry’s ghost will rise from the grave and claim credit.

  9. Hey Jerry, I know I’m a measly little NFL fan from Baltimore, but how about you build a team strong enough to even make the playoffs for a change first, and then worry about winning the Super Bowl later? Does the phrase “crawl before you walk” hold any meaning to you?

  10. GM Jones is very good at picking talents but still clueless about picking a headcoach. Owner Jones needs to learn when to step back and let the coaches do what they do best: coaching. The more owner Jones keeps fighting for credits, the less his coaches would have chances to win the superbowl.

  11. He should take a lesson from Steve Bisciotti. He hired fanstastic people who know their business and let them run the Ravens. The results speak for themselves.

  12. If the Cowboys do win the Super Bowl, Jones will, indeed, deserve credit. And if they keep missing the playoffs, Jones will deserve blame.
    Jones will die before he gives up control or win another SB

  13. Attention all employees of Jerry Jones that find themselves on the hot seat: Next time you’re asked why you aren’t getting any results, just take credit in advance for something that might happen several years down the road.

  14. Of course he’ll get credit if the Cowboys win another one with Jerry as the GM. However, he has to start making the playoffs consistently and winning some of the games before he can have any hope of winning a Super Bowl. One playoff win since 1997 won’t get it done. The Giants have 10 wins in that stretch.

  15. Just give it up already. One of the few remaining “Al Davis” type owners who are too involved with their franchise and end up bringing it down.

    I absolutely hate owners like him who are over-involved. You’re an owner, step back, let a better qualified guy be the GM, and just sit back and write checks.

  16. At 53 I am beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to see my cowboys win a Superbowl again.

    Then again Jerry is older than me, maybe I have chance.

  17. Isn’t pride and ego the reason Jerry Jones didn’t have Jimmy Johnson as a coach and keep winning championships throughout the 90’s? There comes a point when you need to set that aside, Jer. Okay. You haven’t done much these past 15 years to justify much. You have been an average GM, middle of the pack, basically you are better than the Raiders, Browns, Jaguars, Bills and a handful of other consistent cellar dwellar teams, but that is about it. Even the QB you have you didn’t draft, you lucked upon him as an undrafted free agent. If you weren’t the owner, Jerry Jones the GM would have been fired by now.

  18. Ole’ Jerrah is never going to win another superbowl with the way he is in denial about the players he signs being much better than they are.

    Prime example: Tony Romo.

    Also, the coaching staff is average at best.

  19. But, he doesn’t currently accept the criticism. He knows there is criticism, but he doesn’t accept that he is the cause of the current failures. He blames the coaches and players, all of whom he has picked, for not winning more. If you don’t accept the criticism and learn from it, don’t expect the praise if they overcome your leadership and win anyway.

  20. Sweet revenge for the stupid walker trade has been watching the “boys” suck…looks like it will continue…sweet!

  21. Okay, why does the press keeping interviewing this crazy old man? Doesn’t Texas have laws against elderly abuse or something? They trot him out anytime it’s a slow news day and he always says something crazy that they can make news out of. Just stop already, it’s not nice.

  22. Says the genius who is getting ready to sign away 5 more years to a QB who is completely incapable of holding it together long enough for a playoff run that leads to a Super Bowl.

  23. I really don’t understand why everyone is so upset about this. As long as Jerry remains GM, he is taking the Cowboys out of contention and making life a little sweeter for the rest of the NFC East teams. I would think that everyone would encourage him to continue in his dual roles. Let him know that he is doing a great job and tell him that nobody else is even as remotely qualified as he is.

  24. For a TEAM sport you sure are a ME guy aren’t you Jerry Jones.

    I could do a better job as GM than you for one reason. I would hire good people below me to help evaluate, make decisions, and advise me in my areas of weakness. You on the other hand think because your team won a Super Bowl 20 years ago because of Jimmy Johnson that this is all about you proving you know what you are doing.

    If you truly know what you are doing go hire a good GM and get out of the way. Your best move would be to go hire Bill Polian and have him find a VP of Player Personnel or Director of College Scouting (one that is not his son) to be his heir apparent after 3-4 years of getting this team headed in the right direction.

  25. It’s just Public Relations 101…ain’t no such thing as BAD publicity, just spell my name right! He’s got everybody in the sports world talking about him and the ‘Boys (again). Jerry is crazy like a fox

  26. HE deserves the credit for the first three, but he never got it. It’s funny, there are teams in the league that hasnt sniffed so much as a division title, but nobody is throwing darts at their owners or G.Ms. Older Cowboy fans are still mad at the guy for getting rid of Landry. It’s no doubt this team has underachived, well in the eyes of the media they have. BUt the honest truth is, the guys on this team hasnt pulled their own weight and there is not as much talent on this team as the media would lead you to believe there is. There are a few stand outs, but thats it. Ware, Romo, Ratliff, Murry, Dez, Witten and Spencer. I didnt name one All-Pro on the offensive line or the Defensive line. Not one Safety. The team is flawed. But still every year their in the running for the division title. Thats more than most can say about their teams. And again, there’s a shot at Romo, but its funny to me, That people wont say the same about Matt Ryan and a few others that only had one playoff win.

  27. ” It would be a facade if someone else was sitting in my shoes and someone thought they were spending the money. It would be deception. . . . I would grant you the decisions that have been made over the years have not produced a Super Bowl, two Super Bowls or three Super Bowls that I would like to have been a part of.”

    What? Jerry never makes sense when he talks. Here’s one Cowboys fan, that may start watching hockey next year…

  28. It’s gonna take more than one super bowl to make for up for the last 18 years of misery brought to you buy Jerry Jones.

    Take away the 4 years that Parcells was here and it’s even worse. He built a team that had 13 pro bowlers the first season after he left. Of course, Jerry blew it by hiring Wade Phillips, and it’s been a steady decline back into futility under Jones.

    Someone said he did a good job of picking “talent”. Are you kidding me? He woudn’t know a good football player if one bit him on the butt, and he proves it every draft.

  29. We’re not buying into your delusional logic, Jerry. You love your own ego more than you love the Cowboys. Too bad you’re surrounded by well paid”yes men” who don’t dare to tell you you are a drunken, delusional, old fool.

  30. If every Cowboy fan gets some glory hole in the near future, Jerry just wants some credit for it. What’s wrong with that? What owner doesn’t want credit for providing some glory hole?

  31. Jerry will not get credit for winning the next SB until he wins it. When will that be? Never. Jones is a terrible GM and all the calls for him to hand over management duties are correct. Problem is, Jerry thinks he knows how to run a football team and no one in his circle of enablers has enough balls to tell him he cannot.

  32. The last 3 drafts have been awesome (Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Tyron Smith, Demarco Muray, Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Dwayne Harris, James Hanna, all those guys are “cornerstones” or building blocks for the future, great picks. But he needs to give up the GM duties to a better man. The Roy Williams trade and signing is probably the worst in Cowboys history, or NFL history

  33. The last 3 drafts have been awesome (Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Tyron Smith, Demarco Muray, Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Dwayne Harris, James Hanna,

    I actually feel better about jerry after seeing that in writing

  34. Well, considering the fact that the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in about 10 years or so, he doesn’t have much to worry about. Before he seeks credit for a Super Bowl victory, the Cowboys actually need to reach the playoffs…something that has not happened much. The Cowboys will remain a mediocre team as long as Romo remains as QB. The team was winning Super Bowls back in the day when they had training camp here in Austin, Texas. It’s been downhill since then.

  35. As a lifelong Dallas fan it’s incredibly frustrating to watch your team have so many pieces in place to be a contender, have so much talent, but then have a few lingering pieces that just drag everything else down. Romo is a piece that needs to be replaced if they want to win a superbowl, as is J.G. But J.J. is one that needs to be replaced in the GM capacity if they want a prayer- let alone a SuperBowl. This guy is a smart business man, but he is an absolute moron when it comes to football operations and self-image. Why would you say this? I mean go ahead and think it if you want, I dont blame you. But why say it, publicly none the less? Frustrating.

  36. I do not know that it is Jerry the GM that has crippled that team, I think it may be Jerry the owner that will not have a strong coach work for him that has crippled that team.
    But it is certainly Jerry.

  37. Be happy to give you the credit, Jerrah. Just not sure how many people will notice— with all those pigs flying about

  38. Jones bought a marquee franchise, made a flashy coaching hire, and watched Johnson build one of the best teams ever to hit turf.

    Then he killed it.

    I still believe that might have been the only team to win four consecutive Super Bowls … but for his egomaniacal interference. What would possess someone to do that to his own team? After that, nothing he does surprises me. The one consolation for Dallas fans is that he’s 70. Eventually, this too shall pass.

  39. Heck, I’ll give you credit…….I give you credit for their current success, so it is only fair……….and it isn’t “when” it is really “if” you ever win again with you calling the shots……..

  40. I’ll take him up on his offer. But first, the Cowboys will have to win a Superbowl and in the immortal words of his fellow great Texan, Mr. Kinky Friedman, he has a better chance of seeing Jesus Christ pull up in front of his house in a 1971 Ford Pinto.

  41. OK Jerry. You get the credit when they win but you also get the credit when they stink, which is now annually.

  42. I don’t see the Cowboys winning any time in the near future. They are stuck in the art of excelling at mediocrity and JJ is too afraid to shake things up where he needs to, and too aggressive to shake things up where he shouldn’t. It will take him another 10 years to figure out what he will do wrong next year.

  43. fwippel says: Feb 25, 2013 8:08 AM
    who’s willing to trade away his team’s future to save money (Herschel Walker deal), Jones’s Cowboys appear destined for mediocrity.
    Now I may be way off on this, but I’m like 340% sure that Lynn traded away his team’s “future” in order to win three Super Bowls, not to save money. I have no love for the Cowboys, but that’s widely regarded as the greatest trade in NFL history; not a chintzy, cost-cutting gamble.

  44. Jerry has been possessed by the ghost of Al Davis, next we will see him in some crazy white jump suit. At least Al won a few on his own before losing his mind.

  45. This team with the talent they have can and will win at least one SB in the next three years, doesn’t matter if JJ calling the shots or not just look at the last couple of years In the draft that HE made happen, not many teams can say that they have brought in that kinda of talent and I suspect that with all the talent now and working together for awhile it will all start to come together now, and a SB is in the very near future.

  46. Bwhahahaha!! The problem is, Jerry shouldn’t be GM either. The only truly credible things Jerry’s ever done was bring in Jimmy ‘before’ driving him out with his need to have all the credit and tell Jimmy how to run the team, and then rinse and repeat with the Big Tuna. Again Jerry had to be the tuna, and Parcells wasn’t having it any more than Jimmy was.

    The Cowboys will never see another Super Bowl title as long as Jerry owns them, unless he wakes up one day, hires somebody again who knows what the hell he’s doing to build and coach a football team, and leave him the hell alone to do it. I wouldn’t count on it.

  47. Is there really eagle fans on here posting comments about Dallas not winning any SB n the near future really? Ya JJ needs to lay low and hire a GM but you Philly fans can’t say a DAMN thing about winning anything period! How does your trophy case look seriously you’ve never even sniffed a SB championship.. My god give me a break.

  48. Why does everyone think its so easy? Right now his team is stuck in mediocrity, not bad enough to say “rebuild”, and not good enough to say “Superbowl”. On paper they look better than they play, but they are also getting old in certain spots.

    The big question will be is Jerry prepared to fire himself, or is Dallas stuck with the same GM good or bad?

  49. Lord, this is what WE as Cowboys fans have to live with for the remainder of our lives!!!

    Judging by these comments (over 1000) EVERYONE knows just what I’m talking about when I call this man an idiot!!

  50. I submit that Jerry isn’t an idiot, he is a genius. He got a new stadium built and every seat is sold for every home game. He hasn’t changed one bit, why should he? He’s making money hand over fist. If you want things to change, STOP buying the merchandise and STOP filling the seats in Jerry World on game day, then watch what happens!!!! We may have to suffer through some new coaches but if the fan base would stick to their guns, it’s a guarantee he’d replace himself.

  51. The Cowboys have fallen to the depths of mediocrity in the NFL.They are no longer a team to watch out for or a team players want to go to and that falls in the lap of Jerry Jones.They are what their record says they are-a .500 team for almost a decade.Fat contracts for average players have caught up to them and for Jones to constantly talk Super Bowl and respect as a “GM” is comical and must have Jimmy Johnson laughing out loud.Jones is a businessman-no more no less.

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