“Little doubt” Alex Smith gets traded

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Though it’s unclear whether the 49ers have a deal in place — essentially, effectively, or otherwise — to trade quarterback Alex Smith to a new team, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT there’s “little doubt” a trade will happen.

The Chiefs have been the subject of the most speculation regarding a possible trade.  The Cardinals also have been mentioned as a potential destination.  And while the Packers in 2008 did everything they could to keep Brett Favre out of the division (including the use of a clause that would have pushed the bounty to a trio of first-round picks if he’d been traded to the Vikings, Bears, or Lions), other teams have traded quarterbacks within the same division, including the Eagles in 2010 (Donovan McNabb to the Redskins) and the Patriots in 2002 (Drew Bledsoe to the Bills).

The 49ers surely would like to get a deal done sooner rather than later.  On the third day of the 2013 league year, Smith is due to earn a $1 million roster bonus.  On April 1, the balance of his 2013 compensation becomes fully guaranteed.

A trade can be worked out at any time, in principle.  The deal can’t be finalized until the first day of the league year, on March 12.

48 responses to ““Little doubt” Alex Smith gets traded

  1. Would not surprise me at all if the Niners “eat” that million due on March 12 just to create anxiety in at least two teams to get Alex.

  2. Alex never had “field commander” type qualities. Very smart, but a tentative player with an average arm and a tendency to hold the ball too long. He and his wife love the Bay Area so it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him rejoin the Niners staff as a QB coach once his playing days are over.

    Classy, smart guy – just not a stud on the field. It was painful watching him for 8 years as the Niners season’s ended annually in late October before Harb’s came along.

  3. This guy and Andy Reid is one thing.

    In what galaxy is he a fit with Bruce Arians? Arians loves to stretch the field deep. Well, good luck doing that with Alex Smith.

  4. But, but, but…I thought Jim Harbaugh really likes and wants this guy !!??

    He said so himself…

  5. Let’s see what foolish franchise surrenders high draft picks to get this game-manager.

  6. Go Chiefs, with a QB they might be able to get a WC spot. 5 defensive pro-bowlers, Charles, and a decent o-line is a pretty good starting point.

  7. Alex Smith is not a great QB by any stretch of the imagination. He’s just a middle of the road guy, nothing special. Whoever gets him might be somewhat disappointed half-way through the season.

  8. Ha! I was going to say “Don’t forget about the Vikings” just to be snide, but I see one of their fans was desperate enough to beat me to it! Ready to trade up from a Gremlin to a Dart, I love it!

  9. Buffalo would make a lot of sense. Bring in Alex Smith and then draft Ryan Nassib. Alex gets one or two seasons as a starter and mentor for Nassib and then you get your face of the franchise going forward, when he is ready instead of throwing him directly to the wolves. The new coach runs more of a West Coast concept that focuses on accurate short passing, which is Smith’s niche, and there is a dynamic running game.

    Arian’s offense is entirely too stretch the field, Andy Reid relies heavily on deep crossing routes where you have to hold the ball for a long time, Cleveland is going to do who-know-what with Chud, and Jacksonville isn’t where anyone with options ends up.

  10. He’s still better than half the NFL starters right now.. Alex is in the 11-15 range even though he has the stats when the niners threw. If kc picks a Lt,Alex smith and franchises Bowe there offense could be vastly improved!!

  11. Bring him to Minnesota! I have my doubts that Ponder is the guy and we need to get it done while AD is still in his prime!
    we dont need another ponder type on this team, we already have 2 1/2 of em…..smith is no better than ponder for long term success, just maybe slightly better between the ears

  12. K.C. makes the most sense. That team is very talented outside of the QB position. They become a playoff team with even a slightly competent QB under center, especially in the AFC Worst.

  13. Thank you for this article; I no longer want him on my team. At first I was in love with how quickly he gets rid of the ball, but I totally forgot about that Bledsoe Debacle. I’d rather gamble on Nassib at that point, let alone Smith…

    ~~Bills fan

  14. Orton is living and well as a back up to Romo in Dallas (for the guy who apparently doesn’t keep up with football that much) Also the way the 49ers did Alex is pathetic, Jim you are a complete tool and a joke! Now release the kid and let him play for a team that will show him some damn respect!

  15. If he likes the SF area so much, he could move across the Bay, that other team could use a good QB.

  16. fckdaigglez, you’re an idiot. Hating on Harbaugh is getting old. You $hit in your pants if he was your team’s coach. By the way, Alex sucked for years, the Niners don’t owe him nothing.

  17. I’d make it backfire on hairbough. Smith should just let the other teams know that he refuses to be traded. Smith is too expensive for the 49ers to pay as a backup. They’ll have to cut him. Then Smith will be free to kick whiner hairbough’s wide a$$ and sign wherever he wishes.

  18. He’s a quality starter in the right system. You’re not making him the franchise but given a good defense to back him up and some weapons to work with he’ll make sure to not throw untimely and stupid INTs and he’ll keep the chains moving and eat up the clock.

    If I’m a team that needs a QB and isn’t running an air it out downfield kind of offense I would give a 3rd for him and let him buy you a couple of years until you get the right guy ready to take over.

  19. Ill believe it when I see it.

    This is a poker game people. If it was a sure thing, it would already be done

  20. I’m sure the Chiefs are in it….and the 49ers would like everyone to “think” there’s another team…but I can’t buy the Cardinals as one of them.

  21. All the Alex smith haters seem to have forgotten that he had the highest QBR in the league till he got knocked out half way through the season

  22. I’ve been a Chiefs fan for 39 years. I do not want Alex Smith as a QB. Harbaugh got the most out of him as possible, so we know what his ceiling is, he isn’t
    going any higher.
    I’d rather they trade for Foles and or draft Geno or Barkley.
    The Chiefs need 3 new QB’s to start the season, but Alex Smith should not be one of them, to me, without Harbaugh this guy is not much better than Cassel.

  23. Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs end up with Alex Smith and work a deal with the Eagles to get Nick Foles. I can see the Chiefs trading their #1 for the Eagles #1 and Foles. With the quality of OL draftees coming in the Chiefs wouldn’t be taking to big a risk passing on Joeckl and taking another OL. Plus they can sign both Smith and Foles for the same price it would take to sign a quality high draft pick QB.

  24. Hey dtlb5 go research the QB out of duke I think you will like what you see and why do you say 3 QBs we have Stanzi dont you think we should see what he can do his winning % was better then Geno Smith and Stanzi won every bowl game he played in the pressure doesnt get to him eveytime at Iowa when the pressure got on him he got better he went 29-9 that includes winning all 3 bowl games he took Iowa to and his soph yr he thru 4 INTs at michigan in the 1st 3 quaters and then in the 4th he brought Iowa from behind with his arm I dont know if he will make a great or even a good NFL QB but we should see what he can do before we overdraft a QB or give away the farm for some other teams back up

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