Matt Barkley learned a valuable lesson from Peyton Manning

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It’s a chapter that never made it to the final version of any of Dale Carnegie’s books.  In the NFL, however, it’s a concept that separates champions from guys who play well in the regular season and then can’t get it done when it counts.

And it’s a lesson former USC quarterback Matt Barkley has learned from Peyton Manning.  Barkley has shared the principle with Peter King of

Sometimes, you have to be a dick,” Barkley said.

Barkley is referring to the fact that Manning has shown a command over his teammates, telling them what to do and when to do it — especially in the offseason.

“Doing what is asked is not enough to win in the NFL, I know that,” Barkley said. “You’ve got to do more.  And I intend to.”

Barkley also wants to break from the trends recently established by USC quarterbacks.

“As I start my NFL career, I really want to set the record straight on a few things,” Barkley said.  “People look at me like I’m some Cali boy, but I’m not that way — I don’t even know how to surf.  I’m a football junkie.  I’m football, 24/7.”

On March 27, we’ll find out how well he can throw a football after last season’s shoulder injury.  That’ll have a major impact on where he gets drafted.

And once he gets there, he can work on being a dick.

48 responses to “Matt Barkley learned a valuable lesson from Peyton Manning

  1. Bad example Peyton Manning is the poster child for getting it done in the regular season then throwing awful int’s in the playoffs when it counts.

  2. I hope you are providing a one time moratorium on usage of the big D word in the comments. Be a big dick Barkley!

  3. Isnt Peyton the Gold Standard of a guy who gets it done in the regular season only to struggle when it really matters?

  4. Matt Barkley is on the way to becoming the Brady Quinn of this year’s draft. All this attention and press dedicated to somebody who isn’t really that good.

    Just because he went to the “right” school…..

  5. Dumb comment, it doesn’t mean Peyton is a duck if he takes complete responsibility of his offense and ensures that his teammate are in line. That is what leaders do. Anyhow, good luck to whatever team that drafts him. The best QB to come out of USC in recent memory is Pick 6 Palmer.

  6. He’s a USC quarterback, so we already knew that he has the ego. The question, considering the standard set by Palmer, Sanchez, Cassel, and Leinart, is he an atypical USC quarterback, one with actual game?

  7. Its called being a leader. Barkley should know better than to be talking like that before he’s even been drafted, let alone seen a playoff game. You don’t need to explain to the media your game plan, just go out and win.

  8. The last player who should be talking about getting it done when it counts is Peyton Manning. Hopefully Barkley is just doing the opposite of Peyton for his sake. Biggest choker in sports right now.

  9. Setting expectations is not “being a dick”. Working hard and expecting others to follow your lead is being a leader.

    Calling out P. Manning when you are still a nobody in the big leagues *is* being a dick.

  10. It boggles the mind that Barkley would be bragging about his leadership abilities following the train wreck of a season he oversaw at USC. Preseason #1 goes 7-6, probably the worse showing ever for a team ranked that highly in the preseason. They looked devoid of leadership all season. If he was a dick already, he wasn’t enough of a one.

  11. The reason it works for Peyton Manning is because people know he’s great. Some young punk bossing his teammates around without proving himself won’t work.

  12. Before the Peyton bashers come on here with their same old, tired nonsense:

    1. Peyton doesn’t play defense.
    2. Brady doesn’t either, and they’re equally “futile” in the playoffs now that they are on the same plane (never mind Spygate) with one another, given that they play with leaky defenses.

  13. There goes the manning haters, know nothing about football. Manning has more playoff appearances than more than half the QBs in the league combined. To call him a choker is like calling marino a choker who has no rings. Romo has 5 playoff appearances, vick has the same amount and he missed two years and has one more win. It’s not easy winning playoff games, ask the pats who hasn’t won the big one in almost 10 years.

  14. QBs can be that four-letter D-word, but their status as a teammate (which should be ruled out because it literally does conflict with behavior) can never in question when the HOF voting process takes place???

  15. Matt and Sir Charles are related (per not only with the same personality trait of being dicks, but also by genealogical traits.

    What remains to be seen is whether ol Matt will also feed on all the chicken and home fries while bouncing from team to team such that he duplicates his cousin’s moniker of “The Round Mound of Rebound”?

  16. Lots of hate up in this one for no good reason. Peyton will always be in the conversation as one of the GOAT, and deservedly so (although the post season is not his friend and you don’t have to be a football genius to know that); one of the reasons he will always be in the discussion is because of his work ethic which is probably the strongest in the league. I’ll never understand hate for Manning, Brees, or Brady. Hate for the team as a rival, yeah. But not for those players.

  17. What Barkley doesn’t understand is the all might media determines who is allowed to motivate their teammates in this manner. Manning has gotten this approval…Cutler has not.

  18. As a boss once told me, you can be irreverent and color outside the lines as long as you’re good at what you do. Peyton Manning is a four-time MVP, not just some kid telling his teammates what to do. Barkley would be wise to focus more on honing his skills–as Manning still does–and less on how quickly he can start ordering people around.

  19. All anyone wants to talk about are USC busts Leinart, Palmer, and Sanchez. How about we talk about guys like Rodney Peete, Sean Salsbury, John David Booty, Todd Marinovich, and Rob Johnson who, er……fit right in with the rest of them.

  20. @ldfontenot Well said.

    Fortunately history and the HOF will honor these players the way they should be honored. The opinions of the “authors” and the persons commenting on this blog post won’t mean a thing two days from now let alone a decade from now.

  21. Not saying he’ll be great or a bust, i honestly don’t know, but how can people determine that Barkley will suck just because Sanchez and Leinart did? How does what those guys did have anything to do with what Barkley will do?

  22. My main goal in life is to try to never be a dick. I have always got a lot better results being good to people. There is more than one way to lead and being a dick to me is not the right way.

  23. The only lesson of a winning season without post season wins is to not be on a team that cannot carry you, or even worse be on a a team that lets you down in post season play. Here is hoping that Matt lands to a team that DEN regularly beats on. He will be afforded the opportunity to show how big of a dick he has potential to be. This would not be a story if he had not dissed Peyton. Barkley is quite the opposite of the accomplished and ‘let my performance do the talking’ Manning.

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