PFT Live: Matt Birk, Saints/Rams to-do lists


Matt Birk brought his playing career to an end last week, but he’s still got time to talk football a little bit longer.

Birk will join Mike Florio on Monday’s edition of PFT Live to talk about why he decided now is the right time to move onto the next phase of his career. It’s something that Birk has flirted with in the past, which suggests there was something appealing to him about going out on top as a Super Bowl champion. We’ll find out the answer to that and the answer to what he’ll be doing instead of snapping a ball.

We’ll also continue our look at the offseason to-do lists for all 32 NFL teams with a look at what lies ahead for the Saints and Rams. The Saints have made a drastic change to their defensive look, which will probably lead to several personnel moves in the coming months, while the Rams are trying to line up an offensive supporting cast that helps Sam Bradford succeed at quarterback.

That leaves us plenty to talk about on Monday and you can watch it all live at noon ET.