PFT Live: Should Rams draft another QB?

Mike Florio gives the St. Louis Rams an offseason to-do list. The Rams need receivers really badly and need to hang on to veteran running back Steven Jackson. But most importantly, the Rams need to draft a quarterback, as current QB Sam Bradford hasn’t lived up to expectations thus far.

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3 responses to “PFT Live: Should Rams draft another QB?

  1. Why pay Amendola superstar money for playing 38% of the time? Let him walk and get paid 8 million in Miami. Your Bradford comments were worse. This QB class is paltry and Bradford is improving. No way in hell the Rams select a QB this year, especially in the 3rd or 4th. Concerning the top half of the West, Bradford completed 62% of his passes against them for 969 yards. Hardly struggling against U Mad Bro and that vaunted Niners D. Can’t wait to see a full workload for Quick, Givens ripping the top off of secondaries and either Allen or Patterson lining up opposite Quick. Rams are coming back.

  2. For those that saw him play last year, Daryl Richardson easily outperformed Steven Jackson and should be the starter. And at an 1/8 of the cost. It would be a mistake to bring back Jackson as anything other as a back up, on no more than a 2yr/5 million dollar deal.

    Focus on a quality QB prospect that can push Bradford for the starting position and some high upside guys, round 4 and on. Fix that line and/or add to the defense with 2 of the 1st 3 picks.

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