Redskins considering nuclear option to restore cap space


Last year, the NFL stripped $36 million in cap space from the Redskins, who along with the Cowboys apparently took the term “uncapped year” too literally in 2010.

In response, the Redskins employed half-measures to recover the cap dollars, filing a grievance under the labor deal that did nothing other than stir up a cockeyed collusion claim from the NFLPA.

This year, with half of the penalty due to hit the 2013 salary cap, the Redskins could be opting for a more complete assault on the league’s position.  Or at least threatening it.

According to Mark Maske and Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the Redskins are spreading the word in Indianapolis that they’re considering legal action aimed at delaying the start of free agency while litigation proceeds regarding the question of whether the Redskins’ legal rights were violated.  The Redskins are telling agents that any contract talks will be delayed until the situation is resolved.

If the Redskins proceed, it would be a big deal.  And if they delay the start of free agency until their claims are resolved, it would be a huge deal.

We addressed the situation a couple of weeks ago, reporting that the Redskins were still upset about the situation but explaining that their options are limited.  They could bebluffing about going to court in order to get, for example, half of their cap money back (i.e., the $18 million that would apply to this year’s cap).  But the NFL could choose to call their bluff and go to court.

Either way, Daniel Snyder could be inching toward ground previously occupied by the late Al Davis:  Snyder could soon be suing his partners.

141 responses to “Redskins considering nuclear option to restore cap space

  1. Let me say this one time and one time only. Daniel “the beltbuckle kid” Snyder does not bluff about going to court.

  2. 18 million off the cap is not small potatoes. That’s at least 3 or 4 good solid veteran defensive players that the Redskins can get.

  3. business is business. But we all know the NFL is rigged and this is yet another in an endless line of stunts to coordinate the appearance of strict discipline in a league that is seemingly on par in its outlaw status with the illegal maritime law of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (all caps with purpose)

  4. Leave it to Dan Snyder to ruin things for everyone. Not going to way he wants, so he is going to take his ball and go home. Suck it up Danny boy.

  5. Suing your partners = time-tested strategy for alienating people you want to be in good graces with when the owners get together.

    Al Davis never cared what other owners think. Danny cares deeply.

  6. Do It! Only way to show that mob boss Goodell that the NFL needs to have some transparency and rules. Now is the best time; the courts don’t really trust Goodell and his gang of goons.

  7. “Let me say this one time and one time only. Daniel “the beltbuckle kid” Snyder does not bluff about going to court.”

    Unfortunately, he has a poor track record of being able to judge when he should do so.

  8. I HATE the level of litigation in this country in general— and have no affection for Danny Boy— but with that in mind, I cannot see how this can be allowed to happen. He lived within the written rules, negotiated with the players association, about an uncapped year. How can they be penalized???

  9. Why do the Redskins and Cowboys feel like they shouldn’t have to pay the price for exploiting the uncapped year when 30 other teams were smart enough to not shoot themselves in the foot by having to pay the price down the road?

    Talk about a sense of entitlement.

    These teams pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who’s job is to deal with this exact situation, and they knowingly do this and expect everyone else to cater to them?

  10. What the other 30 owners did to the Cowboys and Redskins was clearly wrong. I would love to see the smug look smacked of the faces of Mara, Rooney, and the other “old school” owners who clearly were colluding during the un-capped year.

  11. “Snyder could soon be suing his partners.”

    And his partner could remember that when it comes time to award superbowls.

  12. I wonder if the NFL has always been like this and we just never heard about it because communication happens faster now.


    Is this what happens when the last 2 commissioners backgrounds were lawyers.

  13. Could you imagine Snyder joining forces with Jerry Jones in a class action suit? First time either one of them could be associated with the word “class” in quite some time.

  14. Dan Snyder is the prototypical small man. Lift shoes, standing on boxes, and overcompensating. Like Napoleon he need’s to be dragged kicking and screaming into exile on Elba.

  15. If the Danny will sue a little old lady I am fairly confident
    He won’t have any issues suing the NFL. Surprised the ashburn
    Brain trust waited a year to go nuclear

  16. This might not go over that well with fans of 31 other teams who didn’t try to cheat the cap.

  17. I don’t like the guy, but his team got screwed. I don’t know how he or Jerruh can stand to be in the same room as Goodell.

  18. PFT is an awesome website but these trolls who leave just asenine comments are really sad. The proof is in the pudding, the Redskins are NFC East champions and have a youthful roster headlined by the best QB in professional football, Robert Griffin the 3rd. Dan Snyder – Best owner in sports.

  19. Since a judge already ruled there was no collusion I am not sure what legs he would have to stand on. Plus I doubt the nflpa would stand for the start of free agency being pushed back. Good luck mr Snyder.

  20. Daniel Snyder wants to keep his reputation of being the laughingstock of the league intact. Go get em Danny!

  21. How much of this is because of the Albert Haynesworth deal? The Redskins realesed him and all that money hit the cap in 2010. Mike Shanahan was just trying to clean up the roster and move an overall headace to a different city.

    I am not a Redskin or a Snyder fan, however to me it appears that this is simply punishment for the 7 year $100 million deal.

  22. LOL! This franchise is so pathetic. We laugh at the Redskins and their LOLability. Guess how much success we’ve had? Jealous?☺

  23. I would like this purely from the entertainment stand point.
    I think if the Redskins lose the litigation that they should be forced to change their name to the Washington Native-Americans.

  24. then the next day 31-1 the owners vote to have the Washington franchise change their name due to the racist content that hurts the leagues image

  25. Dan didn’t want to have to do this, but once the league office discovered his attempt to move the decimal point one space to the left, he was left with no other option.

  26. “All Aboard!!!” I dreamed of this. Really I did. Someone has to stand up to the collective, even if it is from the inside. I mean the collective didn’t give a damn about you so why give a damn about them. Sue their asses to hell and back!

  27. Not a Snyder fan nor a Jerry Jones fan by any stretch of the imagination but I still think this was cooked up by that crook Mara so I hope Snyder does take action

  28. Nope … wrong again Redskins fans. There was no cap penalty. You just had to count the money you paid Haynesworth against the cap. Same as all the other teams. In fact Mara gave you a break by letting you spread it out over 2 years. You should thank him. No penalty … no fine … no sanction. Just the same rules being applied to everyone. You make a lousy deal then it will hurt. Sorry, but next time be smarter.

  29. I thought the Redskins deserved punishment for reasons I will not explain again; they should be obvious if you are not blinded by your fan allegiances or hatred of Goodell/NFL corporate. It’s clear that the owners agreed to cap the uncapped year and Danny thought he would out-maneuver them. Oops. I have nothing against the Skins, so don’t play that card. It’s just not fair that my team didn’t get to dump salaries that year along with most of the other teams, save the Cowboys. They colluded and it was wrong, but they were all supposed to it. Not 30, but 32 teams. Sorry about that folks, that’s just truth. Danny was part of the collusion but then some lawyer told him he could get away with the dump because the league couldn’t enforce it. Oops. Hope its not the same council advising him now. Oops.

    However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want the Skins to do this. They should do it! The NFL has been running unchecked for a while now and I wouldn’t mind them opening themselves up to charges of collusion or worse. They need their clocks cleaned a little…pigs got fat, hogs get slaughtered. It feels like the league is full of hogs…

  30. I am no fan of the Redskins nor Daniel Snyder. However, I almost hope they sue. A year without a salary cap is a year without a salary cap. The NFL position is unfair. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

  31. Dallas and Washington got caught trying to scam the system, and now Snyder wants to sue instead of manning up and taking his punishment? Screw him…If he does succeed in delaying free agency, I will sincerely pray that the Redskins never make the playoffs again.

  32. Nice try Dallas tried the same thing and didn’t go through with it. The nfl isn’t gonna l

  33. Oh please do it Dan please!!! Then I can laugh when you loose the court case, the cap money, and any chance of signing a free agent. Or do you really think they will take kindly to you messing up and delaying their big pay day?

  34. Good. Maybe Snyder will blow up the antitrust exemption and out from the ashes will rise a league where defenses can actually hit offensive players.

  35. The nfl has a shaky position here and would be wise to negotiate and not litigate the matter. The punishment seems exceedingly harsh and the union position with deal ludicrous.

  36. Good. About time someone stands up to the NFL and their “We make up rules as we go” approach. There was no cap and they along with other teams treated it as so. They broke no rules per the previous CBA and now are being punished for it.

  37. Still fuming about the slap down you got there danny boy.

    All of us Giants fans are loving it. But on the bright side it gives your team a built in excuse when they have a regrettable 2013 season…….they stole our money yo!

    Lovin it…

  38. I don’t know why so many fans cannot understand this. Here lies the problem. You hear “uncapped year” and you interpret it to mean whatever you want. “Uncapped year” as defined by the NFL meant that you could pay however much you wanted to in that year to your players. What you could not do in an “uncapped year” is redo contracts so future monies due to a player could not be “inserted” into that uncapped year. It is not collusion when the league makes the rules for an uncapped year. All teams were advised that this could not be done. Dallas and Washington decided that they would do as they please and then they had to pay the consequences. They were not “fined” anything, they were just not allowed to evade the future cap responsibilities they would have incurred had they obeyed the rules.

  39. They knew the rules. They broke the rules. And now they want to go nuclear because they think the punishment is unfair. Don’t like it? Move your team to the CFL.

  40. The Redskins and Cowboys didn’t violate a single rule in what they did during that offseason. The claim is that they’re being punished for damaging the competitive balance of the league, and yet that rings hollow. Other teams, such as Tampa Bay, ALSO manipulated the uncapped year…however, in their case, they tanked it with significantly lower pay rolls. Not surprisingly, Tampa Bay had a ton of cash laying around this year in Free Agency. THat didn’t help “Competitive Balance”.

    The only reason left for why they were punished is because they did not go along with collusion. It is laughable watching individuals suggest that somehow the Redskins and Cowboys are in the wrong doing for violating NO rules and simply not engaging in an illegal at worst, and entirely unethical at best, action.

    I hope they go through with this.

  41. @nineroutsider

    Exactly that’s called collusion and isn’t only wrong its a federal crime. So thank you for making the point that the Redskins for screwed. Dan and Jerry did the right thing by not only not breaking the law but by nor screwing over the players. Dan and Jerry should both sue and players should back them up, the players are the ones that got screwed because owners colluded together to set a cap on an uncapped year. Thank you Florio for writing a good article for once. For get your money back Dan and if there’s one thing Dan is good at its sueing people

  42. The Skins were pissed, and are still pissed, at the stupid cap penalty leveled on them from last year so I can see this happen, but will it work? As a Skins fan I would love to see LiL Danny and friends do it.

    Having said that, I bet if the league promises LiL Danny a chance to host a SB at FedEx, or a new stadium in DC, in the near future I bet he drops the lawsuit.

  43. here’s my problem: the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins are the top two Franchises in football as far as net worth goes. these two teams fill their stadiums and sell more apparel than any five teams combined ( maybe a stretch) and pour all these profits into a bowl that everyone dips into. was it or was it not uncapped that is the question. not what was said but what was written and we all know what was written it was uncapped. the other teams couldn’t afford to because there was less in the big bowl and nobody wanted to come out of their pocket. sounds like the league is penalizing for smart business.

  44. We heard this all last year and everyone in the media assured us that the Redskins were going to sue the league into oblivion to get their cap space back. Didn’t happen but it sure generated page views. Now, with half the penalty already off the table the story pops up again. Amazing.

    What’s changed this year that makes it more compelling to sue than last year when they had 2x as much to gain?

  45. I hope they do it. The smug owner of the Giants needs to be taught a lesson – he cannot bully with his Daddy’s money. Snyder is a jerk, probably a bad guy, and he has been a dreadful owner. But, he is a self-made billionaire who is used to getting his way. As he has learned to be a proper owner and let his football people deal with things he has matured. If he sues the league or gets some of the stolen money back he will start to become a hero to Skins fans. And, when he, RGIII and Shanny hold that Lombardi on the 50 yard line in Mara’s house next year it will be that much sweeter. HTTR. Go get em Danny Boy.

  46. the next thing u know, the redskins will be trying to sue the Rams for selling them a damaged knee and overated QB in IRG3, they got hosed there too, fail

  47. Its one thing to push the uncapped year when your like a player away from winning a superbowl, but when your no where close it doesnt even make sense…..#skinsproblems

  48. the foreskins are done anyway. they were a one trick pony. rg3 has chronic long-term knee problems that will reduce his effectiveness and shorten his career. the decision to trade all those picks to get rg3 quickly turned from a brilliant to hugely questionable move. that thud you heard was wash quickly dropping back to the nfc east cellar.

  49. You Skins fans are mad without even realizing you are mad at the wrong party. It was an uncapped year. Your team got caught trying to slide in compensation for other seasons and was busted. Be mad at your GM and STU please. Sick of this sh1t…

  50. Gotta love it when a billionaire doesn’t get his way. Welcome to what the rest of America has to go through 24 hours a day!

  51. If they hold up the season then I hope all the other owners and the rest of the NFL fans force them to change their racist name.

  52. “All in for Cap Space” No other franchise does a better job of managing their public image, Snyder is pathetic.

  53. Are Redskins fans really this stupid? YES the league approved the contracts, why not? They are not your guardian or cap manager they are not going to reject the contract and say “no redskins you cannot do this and here is why” because the team should have been smart enough not to cheat on their own. I mean 2 teams were nabbed for this it’s not a conspiracy theory you idiots cheated and now must pay the price. How many other teams were not dolts and followed the rules and treated the cap situation correctly? Oh yeah all but two teams with dumb owners… big surprise… Now ruin FA for everyone else because you can’t man up and accept your punishment. How pathetic

  54. “Either way, Daniel Snyder could be inching toward ground previously occupied by the late Al Davis: Snyder could soon be suing his partners.”

    Fair point, but the cap penalties kind of suggest that Snyder and Jones are already on the periphery.

    30 owners teamed up against 2 and very publically slapped their wrists.

    It is probably not coincidental that those two owners are also the two richest, and two most aggressively business oriented owners in that little club.

    The court case would only be a risk for Snyder, if he had something to lose. A $36m cap penalty suggests he isn’t risking any goodwill, or guarantees of fair play by the other owners.

  55. All I gotta say is the NFL approved the contracts. So please give an argument for that???

  56. Dan, Buy your ticket to the Mara Lotto. 13 mil is a HANDFUL of contributing players. I am pretty sure when this fine was levvyed that Mara and the other owners weren’t considering anything but $&@king you and Jerrah. Begin the process and settle out of court quietly with a RESTORED 13 mil in space. As well as to REMOVE said prorated space from 28 teams involved(Saints,Raiders Cowboys Redskins). Pull the trigger Dan.

  57. I love all of the ignorant people on this post that don’t understand that in an “uncapped year” it means that teams can spend as much as they want, on what/whoever they want. By it’s definition it includes restructuring contracts so that the bulk end up being paid out when it doesn’t/shouldn’t hurt you. Just because the other owners looked at it as an opportunity to minimize what they had to spend since there was no salary floor, the Redskins and Cowboys are penalized for doing what the other tight wad owners wouldn’t. It’s 100% collusion.

  58. Last year Was your SB, back to the basement as your franchise is pathetic from top to bottom! Terrible coaches (ruin your franchise QB) zero talent at WR and besides fletcher zero talent on D! DOORMAT for the east…..

  59. Do it. Cowboys and Redskins working together. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  60. Gotta love all the negative comments from the non-Redskins fans. You know darn well if it was “your” team, you would feel the exact same way.

  61. I really dislike Snyder, I think his past actions, especially suing people in the DC area, are particularly distasteful. I loathe Jerry Jones, and the entire Cowboys organization, especially Tony Romo.

    With all that being said, I don’t see how either of these teams deserve to be penalized for not adhering to a salary cap during a year in which there was no salary cap. It’s like getting pulled over by a cop on a road with no speed limit and being informed you broke the unwritten speed limit and now have a massive ticket to pay.

  62. You may not like the skins or the cowboys but the NFL does shady business. If the owners spoke in private ( colluded) then that’s illegal simple as that. they even admitted to it?!?! WTF!!! Any of you complaining would sue if you got hit for 36 million. Hell I got a parking ticket I’m contesting and it’s for 45 bucks. Taking shots at a team owner for looking out for the best interest of his team is crazy we would all do the same thing. The NFL power machine has to stop someday don’t ya think.

  63. Some posters have correctly stated that its the adjustment to haynesworth and hall’s contracy that got the skins in trouble. By changing guaranteed money into roster bonus’ s the prorated amount accelerated to uncapped year.thats how hall can be cut this year with no dead cap money. Where these posters argument fails is in the fact that this is a common occurance in the nfl that all teams have done and that the league ok’d the contracts. It wasnt until they got the union to sign off on an agreement preventing any litigation that they punished the skins.

  64. peytonsneck has some real anger
    problems towards the skins..what
    ever team you root for i hope they get
    handcuffed like dallas and skins did..

  65. Its just mind blowing that the written rules have been cast aside and the NFL and Mara decided on one occasion to go by this intagible “competitive spirit”. Simply barbaric

  66. You have got to love how a story like this can bring out the idiot in some of the people who comment here. Let’s look at some misperceptions.

    -Snyder and Jones got caught cheating by pushing money into the uncapped year.

    –Well, the league approved the contracts that were renegotiated, so did the NFLPA. So, how did they cheat? It seems to me that Mara got mad that both Snyder and Jones made smart business moves and created cap space by using the leagues poor business sense against itself.

    -Both teams already lost in court and were found to have cheated the system.

    –Actually, a league provided arbitrator found that because the language in the new CBA says that the league cannot be accused of collusion, because it happened prior to the signing of the current CBA.

    -The teams weren’t damaged or fined. They were only made to have to account for the contracts that were front loaded.

    –Funny how this didn’t happen for Nmadi’s contract.

    -The idiot Giants fans that somehow think they can talk any smack about the Skins.

    –Given the fact that you have had it handed to you 3 of the last 4 games, and your team is in the midst of being dismantled. I guess this might be the only thing you can cling to, like your slimy owner.

    It will be hilarious to watch this unfold. The Skins will get this injunction. Then the league will settle to replace 25 million in cap space to us, and 7 million to the Cowboys. To do this, they will drop the cap by 1 million this season. Or, they could just hit the Giants with a 32 million hit this season for having a duechebag for an owner.

  67. Despite what logicalvoicesays says… The Redskins have been poorly managed for quite awhile even under new management. Grossly overpaid vets, lopsided trades, and cap mismanagement has been the theme in DC.

    Not surprised that an owner like Dan Snyder would try to exploit the “uncapped year” one year (despite being told not to) and then try to sue to shed any burden from it the next.

    All other teams seemed to be able to follow the guidelines the NFL set out during the uncapped year (except the Cowboys too I guess) so why should the Skins be held to a different standard? Snyder, it’s called a CAP for a reason.

  68. Fine Redskins, but NFL players should be able to sue your organization individually for your garbage playing surface. As a Seahawk fan, I’d like to sue on behalf of Chris Clemons as well.

  69. Jerry Jones will not join Snyder in this type of legal action and will eventually be rewarded with another Super Bowl. Snyder will be rewarded with the other owners voting to force the Redskins to change their name. The Redskins will also face the threat of having late season games and playoff games moved from their home field because of unsafe conditions.

    Snyder is used to getting his way but he is playing with thirty other guys who are used to getting their way. Snyder is used to being the richest guy in the room but that is not the case with some of these other owners.

  70. “who along with the Cowboys apparently took the term “uncapped year” too literally in 2010.”

    No, they took the term “uncapped year” at face value, only to be punished despite doing nothing that violated any written rule. I normally despite Snyder, but I hope he gives them hell on this one.

  71. Why do the Redskins and Cowboys feel like they shouldn’t have to pay the price for exploiting the uncapped year when 30 other teams were smart enough to not shoot themselves in the foot by having to pay the price down the road?

    Talk about a sense of entitlement.

    These teams pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who’s job is to deal with this exact situation, and they knowingly do this and expect everyone else to cater to them?


    Really? And the owner of the Giants gets to hand down these punishments to division rivals?

    Talk about entitlement

  72. The time for a lawsuit such as this one was last year. Stopping free agency this year is asinine. Many people think they did nothing wrong. I disagree. They manipulated contracts to circumvent the cap in future years. If they would have simply signed those guys to a 1 year deal they could have paid a player as much as they wanted to and nobody could have done anything about it. They chose to scam future years by moving most of it into the uncapped year. That’s shady and they were told not to do it.

  73. If it was legal the other 30 teams would be fines also. Sorry Redskins and Cowboys suck it up and play ball. Good luck in your division where you can fight for the cellar.

  74. I hope he does sue. Redskins and Cowboys got boned w/ a baseball bat on this one (granted the Redskins got the blunt end, but GET THE BAT OUTTA THEREEEE!!!!!!).

    Too bad knowing 30 teams and the commish colluded isn’t the same as proving they did. I’d imagine they were smart enough to not put anything in writing, and everyone but Jerry and Dan will deny deny deny.

  75. What Mara, Lurie, and Goodell did was illegal. This question had been asked a million times, if there was no cap and the league approved the contracts how is that illegal? The NFL was operating a secret cap and only two teams refused to participate in this illegal act. Skins definately have case here especially when Mara said something to the effect about being lucky they didn’t take draft picks. If this does reach court and the NFL is forced to open their books the NFLPA will sue them as well.

  76. Roger Goodell is a Sith lord in the NFL disguised as an ambassador of peace. I wish I had a light sabre.

  77. You guys are ridiculous. No talent at WR, heading to the bottom of the East, they should force them to change their name haha ridiculous comments. First, we had a 600+ yd reciever who missed 6 games and played all season hurt, second we were 5-1 in our division and had a 7 game win streak, can your team say that? No. So yeah no talent on D or offense, right? And thirdly, they can’t force Dan to change anything, and if they even tried then he would be taking the court. And you idiots saying its because we restructured contracts are just stupid. It’s an uncapped year, meaning you can sign whoever, and renegotiate contracts as you wish. And for you all sayimg its Hayneworths contract are just as stupid. First his contract wasn’t 100 mill, it was 46 mill, and we took the cap hit for releasing him in 2010, so you have no idea of what your talking about. All you haters need to shut up, but haters are going to hate winners

  78. I have no doubt he’d sue……if the Defendants were ticket holders who suffered serious financial setbacks and had to drop Redskins’ tickets

  79. snyder should be happy….it will be the one year he wont make a fool of himself blowing a ton of money on a bunch of players that do nothing! eagles did it once and we were pissed about it..Imagine being a skins fan? Yikes lol

  80. Two worst owners in football. One wears lifts while the other does face lifts. Their fans complain because the Giants and Eagles front offices are 100 times smarter and know how to manipulate the CAP WITHOUT breaking the rules. Both clowns love to sue like spoiled kids to get their way. Like the league is scared. Give me a break.

  81. The NFL was built by the Mara’s, Rooney’s, etc. long before Snyder & Jones were born. It is based on a level playing field for all and I don’t believe they are trying deprive the Redskins or Cowboys of their own level playing field. I believe it’s the opposite. The Redskins & Cowboys don’t want to play by the rules.

  82. awww the skins cant manage their team now they want to sue cause they overpaid for haynes-worthless and other, well u made yr bed, lay in it, deadskins fail!!! hahaha losers

  83. Lot of haters here! Lol….! Not going to argue cap no cap, been through that. My question is why the penalties way after the cap was reinstated?! Why wait for a strike and new deal with the NFLPA! Oh wait that’s right can’t penalize the teams until NFLPA agreed to sign off on it! How convienant! Oh and the current cap is frozen too! Perfect! Every team cheats, it’s called restructioring contracts! Happens every year. A teams over the cap, no problem we will just rework your contract with a huge bonus up front! Wake up people!

  84. Redskins lost credibility when they kept quiet about the collusion until they were punished by the league. The only ones hurt by the collusion were the players and apparently the union doesn’t care. Snyder agreed with the owners at the time and then tried to out smart them, only it back fired. Suck it up, like Jerry Jones.

  85. Shoot, don’t fight it. Save the legal money and the 18 million you’re not allowed to spend.

  86. The skins and ‘boys did not break any rules by restructuring the haynesworth and hall contracts.
    Goodell’s people signed off the contracts that reallocated 36 mil into the uncapped year.
    Conspiring to keep the salary cap down is a classic example of collusion.
    However The owners line up to get their share of Dallas and washington’s revenue

    Lawyer up Danny. Lawyer up!

  87. the lack of intelligence and abundance of stupidity on this site is amazing. to all of you losers and inbred morons who don’t get it:

    the league was built by the maras rooneys halas families.

    the maras made the nfl prosper by SHARING all revenue from the NUMBER ONE market in the WORLD.

    i know you are jealous because you live in s*** holes like texas and virginia, but that is your choice. you can admire and respect the people who created and built this league and appreciate the efforts and generosities of these families, or you can remain inbred and uneducated.

    it is your choice. me? in any season the gmen are out of it i cheer for the original families who built the league. it is called gratitude and a sense of perspective. besides, the rooneys and maras share families.

  88. next on snyder list to be sued is logicalvoicesays, he got a nation of new folks to dislike the redskins in a matter of month and sold more wolf tickets than anybody else on here about the skins being GODs team and IRG3 will take them to the SB that year, shame shame!!! lol

  89. steelers2409: you say the NFL was built by the Rooney’s and Mara’s? Wellington Mara gained the New York Giants through a poker game in the late 50’s. Art Rooney has had influence over the evolution of the NFL but no more than Al Davis. besides the Redskins have been around since the thirties man. so please don’t talk about playing on a level playing field. the NFL was sued by Davis more than anyone else, and a lot of those court victories helped shape the NFL in it’s current state. the is a private club for billionaires that for the most part adheres to it’s own policies and guidelines. that being said those guidelines are written law and not hush hush, eye-wink backroom deals.

  90. How do you exceed the cap in an uncapped year? If this isnt collusion, I don’t k.own what is.

  91. I’m always irked when so many people see nothing wrong with how the league acted during the uncapped year. Apparently, they give no thought as to why there was an uncapped year in the first place. The REASON for the uncapped year was to spur a new agreement before that year. It was a poison pill which held negatives for BOTH sides — teams could go cheap and hurt the players, or teams could overspend or dump cap and ‘hurt’ the league. So, years later, the league decides it doesn’t like it’s part of the poison, and colludes to prevent it. Too bad. The owners signed the CBA with an uncapped year. Whether they were too stupid to understand it, or never thought high revenue teams would exploit it is irrelevant. They signed it, they should have faced the poison.

  92. Is it just me or is there a huge coincidence that the two teams that flaunted the rules are both run by egotistical owners who fancy themselves as great GM’s?

    I don’t feel sorry for either the DeadSkins or the Cowgirls, karma has a way of biting you in the ass and especially hard when you truly deserve it.

  93. Haters gonna hate, ballers gonna ball. Anyone who says the Skins & Cowboys are wrong are obviously part of the haters group.

    The 30 NFL teams colluded, plain and simple. If you don’t know what ‘colluded’ is look it up. Paying dudes now to lower the cost in the future (restructuring contracts), having the NFL approve those contracts and then penalizing the team for breaking a rule that doesn’t exist sounds shady no matter how you slice it.

    The funny thing is, they still won the division without the talent even tho they didn’t have the money ($18mm) to fill the holes because of the penalty. Beating up on the defending champs when it mattered, America’s team and the Silver Linings Playbooks…

  94. Bobonmycob

    The Redskins and Cowboys did not “cheat”. They broke no official rule, guideline, or regulation of the NFL. They acted in accordance with the rules as the league set forth. That’s not “cheating” any more than what the Patriots are currently doing with Tom Brady’s extension. Simply because other people didn’t decide to take advantage of the uncapped year in *that specific way* (other teams absolutely DID take advantage of the uncapped year in a way that affected “competitive balance” and received no penalty) does not mean its “cheating”.

    Why should Cowboys or Redskins fans be “upset” at their GM’s for not engaging in collusion and abiding by the rules to take the best actions for their teams?

  95. I love the fanboys on here who decide what their opinion is based upon whether they do or don’t like the team in question.

    No cap means no cap. Anything else is collusion plain and simple. And don’t talk to me about the CBA. Collusion is a violation of Federal anti-trust regulations. You can’t make an agreement with another private party and make it go away.

    And forget the idea that lower courts have upheld the CBA. Neither team has sued in federal court alleging collusion. The league assumes they won’t.

    But if they do, the very least they will get is an injunction delaying the start of free agency.

    And I hope they do.

  96. I read the comments by so many Skins’ fans and can’t help but hope for the worst for their team. So much undeserved arrogance. It would be one thing if this were Patriot fans or Steelers fans, but come off of it Skins fans. Just be happy your team is back in the playoffs and stop acting like they’ve been there all decade long.

  97. What the NFL did was wrong to penalize the Cowboys and Redskins. Especially doing it two days before free agency started!

  98. Roger Goodell is ruining the NFL… This guy made over $30million last year, for what??? Godell “I’m in charge now” shades of when Reagan got shot and that guy (forget his name) said that. 2010 was an uncapped year… that means it was UNCAPPED!!! What is the problem?

  99. “”business is business. But we all know the NFL is rigged and this is yet another in an endless line of stunts to coordinate the appearance of strict discipline in a league that is seemingly on par in its outlaw status with the illegal maritime law of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (all caps with purpose)”””

    I find it hilarious nobody picked up on this earlier.. What the heck are you talking about? Maritime law has to do with the sea jackwagon!

  100. The league approved the deals that the Skins made during the uncapped year. Why would they approve the deals only to turn around and punish them years later. I’d love to see Danny boy get some relief as they have many holes to fill and not too many good draft picks. HAIL!!!

  101. Is there ever a time that “peytonsneck” is not on this blog making a fool of himself? What kind of pathetic loser has nothing better to do than Troll 24/7.

    Seriously, find yourself a woman peytonsneck…and by that I mean a REAL woman, not just the image of one on your computer.

  102. Dan Snyder is like the burglar who breaks into your house, then sues you for shooting his sorry a$$.

  103. I’ve been a skins fan my entire life and it seems the team did alot better when they didn’t have a pile of money to throw at over priced me first league veterans for once.

  104. If the owners didn’t collude to hold down the cap then it must be in writing… It wasn’t in writing therefor its collusion and I hope Snyder sues them because when you have the owner of a divisional rival implementing the punishment 2 days before free agency last year it stinks to high heaven !

  105. Give them hell Danny! I hope this EXPLODES in Mara’s face. I hope it EXPLODES big time in his face.

    I am sorry but an UNCAPPED year means there are NO SALARY CAPS. What do you guys not understand about that.

    Just because your teams were cheapskates does not mean they should penalize the team for doing what they are allowed to do.

  106. Why is Snyder complaining anyway? The one year they take his cap room is the year they finally win some games. He should sue to have his cap stripped every year.

  107. This was collusion from the start, Mara knows it. The teams who DON’T spend their full cap agreed to keep the salaries low in an UNCAPPED year, but the two biggest franchises went uncapped. Penalize for playing within the rules is really crazy, Then the teams who agree to penalize get the spoils (cap $) split between them? Talk about a raw deal… go get em Dan!! #HTTR

  108. If Snyder was a more liked man, if he were more respected among the other owners, if he had treated people better in past encounters, then other owners would have stepped up and defended him against an obvious injustice. Unfortunately for the Skins though he is not liked or respected because he has treated others so poorly in the past.

    That’s life. Hopefully he learned something.

  109. I don’t know if Mr. Snyder and Mr. Jones were trying to cheat their peers, or just making sound business decisions; I honestly don’t know enough about to label them. But what I do have a problem with is the other owners taking money from one teams player budget (which is what the sal cap is) and splitting it amongst themselves. It is wealth redistribution at best. Wanna call them cheaters and hit them with a $30M fine, go ahead. But the Skins should be able to pick which account to pay out of and the money should go somewhere other than the other owners. Isn’t there a retired NFL players group that helps those old timers that beat themselves senseless for $100 a year? Give them the money.

  110. Whether through mismanagement (gee, imagine that in Washington) or knowingly trying to skirt the rules, Washington got caught and now has to pay the price- along with Dallas.

    Legal action will only compound the mistake.

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