Report: Niners don’t have a deal in place for Alex Smith


The 49ers have basically finished a trade that would send quarterback Alex Smith elsewhere.  Unless they haven’t.

Not coincidentally, it’s late February in the NFL.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that the 49ers don’t have a deal in place to trade Smith once the trading period opens at 4:00 p.m. ET on March 12.

Barrows notes at the outset of his tweet that it’s lying time in the NFL.  But if the Niners are letting it leak that a deal is “effectively done” (whatever that means) and not identifying the name of the team, there’s a good chance that there is no team — and that the tactic is aimed at smoking a team or two out of the weeds.

Many presume there will be an aggressive trade market for Smith.  But with the 49ers unable to convince anyone that they’d keep Smith around against his wishes at $8.5 million, the Niners need at least two teams to want Smith.  Otherwise, there can and will be no market for his services.

The Chiefs continue to make the most sense.  But if the Chiefs are the only interested team, all Andy Reid needs to do is put on his poker face and wait for the 49ers to cut Smith.

Based on the trades Andy Reid pulled off while in Philly, we wouldn’t bet against Reid winning this hand.

The overlooked dynamic in the formula is Smith.  He’ll have to want to play for the team to which he’s dealt.  If, in the end, there’s only one team he wants to play for, it’ll make it very hard for the 49ers to get another team to the table.

Thus, until there are two teams who want Smith and vice-versa, it’ll be hard to work out a trade, regardless of the gadgets that may get employed to get a deal done.

Including but not limited to leaking to the media that a deal is “effectively done.”

44 responses to “Report: Niners don’t have a deal in place for Alex Smith

  1. Alex Smith is a middle of the pack qb,i wouldn’t give up anything higher than a 3rd rounder for him. He’s just a short term answer until you find someone better,just like the 49ers have

  2. We also have UNOFFICIAL time of 4.17 for him!!!!

    The amount of total BS, rumors, and flat out lying that goes on is just unbelievable.

  3. Release Alex and let him make his own decision
    You might get a 5th or 6th rounder for him, nayway. Big Deal

    Let Alex pick his own team
    Good Luck, Alex
    Choose a team with a decent OL

  4. “The overlooked dynamic in the formula is Smith. He’ll have to want to play for the team to which he’s dealt.”

    Does Smith have a no trade clause? I dont think he has much say in the matter

  5. maybe they do maybe they don’t.. perhaps they will perhaps they won’t..

    just like michael vick’s release by the eagles is imminent, right floride?

    as usual.. clear as mud

  6. You can win with Alex Smith if you have a top 3 offensive line, a top 3 defense, a strong running game, an elite tight end, and wide receivers who don’t mind their QB’s limitations hurting their numbers.

  7. My biggest concern about Smith would be that he really didn’t live up to expectations until Harbaugh came along. He’ll certainly have a much less “complete” team around him.

    No guarantees about what he does with a new team.

  8. It’s unfortunate that we are subjected to the “virtual certainty” that NFL writers are putting forth. What is wrong with the media verifying stories before reporting? A lot of credibility is being lost, and we are noticing.

  9. There won’t be a deal for Alex Smith – unless it’s for a 6/7th rounder. People forget he had a window of unrestricted free agency last year after an incredible season and the Saints win – while the Niners entertained Manning. He met with the Dolphins, passed on him for Tannehill, met with the Seahawks, passed on him for (at the time) Matt Flynn

    He will get released, and will sign with the Chiefs.

  10. Hey, talk to the Jets, they’ll try to work something out. They are in dire need of a QB, you see they don’t have one.

  11. Alex seems to be a very intelligent individual, of all the teams that need a QB the best Head Coach/QB match up would be with Andy Reid.

    Andy may not be able to manage a clock but he does have a very profound way of coaching/mentoring QB’s and making them confident in his system. We would all agree that the O-line in KC is a big upgrade over the last line he had and they have a solid backfield to open up the passing game for Alex.

    Reid needs a game Manager that also has the ability to make a play every now and then, Alex Smith would be a great fit in my opinion.

  12. Go ahead and deal away a QB who was third in the league in passing before his concussion last year just because he makes more money than he should. Who needs a top flight backup QB when your starter runs around like a lunatic and gets hit 10-15 times a game. I’m sure you can find someone just as good.

    Seems like a sound plan to me.

  13. Alex Smith :First round no#1 pick . Did not lose NFC championship to the Giants. Beat the red hot N.O. Saints in a play off game. Got the Niners to over the half way mark of last season with a winning record. Was a running/throwing Q.B. @ Utah. Is a seasoned NFL starter, who doesn’t fumble games away or throws pick 6’s. He is still young and healthy and is motivated. He is worth a first round pick for the right team in need of a starting Q.B. He may go for an early second round. If there are no takers, the Niners hold on to him. His value will increase as players like RG 3 are injured with no quality back up to step in. All this talk of Alex not being wanted are wishful story lines being floated by the many teams the would love to sign him.

  14. “Go ahead and deal away a QB who was third in the league in passing before his concussion last year just because he makes more money than he should. Who needs a top flight backup QB when your starter runs around like a lunatic and gets hit 10-15 times a game. I’m sure you can find someone just as good.”

    Where do I start?

    First off Kaepernick doesn’t get hit like other running QBs. If he isn’t going out of bounds to avoid a hit he is typically sliding feet first to avoid big shots that hinder a mobile QB. Also RG3 is 6’2″ 217 lbs, Kaepernick is 6’4″ 230 lbs and this has more area to absorb hits.

    Secondly, yes it is a great idea to keep a back up QB at 8.5 million when you have other key free agents and you want to improve your team especially at WR and Secondary(rumors stating that the 49ers are looking into free agent DBs and either if Welker will be in their set price range or a potential trade for Harvin). Let’s not forget that Kaepernick is going to be due a big extension himself.

  15. So because Barrows THINKS they are bluffing you write it as fact there’s no deal in place? Sounds about right to me… but just for the record Barrows also thinks there is zero risk trading Alex to the Cardinals as if they have some awful roster. He is a pretty good beat writer but I wouldn’t be religious to every opinion he has

  16. Niners have shown they can win with Smith. Why not trade Kapernick, who will probably never have a higher value? Bet they could get a top 10 for him, especially with his rookie contract. Maybe even more than one pick. Although, I dont think either one of them will be in the top 5 qb in a given year.

  17. Mattmchoes wrote, “Does Smith have a no trade clause? I dont think he has much say in the matter”

    Matt, I think the presumption is that no team is going to give up a pick to acquire Smith AND take on his existing contract.

    Team A is going to want the right to negotiate a new deal with Smith–an incentive laden deal for less money.

    If Smith doesn’t want play for Team A — because he thinks there is a better shot at success or a better payday from Team B — he isn’t going to cooperate. He’ll refuse to renegotiate his bloated deal and that will force Team A to cut him. Team A is never going to give away a draft pick until they are sure Smith will agree to a new deal. His existing contract is his leverage for choosing where he plays.

  18. Wish I could get a job where I can just ramble for a few paragraphs over something I know nothing about. Sign me up.

  19. Dmith did not play well until he got a coach thatput in a philosophy that catered to his game. That being said, Smith would play well for Chip Kelly in Philly. Smith >vick, geno, foles, barkely, ej manuel.

  20. Alex Smith isn’t a top flight QB and Kaep doesn’t run around like a lunatic. Plus, Harbaugh is great at developing QB’s so he can find someone just as good. Kaep has never been hit 10-15 times a game, guess it helps your argument to spit out garbage.

  21. He probably will end up here in KC. Which I guess would be a bandaid till they draft a young QB and groom him. To me his is just another ho hum QB. Nothing special.

  22. @killitandeatit

    Cousins is more than a quality back-up to RGIII, he’s cheap and he’s young. I’d take him over Smith as a backup any day and put my saved money elsewhere on the team.

  23. Alex Smith is not a back up q.b. R.G. 3 was an example of how q.b.’s are injured. Prediction : Alex not going to Redskins.

  24. I’m always amazed at how little some fans watch football, and just get all their ideas from ESPN or the like.

    For example, when it comes to Kap vs Smith, there is no competition. Kap throws the ball better and runs better. He doesn’t have to run to have productive games (for example: watch their game against the Patriots).

    Get used to hearing Kaepernick’s name for a long time. Alex Smith will get another shot somewhere else

  25. I hope John Dorsey and Andy Reid don’t fall for the Alex Smith trap. This guy is going to be paid 8.5 mill to back up Kaepernick. No way!, they will release him anyway. Also, he’s not worth a draft pick, he’s a mediocre QB, ranked around 17-22nd of all QB’s, and he’s a GAME MANAGER. Go grab yourself a QB of the future in the draft FRANCHISE QB. We already know what Alex Smith brings, why not take a shot at one of the top QB’s that could be a FRANCHISE QB.

    Dont listen to all the media who say their is no top tier QB’s in the draft. Same media and teams also had ALEX SMITH drafted over Aaron Rodgers.


  26. Alex Smith would be the key to reviving the Buffalo Bills and bringing them back to the playoffs. The Bills have a solid OL. They just need to make sure they resign Andy Levitre. Fitzpatrick was one of the least sacked QB’s last year. They will be choosing from a pleather of Wideouts to match up with Stevie Johnson in this years draft. CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson would be a major help to Smith too. The Bills have beefed up their Defense over the past couple of seasons. The only gaping hole they have will be at LB, but who knows, they might be able to do something in the draft with that position depending on if they need to use a pick on a QB. The Bills have the cap room. Buffalo would be a great option for Smith.

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