Robert Meachem expected to remain with Chargers


A big reason why A.J. Smith is no longer the general manager in San Diego is that most of the players he’s acquired in recent years have fallen well short of expectations on the field.

One of those players is likely to stick around the Chargers for at least one more year and he’s got the contract that Smith gave him to thank for the second chance. Wide receiver Robert Meachem flopped in 2012, finishing with 14 catches and 207 yards during a year that saw him basically benched for the final couple of months of the season. He’s got $5 million in guaranteed money coming his way, though, and a $10 million-plus cap hit if he’s released (it’s $6.875 million if he sticks around), so the new regime is trying to put a happy face on things.

Coach Mike McCoy and wide receivers coach Fred Graves have both reached out to Meachem since joining the team to express their desire to work together in 2013 and General Manager Tom Telesco is talking up some positive signs in his review of Meachem’s 2012 work.

“I was actually watching the tape of him,” Telesco said, via the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Early on in the year when he played a little more, he looked pretty good to me, so I’m excited to see him in OTAs, running routes, up close and personal and get to know him a little better.”

Bringing Meachem in as part of the plan to replace Vincent Jackson was symptomatic of the kinds of personnel swaps the Chargers kept making despite diminishing returns just about every time. Whether or not they can salvage anything from Meachem, the new leadership would like to avoid similar mistakes during their own tenure.


14 responses to “Robert Meachem expected to remain with Chargers

  1. All Meachem needs to start putting up big numbers again is two more wideouts, a freakish tight end (that can stay healthy), a dynamic pass catching running back, two pounding running backs, a a turf field in a dome, and Drew Bress throwing him passes.

    That shouldn’t be too hard to get together this season, right?

  2. I have to wonder how much of this is Meachem really just being a product of the Saints offense and how much of it was Norv Turner being an idiot with benching players ala Ryan Matthews.

  3. I hope he does come thru next year. Being outshined by another WR that had knee issues and wears a brace while playing should make you want to do better.

  4. Wow! The Saints continue to stick it to the Chargers. Meachem’s stats were a product of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, not Norv Turner and Philip Rivers. Huge difference.

  5. Ryan “I can’t say healthy” Matthews. Really bro. Who in the history has broke both collar bones in the same season besides this guy. C’mon man. Matthews is made if glass and won’t be around after next year. Guy is to scared running the bal at this level

  6. This doesn’t fall on Meacham. The problem was Rivers’ shot put of an arm and Norv’s vertical passing game. Norv failed to make adjustments.

    Yes, Meacham dropped a ball he should of caught in the Cleveland game, but that is nothing compared to the turnover machine that Rivers has become over the past two years.

    Towards the end of this season Rivers did a better job at a voiding turnovers, but he replaced that with throwing the ball away at an alarming rate.

  7. I can’t imagine any Saints fan not wanting Meachem to succeed (except when playing the Saints of course; oddly enough that was his only good game with the Chargers, when he played the Saints). The Meach-Around against Washington in 2009 is in the top 10 of my favorite Saints plays ever. He wasn’t going to get paid in NO, so i didn’t begrudge him going to San Diego. Something about the Chargers is just broken right now though. Rivers used to be very good.

  8. Meachem is good at that one route he knows, straight down the field. He and Devery Henderson are pretty much the same guy.

  9. Honestly, they could put my little sister out there as wide receiver and as long as Norv ad AJ are gone I’m still happy

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