All eyes on details in Brady’s deal


If the angel in Tom Brady’s new contract arises from the cap savings over the next two years, the devil resides squarely in the details.

At a time when Brady is being heralded for taking less money via a three-year, $27 million extension, league insiders can’t wait to see whether and to what extent Brady takes less money over the two remaining years of the four-year extension he signed before the lockout.

Though we’ve yet to get our eyes on the numbers, we’re confident in making this guarantee:  There’s no way he took less in 2013 or 2014.

Yes, the cap numbers are lower by $15 million.  But that doesn’t mean he reduced his base salary or other compensation.

Instead, it appears that Brady has actually picked up an extra $3 million via the signing bonus paid now as part of his three-year extension.  He also has likely had a large amount of his base salary for the next two years converted to a guaranteed payment, which allows cap dollars to be pushed to future years.

So did he take less this year or next year?  No way.  Will he take less in 2015, 2016, or 2017?  We’ll see.

If the cap goes up enough in 2015, maybe he’ll get a new deal in 2015.  If he wins the NFL or Super Bowl MVP after the 2014 season, maybe he’ll get a new deal in 2015.

For now, adding three years gives the Pats more room to operate, at a time when other teams are trying to decide which veterans they can afford to throw overboard in order to get under the cap.  It couldn’t have happened for the Pats without adding three years to his deal.  And it will now be easier to get other players to take less via the perception that Brady is.

Even if, you know, he isn’t in 2013 or 2014.

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  1. No way he takes less? Did it occur to you that, as one of the few star football players whose spouse actually has more earning potential then him, he might actually have the incentive to take less of a salary himself to give his team a better chance to win championships?

  2. I don’t understand why signing a new deal to receive less money to lock up other players is such criticism. Brady is a winner I’m sure money isn’t a huge issue in his household where championships are seemed to be more valued. 13million plus is a big amount of money, now just to restructure, have a signing bonus, more guaranteed money and have more cap space to retain welker and perhaps vollmer, or put it towards free agency.

  3. This is Amazing! Brady is such a team player and so commited to winning! (Three years from now, until the. Its still about the money)

    If you’re truly about taking less money to help your team win, why put off the reduced contract until 3 years from now? If he truly wants to take a paycut to help his team win, then he needs to take a paycut NOW… Not 3 years from now. Otherwise he’s just restructuring his contract to create space which has been done hundreds of times before. This is all smoke and mirrors and most people fell for it.

  4. Looking at some of the posts and replies on the many topics here on TBs contract, I think some people don’t understand “taking less money” vs. “below market deal”. He may be getting similar dollars to what he was in the last deal, but he’s not getting the type of money that even QBs with lesser accomplishments are getting.

    Again I will say this is likely a smart deal for both sides because he probably isn’t signing anything with phony backloading to make the money look better, and he also will have dollars that will make it more likely he can play out the whole deal instead of being asked to take a cut or get cut due to money. And the team gets cap relief.

  5. I was thinking that this was an idiot deal without seeing the details, but hearing this it is starting to make sense. Perception is that Brady is taking less, even though he isn’t really. But it looks like it.

    “Cleaver girl,” he said…just before a velociraptor ate him.

  6. If I was a teammate of Brady and was up for a contract, I would not take less just because Brady took less. My situation is different than his. He is the golden boy, let him take the hometown discount, NOT ME.

    The Patriots will use you then discard you when you are no longer useful.

  7. Look at this any way you want. A lot of you Pat fans will come on here and say how Brady is a great guy and he is doing this for the team. Oh no. Brady is an egomaniac and is doing this for mostly one person, himself. He will get all kinds of “french benefits” off paper by the Pats. When you have a wife that makes 30 million a year, 9 million instead of 12 to 15 on paper makes a lot of sense when you want to be able to land the personnel to win more Championships then Peyton Manning, or break more records than Brett Favre. That’s what Brady is after. Everybody said he was to scrawny and unathletic to play football. He doesn’t want to make it to the playoffs every year just to get beat. He wants some playmakers to work with. Some WR’s to throw downfield to. He wants another Randy Moss in his prime and some blockers. Not for the team… for himself. For his legacy.

    You don’t build a 20 million dollar house with a moat around it when you are a humble guy. You build it to say “I am the big cheese, and I have more wealth and power than you”. So be careful before you decide Brady is selfless.

  8. And if anyone thinks he is taking less money, think again. He probably has a clause in his contract that says if he breaks 3,000 yards passing, he will get a 5 million dollar bonus. If he throws for 10 touchdowns, he gets another 2 million. So while the base salary looks good, and it initially helps with cap space, he isn’t really taking less money, it only appears that way on the surface.

    Some people will take anything at face value. Talking about everyone who actually thinks Brady is getting “less” with this contract and is “doing it for his team”. Laughing at that one.

  9. Curious as to what effect this deal has on the franchise tag value that the Raven’s are sure to slap on Joe Flacco if they can’t work out a long term deal first. If it’s the exclusive rights one, I believe it’s the average of the top 5 highest paid QB’s?

  10. I haven’t seen anyone anywhere state he restructured to make less in the coming two years. It is simply an extention for three years at 9M per. I would assume it also entails restructuring and guarenteeing amounts he is already contracted for over the coming two years, which is the case in about 100% of all restructures anyway. This is such a non-story post, telling us nothing we didn’t already know.

  11. Come on everyone. This extension saves the Patriots 8 Million a year. Guess where that money is going? YUP! Welker will sign a new contract before free agency hits for somewhere in the ballpark of 8 million a year. Just making some room for Brady’s favoite receiver. Makes sense doen’t it considering Welker is looking for a contract in the 8 Million a year range.

  12. The moronic hate in these threads never ceases to amaze me. The guy wants to win. It’s that simple. Instead of hating for no reason how about applauding him for doing – again – what few big time QB’s would ever do.

  13. Did he take less than he could have? Sure
    Did he take less than market value/Brees? Obviously.

    Is he playing for the league minimum as most of the media want to make it seem in this alleged home town discount? No, nowhere near it.

    For the #’s Peter King has suggested to work there is a 16.2 million dollar bonus to be paid and accounted for over the final 3 years of the deal.

    He was due to have cap hits over ’13&’14 of 21.8 million each.

    His deal is now set to average 14.2 million. It’s cheaper than what he deserves to be paid, but it’s not the charity donation that King and others attempt to make it seem.

    At the end of the day Brady did what others have done in the past and shifted money around in the current year but didn’t give any money away. With that said he didn’t demand nickel & dime the Patriots like Drew Brees did the Saints and should be commended for that, but this has been done before.

    The fact that it is being reported as fully guaranteed for a 35 year old QB shouldn’t be lost on anyone either. Once even more details trickle out about the deal more can be discussed, but with the #’s Peter King listed, there are only a few ways that can be accomplished.

  14. Dont you guys ever get tired of claiming that “Brady is done” and “the Pats are on the down slide.”

    Do you actually watch the football games? they got beat in the AFCCG by a better team this year, and are in contention EVERY year, and will be next year.

    Get over you biased hate. You look like an idiot.

    The amount this has been dissected without even seeing the numbers, just shows how stupid people are.

    It’s not cheating, its restructuring. It has nothing to do with what the Skins and Cowboys did(which was an absolute sham that they were punished, ie league wide collusion.) It also has nothing to do with how the Broncos skirted the cap issues by paying via side deals, which is against the rules.

  15. The comments on this are really absurd.

    “Oh, he’s not actually being generous by signing on for less. There is hidden $$ somewhere!”

    Can’t you just accept that someone in the NFL isn’t trying to get every penny possible? It’s refreshing.

    You guys just want to hate Brady way too much

  16. Florio, you just can’t handle this, can you? Keep trying and trying to spin it how Brady is actually making more in this deal… keep working those numbers… you’ll find that no matter how you add it up it’s not going to equal anything near the contracts of Brees, Stafford (cough!), Manning, and soon to be Rodgers and Flacco.

    But by all means, keep trying.

  17. The pic says it all. Whiny Tammy, complaining about…something. The fact that the world is imperfect really seems to grate on his nerves.

    As for whether he’s getting more money or not, who cares. Whether he counts for less against the cap, who cares. The bottom line is that the Patriots will never get nailed for going over the cap, even IF they should do so. The Great Roger Goodell needs Bob Kraft’s support, and Kraft is savvy enough to make sure Goodell sees things his way every time.

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