Brandon Weeden expects to remain Browns starter

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The Cleveland Browns have undergone a complete overhaul of their front office with Michael Lombardi being hired as general manager and Rob Chudzinski named the head coach.

Both have been reluctant to discuss the future of quarterback Brandon Weeden since taking control of the Browns last month. Lombardi said he needs time to evaluate Weeden while Chudzinski said it would be “premature” to call Weeden the team’s starting quarterback for next season.

However, Weeden “absolutely” intends on keeping the job. According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, Weeden is supremely confident he’ll win the Browns starting job next fall.

“I completely expect to be the starter,” Weeden said. “That’s my mindset going in. I’m confident in my ability to be the guy, to lead this football team.”

Weeden threw for 3,385 yards, 14 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in his rookie season with the Browns. Team CEO Joe Banner said the team is not focusing on quarterback for their first round draft pick this year. The Browns have also denied they are the team that has reportedly reached a trade agreement with the San Francisco 49ers for Alex Smith.

As of right now, the only competition for Weeden would come from Colt McCoy, Josh Johnson and Thad Lewis. If the Browns don’t add a quarterback this off-season, Weeden would likely be the front-runner to keep the job next year.

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  1. Screw it I’m laid off work right now… Even tho I haven’t touched a football in any kind of organized capacity in ten years…put me in chud I’m sure I could atleast be a back up in this crowd of top shelf talent. Ha

  2. The old man is going to do fine this year! There’s little reason to believe otherwise… And thank god Weeden has a lot of confidence and heart, because he has no soul (ginger).

  3. I’m glad to hear that Weeden is entering the new season with a positive mindset. Especially since he has had little positive support from the Browns front office.

    Every other rookie starting QB from last season enjoyed the support of their front office as well as the coaching staff and teammates.

    Weeden’s performance was not the best, nor the worst. He threw for more yards than RG3, Russell Wilson and Tannehill and his completion percentage was higher than Andrew Luck’s CP. Weeden’s QB rating was 72.6, just behind Tannehill at 76.1 and Andrew Luck’s 76.5.

    Weeden did this, with the youngest, most inexperienced offensive supporting cast of any of the rookie QB starters.

    For his effort, Weeden received no support from the Browns new front office of Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi. This fact is more a reflection on the quality and inexperience of the Browns new front office than it is on Weeden’s performance.

    Banner has never been in charge of the football side of a franchise and Mike Lombardi has been doing TV for the last 5 yrs, before Banner hired him as the Browns GM.

    Only in Cleveland…

  4. This shouldn’t even be an issue. Weeden IS the starter. He looked good last year and he’s only going to get better.

  5. With real coaching, he should develop. He’s big, strong arm, with a big upside. However, at time he looks scared back there. Hope Chud and Norv can fix that part. IF he can develop, with that O-line, T-Rich, and the young, talented D, this group could work it’s way up the AFC North ladder and win this division by the 2014-2015 season.

  6. Mike Lombardi…. Smh

    Gotta feel sorry for Cleveland. I wouldn’t wish that guy on my worst enemies. Except the Broncos. Would love to see Lombardi have control over the Broncos’ personnel.

  7. Weeden has a long way to go to get to “acceptable”. He needs to start by making good decisions, start looking off the DBs and learn how to get his passes beyond the line of scrimmage without getting swatted.
    He’s going to start this year only because he has no competition and the Browns have higher priorities at other positions for the draft and free agency.

  8. i love brandon weeden dont know why people bash him cause of his age that wrong. but i was there at the NFL Draft That Night we drafted him honestly at 1st i thought we wasted a pick on guy i never heard of and that his age was bad, but after seeing the browns a lil more last season this guys is a keeper and a winner!!! has the perfect arm,can make all the throws we just need the perfect system for him and great coaches dat can also help him read the better more complex defenses in the NFL also GET HIM SOME DAMNN WRs and FIX THE O-LINE AND get some DB’s and were set Go Browns!!!

  9. Ok, If I’m the Browns GM (because despite what this article says they don’t have one as Lombardi is listed as “Director of Player Personnel” not “General Manager”) then I’m not worrying about the QB position either. Looking at the Browns roster a good majority of their most reliable veterans are free agents. They will have to replace two receivers (Josh Cribbs/MoMass) and their starting tight end (Ben Watson). Seeing as their last GM left them with a ridiculous amount of cap space going into free agency this year they have more than enough to surround Weeden with weapons similar to what Joe Flacco has in Baltimore. If Weeden struggles with some veteran receivers who won’t get bullied by defenses at his disposal then consider cutting ties but he didn’t do anywhere near as bad as the Cleveland media makes it seem like he did. As a matter of fact, his stats were pretty impressive especially considering that the entire Browns offense last season was basically on the job training.

  10. I don’t know who’s playbook they will be running but, I do know that Norv believes in protection up front, and a strong running game to set up the deep stuff. if Weeden is the starter he will be in a secure pocket when looking down field. I hated Norv as a head coach but I respect him highly as a play caller.

  11. He’s older but it was a rookie season. Get him a couple of legit threats to throw to, save some tread on Richardson and they’ll be just fine. Not one receiver, two. One just draws all the coverage.

    In the AFCN the Steelers and Ravens have to reboot a little and the Bengals and, yes, the Browns are coming up.

  12. I love how I posted a comment immediately when this article was written, yet it does not show up on here..

    WordPress is garbage…

    That being said…

    We’re Browns fans, we’re used to this.

    There’s always next year.

  13. I get the new front office needs to look everything over…and they desperately want to put their stamp on the team. But the constant turnover is what has been holding the Browns back for years. At some point, they have got to try to stick with something for more than one year.

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