Brandon Weeden: “I know I’m a better player than the way I played”


Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden says the player he really is and the player we all saw on the field during his rookie year are not exactly the same player.

In an interview on WKNR in Cleveland, Weeden said his rookie year was “average,” but he’s an above-average quarterback.

I know I’m a better player than the way I played all year,” Weeden said, via “I’m not satisfied with the way I played all year. So being the competitor that I am, I see a lot of areas of improvement. And I know I have to get better in order for this organization to win games. And my ultimate goal is for us to get to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl, so I feel like personally it starts with me — I’ve gotta get better. And I wouldn’t change anything because I thought like I prepared well. Week-in and week-out I felt like I put myself in position.”

Weeden said he knows he needs to prove himself to the new coaching staff, and he plans to do just that.

“I’m confident in my ability. I’m very confident in my ability to get better in Year 2,” Weeden said.

If we say nothing else for Weeden, at least we can say a 17-interception rookie season didn’t shake his confidence.

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  1. I hope you are right Brandon, but talk is cheap. Don’t talk the talk until you walk the walk.

  2. Weedens not bad..typical drop back QB with lack of WR and TE help..don’t see how that happens when the browns draft in the top 5 EVERY year

  3. Dude, your with the Browns. The Cubs of the NFL.
    Do you really expect to be a great player with them?

  4. Like Bill Parcells said: after 16 games you are
    what your record says you are. Of course, it is a tem sport and I will acknowledge he
    woulda been better with some legitimate WR’s.

  5. blackngold4life says:
    Feb 26, 2013 7:33 PM

    Weedens not bad..typical drop back QB with lack of WR and TE help..don’t see how that happens when the browns draft in the top 5 EVERY year


    Might have somethin to do with who their FO was drafting…

  6. I knew this guy was going to suck in the NFL when he threw two interceptions, zero TDs, and less than 60 yards in last year’s senior bowl… He was outplayed by pretty much every QB there… Weeden has a great arm but he’s a horrible decision-maker… Trent Richardson really said it best, this guy cannot read NFL defenses, which means he only throws to guys who are blatantly open and cannot throw with anticipation… This guy is going to continue to throw interceptions and the Browns will be drafting a new QB next year… What a waste of a 1st round pick…

  7. Weeden was 2nd in the league in percentage of snaps under center. Seems like a boneheaded coach trying to force a round peg in a square hole (and he didn’t allow audibles). Brandon will be better this year.

  8. He’d be fine if he had anyone to catch a pass other than Richardson. Let’s see what they do with all that cap space. If they don’t buy a quality receiver (or two) in free agency then Weeden has been hung out to dry.

  9. bengalsstillsuck

    When was the last time the Browns were relevant? It was the last time they won that game playoff game wasn’t it? It’s okay though living in Ohio I’ve learned to not listen to Cleveland fans (no matter how many Bengals articles they in) and just started to pity them. They just want something to say.

  10. Weeden is a talent. Look at several other QBs in the league that are good now but had a first rough year. He also had a few game winning TD passes dropped. Go Browns!

  11. the difference between “what you know and what you do” is why your GM and coaches were fired!

    Drafting you was a terrible choice clear to everyone but the Browns

  12. For Weeden to be successful they’ll need to find guys who can get WIDE open or who can snag balls that would otherwise be intercepted… Thus, grabbing a burner like Mike Wallace (who can outrun everyone and get wide open) or a big guy like Dwayne Bowe (who can just out-physical guys to get balls that should have never been thrown) would really help him… If they don’t get him some elite help like that, good luck buddy, because you just don’t have the talent to turn crap receivers into gold like some of the other QBs in this league

  13. It would be different if half of those 17 interceptions wasn’t his receivers either tipping the ball into defenders hands, giving up on routes or just getting bullied by defensive backs and linebackers. He can definitely step up his game but the Browns organization didn’t do him any favors by sticking him with guys with just as much NFL experience as he had as his go-to receivers. If the Browns get him some decent free agents to go along with the young guys they have, he could be just as successful as the rest of the QB’s in his draft class (when’s the last time a Browns QB put up over 3,000 yards?)

  14. Your right its a what u doin for me now league and the last time i check the ravens have bragging rights not the Bengals since they got embarrassed the last 3 out of 4 yrs in the playoffs just like i said Browns have a more recent playoff win.

  15. As a Browns fan, I hope they keep Weeden. He moved the ball down the field better than we have in years and the games we lost were mostly really close. It’s tough for some rookies who come right into starting without a vet to show them the ropes.

    We have the youngest team in the league, the 2nd most money in the league to spend on free agency, and a relatively high draft pick in the upcoming draft.

    So with Weeden and Richardson maturing and with some new guys coming in, things are looking up for the Browns. Even the new owner is a big improvement from the last one. Hopefully the new coaching staff is too.

    The tough thing is the division. The Ravens and the Bengals were both in the playoffs this year and 2 years ago the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals were ALL in the playoffs. Everyone but the Browns.

  16. As a life long Browns fan I hate to say it. Weedon is the prototypical million dollar arm and ten cent head. We’ll be drafting another QB this time next year.

  17. I hate to say this, but guys who are old rookies already have something working against them. Time. Weeden is still a rookie, and can maybe if he’s lucky play a total of 8 years, which is a long time, but just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re good (Danny Watkins). What I am getting to is that There seems to be a pre conceived notion that older rookies are more ready to play in the NFL than the 22 year olds, but no matter what there is still a learning curve. I hope the best for Weeden, but honestly when you are going to take a wide receiver (Kendall Wright) over your franchise quarterback, I think that says something.

  18. not to worry, Norv still loves that prototypical 6’2″ wideout. ala Michael Irving, Michael Westbrook, Vincent Jackson. pretty much everywhere he’s been he’s had a good deep threat. Granted Westbrook was a bust. if Norv instead of Chud is installing the offensive plays here’s what you know you will have a solid run game, he want’s 100 yds. per game every game. a strong pass catching tight end a deep threat #1 receiver and a sure handed #2. a lot of pre-snap misdirection, a ton of play fakes, and quite a bit of bootlegging. and a solid front line.

  19. Weeden was really not that bad. It was Turd Shurmur’s poor play calling that hurt him. And compared to Griffin, Luck and Wilson he was strides behind. Let’s not trash the guy after his rookie year on a below par team. Give him another year to start…heck Gabbert got another and may get a 3rd.

  20. You are right bengalsstillsuck the browns do have the most recent playoff win against the bengals. One thing like I mentioned if your a bengal or browns fan you are a loyal fan. It just seems like they can’t get anywhere far and when they do go playoffs it isn’t for long. baltimore and pittsburgh has been owning that division usually except the one time when the bengals beat all three teams twice and still didn’t win a playoff game. that is really BAD. I think that was in 2009 and we lost to the jets in the playoffs. Then the 2006 playoff game pittsburgh on the second and first passing play tackled and injured palmer so he couldn’t play any of the game…hmm sorry sounds to convenient to me. Can you say New Orleans. I can be biased and I am sorry but I do think if palmer played we would of won or would of had a great chance of winning. I know the dude that hit palmer felt real bad and he didn’t do it on purpose he says that is possible but I do know that the steelers at that time at least were known as the dirtiest team in football. They would do a lot a dirty things on the field and it wasn’t me or just bengals fans saying it. James Harrison was one that I thought was one of the worst.The 10 Dirtiest Teams in Sports History which was done in 2010 and this is all different sports had the pittsburgh steelers as no. 6 and mentions James Harrison and Hines Ward. Wards isn’t too bad, Some defend Ward’s hits as technically clean, they remain often cheap and unnecessary they say though. The only other football team they have dirtier is number 3 1970 Oakland Raiders. I hate dirty play and I think it was dirty play when they took out palmer but you can’t prove it. what a waste. I am with you though cleveland won the last playoff game.

  21. Doesn’t surprise me that Weeden’s 17-interception rookie season didn’t shake his confidence since Andrew Luck’s-18-interception rookie season doesn’t seem to have shaken his confidence either.

    Having confidence in your ability is a good thing, especially if you are a QB of the very young
    offensive unit of the Cleveland Browns.

  22. gotta be tough being the red-headed-step-child to the only other ginger QB in the league

  23. How many rookie QB’s (don’t care how old he is, he was still a rookie in the NFL) come out and dominate?

    With Norv on board things are going to change.

    Go Browns!

  24. Regardless of his age, Brandon Weeden was a ROOKIE last year. You have to go up the learning curve regardless of what age you are when you start. Besides a lot of dropped passes by wideouts, there wasn’t a go-to tight end to throw to over the middle, which is crucial to any offense that hopes to move the ball consistently. The Browns played hard in EVERY game last year, and with a second year for Weeden to develop as well as his young receivers, and a more accomplished coaching staff, they should be much better in 2013. I think Brandon will be much improved with his ability to read defenses. He just needs time to learn his job and he will succeed. People, stop demanding that quarterbacks develop in two quarters of a single football game before declaring whether they are a success or not. MANY good/great quarterbacks have needed a few years to develop.

  25. he can’t say he wants to get better but when they bye week came around he went home to play golf. i know the players can do what they want on their bye but don’t say one thing and then do another. this is coming from a browns fan who didn’t want him before they drafted him.

  26. This is the bottom line: Weeden is a slightly better QB than Colt McCoy. He is going to get 10-12 games this year to show significant improvement this coming season. If he cannot succeed with Chud and Turner running the show, we will see whomever they add at QB during the off-season. McCoy will be traded or cut.

  27. We Browns fans have been reading quotes like this for years and years and years. Players keep saying they’re better than they appear, coaches keep insisting progress is being made, front office guys keep promising that things are going to be different … and every year we go 4-12 or 5-11. Hey guys, how about shutting up and showing some actual improvement on the field for a change?

  28. peple who say this kid sucks are flat idiots…i hear people day in and day out talk about expectations for luck, tannehill, rg3 etc…do i think brandon weedon has the upside of luck or rg3, of course not, but he threw for more yards than rg3, and had just about the same completion % and qb rating as luck…all that with having possibly the worst receiving/tight end corps in football…and unlike the other rookie qbs he had to play the steelers and ravens twice and not the swiss cheese secondaries that rg3 saw in the nfc east for example…give the kid a year to grow and add a legit #1 receiver and then see what he can do

  29. I think he takes too much heat for the Browns. I think he played as well as anybody could for the Browns. Did they have an NFL caliber WR last year or any year? No.

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