Combine won’t help Damontre Moore’s draft stock


During the 2012 college football season, draft analysts fell in love with Texas A&M outside linebacker/defensive end Damontre Moore, who had a breakout year playing for a new coaching staff that seemed to be getting the most out of his talent. ESPN’s Mel Kiper has even gone so far as to rank Moore as the third-best player in the entire draft.

But over the last few days at the Scouting Combine, there’s been increasing chatter about whether Moore really has all that much talent. Bruce Feldman of CBS notes that there are concerns Moore is too stiff to play well in space, and Moore’s numbers at the Combine were not impressive: He managed just 12 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press, with a 4.95-second 40-yard dash. That’s not a strength/speed combination you want for an outside linebacker/defensive end, or for any other position, besides maybe kicker.

Moore told he considered the Combine “an amazing experience,” but he acknowledged that he needs to work out better at his Pro Day.

I had a rocky start with the bench press,” Moore said. “I was really disappointed I was nowhere near what I did when I was training. I was disappointed in that, but it’s just like football. There’s always adversity, you gotta learn from it and move on.”

If Moore doesn’t move on with a much better Pro Day, NFL teams will likely be moving him down on their draft boards.

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  1. Some team that values tape over the Combine silliness will get themselves a steal, then. Moore is the real deal.

  2. I would rather take a chance on a guy like Moore that was productive in college instead of a guy that has an incredible combine workout without translating that talent into production on the field. Terrell Suggs had a similar 40 time and look what he’s done in the NFL.

  3. Good point radioactive….

    I think a lot guys work so hard to prepare for the combine, that they are spent.

    If his pro-day results are improved, he’ll be just fine. The 4.95 hurts though. The bench is a tricky barometer because it you have a bad grip you’re shot. A better measure of strength would be a combo of bench, power clean and squats.

  4. Damontre got most of his college production last season in the first half. He seemed to hit a wall. Maybe it’s the fact that he hasn’t matured physically yet. He just turned 20 a few months back. So he is getting by on natural ability. I’d still take him first overall in the draft.

  5. he will need to be in a 3-4D and the right coach coaching him, he will be a productive player in a year or 2

  6. I have got into this argument a lot of a couple of my friends about Damontre Moore. I watched a lot of his game film online, and he really didn’t seem like a top talent. For his size, Moore doesn’t possess elite quickness or an elite repertoire of pass rush moves.

    His combine numbers are a red-flag to me because those numbers are extremely bad for a player that was considered to be one of the best in this year’s class. To me, his combine numbers mean that he doesn’t have a great work ethic and doesn’t put in the work off the field that is needed to be a great player.

    Now, I’m not saying the guy is going to be a bust, but I think he will disappoint a team if they draft him to be a 4-3 DE. He will make his money as an 3-4 OLB in this league.

  7. Scouts will probably value the game film over the combine numbers, however his terrible showing at the combine, especially the bench press may point to work ethic issues. You figure he would want to show up in the best possible shape, and he didn’t.

  8. I dont know who commented about Suggs having a similar 40 time but when i read this article i immediately thought of Suggs as well but not just bc of the 40 time. Suggs also didnt do well in bench press either. I thought he did less than 10 reps but could be wrong.

  9. every year you hear 100 so called experts talking about how coaches, scouts, and GMs need to be extra careful not to fall in love with “workout warriors” who posts great 40 times and do well on the bench press and verticle etc, but who haven’t shown much on game tape…so why isn’t the opposite true??? if someone has shown that he’s a legit ball-player then why should 2 days of workouts drop his stock so much??? granted 12 reps at 225 is pretty weak for an nfl linebacker/defensive end, but i think you gotta let these guys actual play speak for itself

  10. This guy benefited from Johnny Football running up the score. All he had to do is pin his ears back and rush the passer to pad his stats.

  11. If Mel Kiper is high on him, odds are he’ll be a bust.

    Kiper will never live down his lunacy regarding Jimmy Clausen, whom he long touted as the second coming of Joe Montana.

    Even after he did bust, Kiper refused to give up the ghost declaring history would be the final judge. In other words, Kiper won’t admit he was clueless until enough history has passed that every possible person that could say “I told you so” is dead and buried.

  12. His game film isnt even that great. Sure he got some sacks and tfl’s but most were second effort ones that took a long time to develop or completly blown assignments. That’s not a first rounder in my mind, wouldnt be surprised to see him last a while.

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