David Diehl knows he could be next Giants cut, at any time


Giants right tackle David Diehl said he hasn’t been asked to take a pay cut yet, or  heard any inkling about his future with the team.

But he’s seen enough to know his time could come any time.

Diehl offered Newsday’s Tom Rock a glimpse into the mind of a smart NFL veteran, admitting he never knows when he shows up at the office whether it’s going to be his last.

“The thing you realize at an early age is that as an NFL player you have an expiration date on you and it comes with a price tag,” Diehl said. “That’s the way that it always goes. Nothing has been said to me yet, but that’s all things you can’t control. The only things you can control are the way you prepare each and every day, getting myself healthy, and whenever that comes about we’ll deal with it. But as of now, nothing has been said.”

The Giants have already parted ways with Chris Canty, Michael Boley and Ahmad Bradshaw, and more moves could be coming.

Diehl has been showing up daily at the Giants facility to rehab his right knee after an arthroscopic procedure, which he had right after the season. Getting well is a big deal, whether it’s for the Giants or another team.

The 32-year-old tackle is entering the last year of his contract, set to earn a base salary of $4.475 million. That makes him ripe for some degree of transaction depending on other moves the Giants make up front.

With Will Beatty and Kevin Boothe pending unrestricted free agents, the Giants might have to prioritize.

“Am I shocked or surprised? No,” Diehl said of Giants roster turnover so far. “This has happened year in and year out since I’ve been in the NFL, not only with our team but with teams across the league. This is something that always happens.”

Diehl’s approach is at once fatalistic and realistic, as very few players get to leave on their own terms. And with the salary cap a factor in every transaction, having a big salary is only good news if you get to keep it into the regular season.

15 responses to “David Diehl knows he could be next Giants cut, at any time

  1. Diehl has got a job in sports media after his Giant days are over. He’s at ease, personable, and a natural in front of the camera ….something Tiki had to ‘cultivate’.

  2. He’s not a feature LT anymore but can play any position on the line. Before 2012, he played in a million games in a row. Giants should extend him for a few more years and drop his cap number down especially since the rest of the line is all banged up.

  3. Diehl has been pretty awful the last few years. He was even benched this year. I’m sure if he doesn’t take a pay cut he’ll be out the door. Signing Beatty is an absolute MUST in the next few weeks. We do not really have any other serviceable tackles, and he has been very good.

  4. You never like to lose continuity on the O-line, but Brandon Mosley has the physical attributes to become one of the better right tackles in football. I thought he was a steal in the fourth; big training camp coming up for him.

  5. MR WRIGHT IS RIGHT! At 32 when he torn up his ACL, old-ass Locklear came in and the team went to 6-2.
    After re-inserting Diehl, he got blown up, slow, and slower.
    Giants are holding him until Beatty is inked, and maybe Boothe, but he may test the FA market, he is 28 north and it will be his last big check, assuming someone wants him.
    THEN, Webster; Kenny Phillips; Barden; Bennett; Blackburn; and Mr Diehl either get low ball offers or get cut.
    I like Bennett, he’s only 25 and we can’t keep filliping TE’s, but Reese does his job, and it will look like a new team!

  6. yousuxxors says: Feb 26, 2013 3:44 PM

    he should of been first along with snee
    Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Snee took a step back (even before he injured the hip), but slow down. Beatty was very good, Boothe was the best on the line, Baas was at least TOLERABLE this year, as opposed to 2011 when he nearly got Eli killed, but Snee can still get the job done at RG. It’s that pesky RT position that has given us fits for the past 2+ years (aside from Locklear’s excellent stint there) that needs addressing. That’s probably the only reason why they haven’t cut Diehl yet. Probably waiting to see how soon Locklear will heal. God knows we cannot put Brewer over there yet (if ever).

  7. Dave Diehl has been a very Good NY GIANT, but the past two years he has been a turnstile at tackle, and he does not hold up well at Guard now either.

    The guy had a great career and got more out of his ability then any guy I ever saw. But he can’t do it.

    Maybe, they are looking to reduce his salary and have him be depth or the swing man.

    Personally, I think we need to do everything we can do to get Boothe back and get Beatty back.

    I think Baas can be a very good center. When he is healthy, he is a mauler. Boothe is a heck of a player.

    We need to get younger on the o-line, and this is the draft to do it.

    I believe that you have to draft good o-linemen when you can, because paying for them in FA the money is too high.

    When you can draft and develop them, that is the best way to stay within your cap.

  8. If Will Beatty does not come back, for some reason, then the Giants may have no choice but to play Diehl at tackle again. He use to be a great Swiss army knife along that offensive line but he’s no longer a serviceable tackle. His more natural position is guard anyway.

    I see Beatty coming back, and Diehl playing guard if they can’t resign Kevin Boothe too. Matt McCants and maybe another veteran, who is brought in, will compete for the right tackle spot.

  9. I think Tommy is right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants went for a tackle in the first round this year. Beatty has been very good for us but I don’t know if the Giants can afford to tag him. But Lane Johnson or DJ Fluker might be around at 19…

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