Flacco talks could resume Tuesday


As the football-following world tries to process the impact of Tom Brady’s new contract on future quarterback contracts, one of the most important quarterback contracts will continue to be negotiated as soon as today.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks are expected to resume on Tuesday or Wednesday.

While Brady’s below-market extension can be explained away as an apples-and-orange comparison to the second contract of a quarterback whose contract his team allowed to expire, there’s a lesson embedded in the Brady deal that Flacco and every other franchise quarterback should heed.

In the universe of a large flat salary cap, quarterbacks can’t consume $20 million or more of the cap space — if a competitive team is to be fielded.  The problem is that too many quarterbacks (from Matthew Stafford to Eli Manning to Peyton Manning to Ben Roethlisberger to Drew Brees) are above or close to the $20 million un-magic number.

Flacco’s agent, Joe Linta, has told PFT Live that, while Flacco wants to be paid, he’s willing to structure the deal in a cap-friendly way.  And while that’s good news for 2013 and 2014, the cap dollars eventually have to be accounted for.

Indeed, Brees cap number in 2015 will be $26.4 million.  There’s no way the Saints can be competitive if they carry that much cap space with one player.

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  1. How many articles now on Flacco “talks” and how Brady’s new deal affect Flacco? Lets save space and report when there is a development.

    But if we have to read about it, to keep it entertaining report on whether Linta or DeCosta went to the bathroom before the meeting.

  2. It’s time that organizations slowed down on these ESPN-approved “bank-breaking” quarterbacks.
    With all the liberal rule changes heavily favoring offenses, the QB position is no longer what it used to be and has become devalued.
    College kids are showing up each season, posting amazing stats. Offenses — nearly everywhere but in Pittsburgh — are scoring points in record numbers.
    It’s time for GMs and team owners to start treating quarterbacks as a part of the team rather than treating them like they are the entire team.
    Because of rule changes, football’s most demanding position is no longer the quarterback but the cornerback.
    There are probably 15 so-called “elite” quarterbacks in the league. But try naming five quality cornerbacks.

  3. Of the 5 QB’s mentioned around the $20 million cap number (Roethlisberger, Peyton, Eli, Brees, and Stafford), only 1 went to the playoffs. The proof is in the pudding.

  4. The problem is, it’s not Joe Flacco’s responsibility to manage the salary cap. This is business, pure and simple. When the owners blew up the league and locked out the players they colluded on a salary cap in a non-capped year. The owners negotiated lower television money to ensure they would still get their money in the event of a lockout. The owners had the leverage in those negotiations and they showed they were willing to go to the mat. And when they did this it was called “good business.” Now that the player has the leverage for some reason he should leave money on the table for the good of the game? You can’t have it both ways.

    Let Tyrod Taylor start the season and see how much leverage the Ravens have. Joe should refuse to sign the tender and then not show up until week 10. He’ll get credit for the years and the league will see exactly how bad the Ravens would be without him.

  5. revis, Sherman. cromartie, Tillman, Browner, Peterson, Jennings….. I could go on. Joseph. is that enough.

    your point is taken though. having that elite qb is probably LESS important than it used to be, but the play of Flacco this postseason, and the fact that the 10 previous super bowls were won only bu guys named manning, manning, Brady, Roethlisberger, brees and Rodgers would seem to counter that line of thought though.

  6. If I were Flacco, I may be looking for a new agent that could get a contract in place already…The Ravens have so many other free agent contracts they need to work on so get it done already!

  7. “He’s not willing to take less $$ but will let you pay him in the friendliest way possible”

    This is really an unfortunate year due to the lack of QBs available. Flacco is going to get overpaid. The Ravens can’t just hold out cause someone else will pay him big $$ since nobody else is really available in free agency or the draft.

    I really wish that there was less demand, cause it’s about time teams took a stand and refused to pay so much $$.

    Imo, let him walk. Trade for Smith. Spend the savings on your other free agents/the defense

    But I’m also a Patriots fan, so I hope they don’t take that path in the end. I hope they overpay him and end up not being able to retain other players or sign quality free agents

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