Flacco’s agent says Brady deal has “no impact whatsoever”

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There might be things complicating quarterback Joe Flacco’s negotiation with the Ravens.

Tom Brady’s restructured contract with the Patriots is not one of them, according to Flacco’s agent.

Brady re-did his contract for cash for him and cap relief for the Patriots, but Flacco’s agent Joe Linta said that shouldn’t apply to a younger player on the verge of the free agent market.

There’s no impact whatsoever on what we’re doing,” Linta told Robert Klemko of USA Today. “It doesn’t matter. It’s an extension for cap purposes. And we don’t know all the details at this point.

“The bottom line is, whether Brady took a pay cut or took $27 million a year, it wouldn’t have an impact on what we’re doing. We’ve determined a number that we think is fair with respect for the Ravens’ cap situation.”

As we mentioned this morning, talks toward a new deal with the Ravens could resume today, after several talks in Indianapolis.

Linta said the negotiations were civil, and “This thing could be done in three minutes or three years.”

He also said he was sensitive to the other free agents the Ravens hope to retain, such as Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger and others.

“Joe’s not that kind of guy,” Linta said. “Joe absolutely wants to work with the Ravens to ensure that they’re not impacted cap-wise. Joe doesn’t want to see anybody get cut as a result of this deal.”

But he also wants to world to know that just because someone might be taking a nickel less than they could be squeezing out of a team, that doesn’t mean he has to.

26 responses to “Flacco’s agent says Brady deal has “no impact whatsoever”

  1. If the Ravens tried using Brady’s deal as a comp, Flacco’s agent should say “OK, we’ll take a deal where every dollar is guaranteed through his 40th birthday, since that’s what Brady got”.

    In other words, Flacco’s agent is 100% correct- Brady’s extension does not impact Flacco.

  2. Flacco’s agent is obviously not to smart. Brady’s deal absolutely impacts flacco. Franchise tag is going to be less because of the average. And flacco ain’t no Brady. This is beginning to be as annoying as Ray Lewis story and Farve retiring PFT is hurting for stories.

  3. It has “no impact whatsoever” because it was a below market deal to help his team get better by reducing his cap number. I bet if Brady’s deal would have destroyed the market, it absolutely would have had every type of impact imaginable.

  4. Way to contradict yourself there.

    “Joe doesn’t want to see anybody get cut as a result of this deal.”

    “just because someone might be taking a nickel less than they could be squeezing out of a team, that doesn’t mean he has to.”

    Gotta love agent speak.

  5. Flacco needs a new agent. This guy makes him look absolutely horrible. His agent’s statements have made me see Flacco as selfish, greedy and egotistical. And delusional.

    New agent and a PR firm behind him to clean up this mess.

  6. Doesn’t make a bit of difference if the best QB of our time is willing to play for $9m a year. Not at all. Its apples and oranges. Keep telling yourself that Linta. Maybe you will begin to believe it. None of us will.

  7. @chut26

    You realize that last sentence was not a quote from the agent, right? Come on people, think before you write.

  8. Flacco is way too full of himself. It’s either 20 mil a year or nothing. Hopefully the Ravens opt to say “your not worth that kind of money”and let him go into free agency. He won’t find a team that has the quality oline that he has right now. Then the fall of Joe blow will occur.

  9. ummm you determine the “market value” of any asset by comparing it against other similar assets

    the tom brady deal absolutely effects flacco’s deal and it better send a wake up call to Joe: if you want to hoist that lombardi again you better take a page from tom and give us a discount

  10. and if you honestly think the greatest qb of all time is playing for 9 million a year you clearly dont know what you are saying. brady is trading up front cash for cap relief. he is actually making more now than before. and none of this has a thing to do with flacco. this is his first major deal and he is entitled to get what he can get. go ravens

  11. Linta’s right. The whole world knows Brady’s deal doesn’t reflect his market value. If it did, the Giants, Saints and Steelers would be cutting their QBs right now and telling them good luck. Obviously, they’d never do that because the first team like KC would open the treasure chest for them. If an aged/injured Peyton could command $20M x 5, bonafide star QBs still in their prime like Ben, Eli and Rodgers could easily get $25M on the open market. (Does anyone not think a QB-starved team like Cleve wouldn’t give any one of those guys a blank check even if it meant gutting their entire team to pay them??)

    Flacco is a SB winning franchise QB just entering his prime. Plus, he’s won a ton of playoff games, on the road no less. The going rate for those guys is MINIMUM 20M. It should be an easy negotiation.

  12. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says: Feb 26, 2013 1:53 PM

    It shouldn’t. Flacco is a better QB than Brady.

    Only in your world.

  13. Let’s see here . . . Flacco outplays Brady 3 games in a row, including a Super Bowl run.

    Ozzie is one of the best, if not the best GM in the league . . .

    And, Flacco understands that he needs talent around him to get back to another SB.

    This is a story . . . Why again?

  14. The Ravens are going to crush Linta. Linta is way out of his depth. Do a quick search of his client list; unimpressive to say the least. Linta has never done a mega-deal like this.

  15. Flacco needs to get paid. He is going to be carrying the Ravens for a while. It is going to take some time to re-tool their defense (IIRC they gave up something like 400 yards a game during the playoffs?). I think the Ravens are in for a couple of lean years.

  16. They don’t need to retool, they just need to keep having consistently decent drafts. A lot of the defensive troubles last year were injuries, Suggs, Webb, McClain, Ellerbe, and Ngata will all be improved next year baring new physical issues.

  17. I think Linta’s the same agent who was Joe Andruzzi’s agent and dude had to leave the Pats and play out the rest of his career in Cle because he wanted more money.
    Either way, Agents say what they are gonna say. A lot of them are like Richard Sherman with their smack talk ,blah blah blah. Let’s see what happens with the deal before we jump on Flacco too much (much as I don’t like him) because that’s the only fair thing.

    Speaking of the Ravens, I hope all you Ravens fans saw how when Ed Reed met Clooney Clooney said to Reed that Reed ruined Clooney’s team, he’s a Bengals fan. Then Reed said no your team ruined itself. LOL

  18. Joe doesn’t want to see anyone get cut because of this deal? Well sign for the minimum then. Any other deal, especially one where he’s paid at an “elite” level will result in people being cut at some point. At the very least some current free agents will not be signed. You can’t 15% of your cap on one player and not have it impact the rest of the team. If Ravens fans think that one player should be Joe Flacco, so be it. But these are the same fans who were calling for his head last year.

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