Fred Davis gets medical clearance


During the 2012 regular season, Redskins tight end Fred Davis suffered a torn Achilles tendon.

Today, he has received medical clearance to resume running and other related rehab activities.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Davis received clearance from Dr. Robert Anderson, who concluded that Davis is healing very well.  Davis is expected to be ready for offseason workouts.

With Davis, who received the franchise tag in 2012, due to become a free agent on March 12, that’s good news.  Still, it won’t stop teams from poking and prodding and coming to their own conclusions about the player’s prognosis.

And, as Dolphins fans know too well (cough . . . Drew Brees . . . cough), sometimes the doctors advise against signing a player who is on his way to being perfectly fine.

8 responses to “Fred Davis gets medical clearance

  1. Fred has the tools to become the best TE in the sport, but it’s put up or shut up time. Either he puts up elite numbers in 2013, or he can begin packing his belongings and get on the first ride out of DC.

  2. Too bad Fred plays for a team that’s won just 2 playoff games since 1992. Even a logical mind knows RG3 may not recover from his injury next year

  3. Cap penalties (thanks Mara) will make it hard for the team to re-sign Fred at a salary that he’s going to be looking for–regardless of injury. As Redskins fans, we need to wrap our minds around the very real possibility of Fred playing (and playing well) for another team. My thinking is the TE position will look very different next season. Cooley will be gone and I think it will be Paulsen, Paul, and a rookie to be chosen later. I think I’ll call the group “Paul n the Gang.” If that is the case Niles Paul will need to step it up a bunch. Too many drops.

  4. @champ1118

    It won’t look to much different, Davis only played a handful of games and Cooley was barely on the field. I think Logan and Miles will do just as good as they did this past season though, and they can both block fairly well. But they could make a contract to were Davis would reciever less this year and then more over the rest of his contract, and I believe he would be up for that, he loves DC and the Redskins and all the fans. I don’t think he will walk away, but who knows.

  5. flavordave says: Feb 26, 2013 2:13 PM

    Too bad Fred plays for a team that’s won just 2 playoff games since 1992. Even a logical mind knows RG3 may not recover from his injury next year.
    Perhaps that is 2 more playoff wins “since 1992” (nice qualifier, there) than your team? Perhaps the Redskins number of playoff appearances “since 1992” (6) is six more than your team? Perhaps the Redskins have won three more Super Bowls than your team? Perhaps like fans of some other losing teams, you are hoping RG3 cannot recover from his injury next year because your team is without a promising young franchise QB? (Fans of winning teams with their own franchise QB rarely cheer for another team’s QB to remain injured.)

    I’m sure your team has a much better record than Washington “since 1992,” since you cannot wait to troll and trash someone else’s team.

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