Jeff Demps returning to track


Jeff Demps, the former Florida running back who left football to focus on track and field, then signed with the Patriots after last year’s Olympics, is returning to track.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that Demps has informed the Patriots that he is choosing to run. But Demps is interested in trying to make it work as a two-sport athlete, so it’s not necessarily a sure thing that he’s finished with the NFL.

The problem from the Patriots’ perspective, however, is that the NFL is simply not a part-time job. It seems unlikely that the Patriots would be on board with Demps skipping organized team activities, minicamps or training camp practices while he pursues his goals in track.

Which means that Demps, who spent the 2012 season on injured reserve, may never play a regular-season game for the Patriots.

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  1. Somebody still may bring him in as a KR only. Trindon Holiday plays absolutly zero offense or defense, and he’s been able to hold onto a job. Demps has that kind of speed so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a team give him a shot in August.

  2. Too bad, he looked dynamic in the limited times they got him in there last preseason. Maybe the work and the rigors of playing in the NFL at his size made discretion the better part of valor. Seems like track was always his first priority anyway.

  3. I doubt he would have made the roster anyways. Belichick has never kept a pure returner so unless he improved as a running back he wouldn’t have had a spot.

    But still you gotta respect that he’s (potentially) going to turn down millions of dollars to do what he enjoys more. Hopefully it all works out for him.

  4. Looks like the Patriots will bring back Woody.

    They’ll have Bolden, Vereen, Woody, and Ridley. Great combo, just find another guy to return kicks now.

  5. Yup, Pats signed Demps as an undrafted free agent and missed. Hope the organization can recover someday.

  6. Well, you can’t say he’s choosing money over his love of track. If he were all about the money I’d have to guess there’s more in football than track and field.

    I can’t remember the last time I heard of a track guy getting a $20 million a year contract

  7. As others have pointed out this kid is a burner on Madden 13! Hard to stop when he gets going, keep in mind most people play the pass when playing Tom Terrific…

  8. I would love to see The Raiders sign him because they realize that he is a contributor when he is on the field. Even if he is a specialist, if he improves the team and slides the advantage to his side of the field its a easy decision.

    I believe that Al Davis already did this once with Bo Jackson. I believe that Deion Sanders also was a dual athlete and even played a pro baseball and football game in the same day.

  9. I think I am on the fence about this one. He could be electric, but he also might be nothing but a KR.

    Hopefully it works out for him in whatever he’s going to do, but I really wish he would dedicate himself to football.

  10. Yay speculation!!

    Mike Reiss: “Patriots players under contract are obligated to attend one mandatory minicamp over the offseason, usually held in June. If coach Bill Belichick still wants Demps to be part of the club, that shouldn’t be a big hurdle to overcome.”

  11. Very misleading article.

    According to ESPN Demps is doing this only as part of his off-season, is committed to playing football.

    Track seasons ends around May/June, which is also when the mandatory mini-camp starts.

    Demps is not returning to football only – he’ll be participating in track during football’s OFF SEASON.

  12. to ejaedesign,

    Track season does not end may/june. You’re thinking of your high school track days.

    If he wanted to run he would probably have a short indoor season most years and then have a long summer track season, most of it in Europe. The rest of the time he would have to be training.

    IMO, no way he can do both

  13. Very misleading article. From everything I’ve read this is something he wants to do in the offseason and will be around when training camp rolls around. Non-story unless Bill gets upset that Demps is missing voluntary workouts.

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