Jermon Bushrod expects negotiations with Saints to start soon

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Reports out of New Orleans have the Saints passing on the option of using the franchise tag on left tackle Jermon Bushrod, leaving them a little less than two weeks to secure a long-term contract that would keep Bushrod from hitting the open market.

There haven’t been any serious talks about such a deal yet, but Bushrod thinks that things are about to get “interesting” on that front. Bushrod explained that he wants to remain in New Orleans for the long term, but he’s seen other players get bigger deals elsewhere and knows that his time with the team could be drawing to a close.

“But at the end of the day, the business aspect is going to come out and that’s just something you have to be prepared for and ready for. There should be no hard feelings,” Bushrod said, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “Every single player that’s left and gone to another team, they’ve definitely appreciated the experience here in New Orleans. You can’t get your feelings too wrapped into this. It’s a tough situation. But sometimes, you may have to experience change. Things aren’t always going to remain the same.”

Thanks to their tight cap situation and the flood of tackles expected to hit the market next month, it seems likely that the Saints will see what kind of prices the market is willing to pay before deciding on who will wind up on Drew Brees’ blindside in 2013 and beyond.

8 responses to “Jermon Bushrod expects negotiations with Saints to start soon

  1. Bushrod missed a huge marketing opportunity by not choosing jersey number 69. Bushrod-69. I would buy it. Just sayin’.

  2. They are still way over the cap. I put the liklihood on this at less than 5%, since Brees would have to restructure, and you’d probably have to restructure and/or cut one of their guards.

  3. Brees getting his hefty contract was not too team-friendly. I know its business and you go for all the gusto you can get – but then again if your really a team player – you have to consider other team players getting their fair share too.
    Can’t hog the whole pie for yourself.

    Look at the example Brady has set up with his 3 year extension contract (9 Mil. a year)

  4. Breed will feel the effects of his deal on his supporting cast. But there are plenty of LTs better than Bushrod. He’s average on a good day and a turnstile every other day.

  5. Drew has to be team player I would consider my safety if I was Drew you need those guards so that you could continue to break records and stay upright. Come on let’s get another ring.

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