Lawrence Timmons’ contract likely to be restructured as well


Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the only Steeler who appears to be headed for a restructured contract.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the team is also working on linebacker Lawrence Timmons’ deal and that they may reach an agreement on the restructure by the end of the week.

Timmons has four years left on his current deal and is set to make $5.375 million in 2013. The team could convert some of that salary — Bouchette suggests $4 million — into a bonus that would save them money now while spreading out the remaining cap hit over the remainder of the contract. Timmons wouldn’t lose any money or add any years under such a scenario

Bouchette theorizes that the timing of the restructures might mean the team wants to have money available to sign wide receiver Steve Breaston when he visits the team on Thursday or Friday. Whether or not they sign Breaston, the Steelers will need cap space this offseason. It seems Timmons will be part of the process of creating it.

14 responses to “Lawrence Timmons’ contract likely to be restructured as well

  1. Timmons has become one of the best linebackers in football. Originally an OLB, took the MLB spot and ran with it. I just wish he was a little more vocal on the field and in the locker room.

  2. Great! Restructure more players so they can continue their over pay average to above average players big money. The next so so player in line for huge payday is Keenan Lewis. Another stone hand corner that will make lil splash plays….

  3. Thank you for your stupidity Colbert. It is now all but certain that the Steelers will remain irrelevant. Third place is the new norm. This franchise can’t get out from under itself and they have no one to blame but their front office. It’s a sad day when as a Raven fan I can only see Cincy as being a threat to winning the division…again.

  4. How stupid can one organization possibly be? And their fans still cant admit Colbert has no idea how to balance a checkbook. What a sad and pathetic franchise. I guess Pittsburgh natives are happy with thrid place. Just awful.

    I find it very rich that this poster has the nerve to call someone making much more than him stupid. The pay for being a trolling fan boy can’t be much…I know mom gives you money but come on…

  5. Yes everyone we understand it doesnt help the cap in later years. Do you think Kevin Colbert doesn’t know this? He knows more about team management than anyone of us ever will. Just like the rest of the GMs in the league. If I was gonna criticize a GM, it wouldn’t be any of the ones who’ve earned 2 SB rings in the past decade.

  6. Colbert knows what he’s doing.

    Every move that he makes seems to be ripped short term but by-and-large works out.

    Remember the Santonio Holmes trade? the Steelers got a lowly 5th rd pick for him…which turned into Antonio Brown. Id say that worked out.

  7. Drafting player and keeping a team deep in the Red every year are 2 separate issues..They’ll never get from under their cap issues with this front office.

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