New report characterizes Asomugha as aloof

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As the Eagles and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha try to find a mutually acceptable base salary lower than $15 million, a report has surfaced characterizing Asomugha as aloof.

According to Hollis Thomas of WIP in Philly, Asomugha would eat lunch in his car during the 2012 season, in order to get some “me time” away from teammates.

It’s curious that the report is surfacing at a time when Asomugha’s future with the team hangs in the financial balance.  It could be that some players would prefer that Asomugha, whose two seasons with the team have been disappointing, not return.  It could be that the Eagles are hoping to poison the well in advance of the decision to fire Asomugha.

Either way, it’s odd that someone is ripping Asomugha at a time when Asomugha’s contract could be ripped up.

85 responses to “New report characterizes Asomugha as aloof

  1. Maybe he’s just sick of losing? He never won at Cal, never won in Oakland. Goes to a “stacked” team and never won there either. I mean he was a great team player in Oakland, great high character guy there. Not sure if anyone can actually say anything bad about him besides $$$ in Oakland.

  2. Asomugha can veto a restructured contract, then get his 4 million, then sign elsewhere for 2-3 million and instantly make 6-7 million. So chances are hes going to be cut anyway because theres no way on earth the Eagles pay 15 million for his sad azz services. So poisoning the well seems classless and fruitless to me.

  3. Man I do the same thing at work some times. I need to take my lunch away from my co workers because they wont let me eat in peace or even take a private call without some one screaming on the other side of my ear. . .now imagine football players they room, they work, study, travel together etc u some times just need some time alone

  4. I know there’s the oft-cited business principle (and book), “Never Eat Lunch Alone”, but I think it’s BS to rip a guy for where he ate his damn lunch.

    Training Camp, OTAs, Preseason, and then a 17-week, 16-game season?…. I think he can decide for himself who he wants to eat with in the middle of that grind.

  5. Who cares? How much worse could the secondary be? Would the record for the Eagles have been better with someone else in his place last year? We’re talking about a defense that took plays off and games off. Who cares about any of them?

  6. Nothing wrong with getting away from “job stuff” during your break. I can rag on Asomugha for a lot, but this isn’t really something that bothers me.

  7. So, he didn’t play well for 2 years and doesn’t seem to be a locker room favorite. So why are the Eagles trying to find a mutually acceptable lower salary rather than just cut him?

  8. Also looked as if he wanted some “me time” away from the receivers he was supposed to be covering last year.

  9. As a diehard Eagles fan, I can’t wait until they part company with this stiff because he may be the most overrated CB in history, but this story is BS; the guy should eat wherever he wants. Hollis Thomas was the gossip girl when he played here, I guess WIP was an easy transition.

  10. He’s something much worse than aloof. He’s an overrated and overpaid football player. That’s all that matters. I wouldn’t want him hanging around the locker room either, you can’t win with bad value players.

  11. It’s worth noting that if you listen to WIP regularly, Thomas has been saying this for about the last three weeks, so this article is inaccurate.

    That being said, who cares if he needs some time away from players. Nnamdi is often characterized as someone who is not of the “jock” mentality, so hey maybe he goes in his car and listens to smooth jazz for an hour and destresses away from his teammates. I dont know…nor do I care.

  12. How dare the dude act aloof and want to have some quiet time. To be a model teammate these days, you have to be present to wipe their a$$’s in the bathroom together, too.

  13. Wasn’t this guy known for driving around in some old beat up Nissan and not having a stereotypical tricked out ride?

  14. So he eats lunch in his car to get some alone time. I’m willing to bet at least half of the working class Americans do the same thing. Nothing wrong with that.

  15. Father Time is undefeated, and he just got to Nnamdi a little earlier than most guys. The average age for decline in professional athletes is 33, but that’s just the average. Some guys last until 38,39 & others are cooked around 31,32 (Nnamdi fits in here). He always seemed like a good guy, but he just lost a step (or two) and he doesn’t have the speed to be a #1 CB in this league anymore. I wish him the best whenever he goes – at least he seems like a smart guy & won’t have any financial issues since he’s made a good chunk of change in his career.

  16. lets get real…….eagles went out and signed the dream team, which has now put them in a cap quandary in future years……Vick was willing, however I don’t expect Nnamdi to do the same…why promise the guy the moon, and then tell him no can do, and if he doesn’t like it, he can pull the parachute cord…he should bail, and hopefully he lands back home.

  17. So maybe the guy is highly introverted. That much socialization can actually be painful/stressful for an introvert.

    It isn’t bad and doesn’t mean that he’s ‘aloof’ (although the extroverts tend to characterize it that way – as ‘aloof’ or ‘snobby’). My daughter is like that, she calls it ‘alone time’, not ‘me time’. After 2-3 hours of socialization, she has to be alone.

    ‘Me time’ carries the implication that they guy is selfish when he probably isn’t.

  18. Ya well maybe he brought his dog with him and left him in the car ,
    And he was checking on him to make sure that VIck didn’t get to him.

  19. The only negative to Nnamdi staying in Oakland was $. He was the consumate team player and role model. He was my favorite Raider after Tim Brown retired and remains such.

    Eagles fans and the Philly media are stooping to new lows with this report. Give the guy a break.

  20. LOL..yeah blame Nnamdi, cut’em but honestly Eagles U have other issues in many other places and I doubt Nnamdi was ever aloof, oh were talking Phila standards my bad….

  21. I wish teams would be more professional.

    Cut him if you’re gonna cut him. You don’t have to dirty his name too

  22. #1, eating lunch in your car alone means nothing. I do it all the time at work, and I LOVE my job and really enjoy the people I work with. Just sometimes you want quiet time sitting in the heated seats with some mellow music on.

    #2, Poison the well? For what? No one, not the fans, not the Eagles, and apparenlyt not Nnamdi, wants him on the team this year. The Eagles would LOVE for someone to take him off their hands.

  23. The Eagles organizations seems to have this pattern of villifying people when they are being shown the door, unfortunately.


  24. There would be literally no need at all to “poison the well” in advance of cutting Asomugha. He has been a huge disappointment since his very first game as an Eagle. I think the fanbase would rather the team struggle with a rookie than to overpay for this guys marginal services.

  25. I am not sure the timing is all that “curious.” I suspect that when a player is in the headlines, his teammates are more apt to be asked about him. That is when things like this come out…if the media had asked earlier, this would have come out earlier.

  26. I see the Eagles are still reading the Redskins playbook of failure.

    In this lesson, we’ll learn about how Dan Snyder treated Laverneus Coles and how it relates to what the Eagles are doing to Asomugha.

  27. He’s nothing more than a nickel corner at this point in his career. It’s almost like he hit the running back wall like Portis, Alexander and Larry Johnson. His skills have rapidly declined and he never adapted like great players do to scheme changes, like Champ Bailey.

  28. As the team went, so went Asomugha. His game was not up to par and neither was the team’s.
    Change of scenery might be what he needs.

  29. Anyone that knows a little bit about Nnamdi knows he is most definitely not a stereotypical jock. He values education and comes from a family that values education. He has started a number of charities and always represents himself and organization well off the field. It’s classless now for someone within the Eagles organization to start spreading what amounts to rumors at this point.

  30. Nnamdi has been flat out terrible. He has been pointing fingers at other guys (literally, pointing at other guys) after he gets beats for TDs even when he clearly had one-on-one. There were certainly cases where the safeties blew it, but there were plenty on Nnamdi as well, and he would still blame others.

    Nnamdi was visibly lost on about 1/3 plays. Didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He committed terrible PI and holding penalties and got beat like a drum.

    Please… the Eagles aren’t poising anything. Hollis is calling out Nnamdi the same way he does other players (you should hear his opinion on Watkins based on feedback from players around the league).

  31. I don’t blame him at all. Do some time in county lock up. No offense but the brothers never shut up. Ever. All day, all night. I would’ve eaten in the bathroom to get some peace.

  32. He probably just wants to back the AFC west where he can play against the chiefs and San Diego twice a year. Let’s face it, if you had to play against Nicks and Cruz and Bryant and Austin and an emerging Redskins wr corps twice a year, you’d probably look pretty sorry too.

  33. It’s okay if he leaves! Nnamdi threw Juan Castillo and Todd Bowles under the bus and played like crap!!!

    If the players felt that he stabbed his coaches’ backs by all means release him!!!

  34. ccjcsr says:
    Feb 26, 2013 11:41 AM

    He ate lunch in his car to count the millions he ripped from the Eagles.


    what about the millions the eagles have ripped from their fans over the last 53 years of not producing a championship? So please save it, if any team deserves to be ripped off is the eagles this couldn’t have happened to a better classless oragnization if you ask me.

  35. Nnamdi, Nnamdi, Nnamdi… You had plenty of alone time during the games… You were left alone because receivers blew by you… And I am an Eagles fan…I would not give him my salary to play this year…

  36. Maybe it is a rumor? I have yet to see the player lay claim to the comment, so as far as I am concerned, he never even said it. Of course the media will run with it and that comment will be attached to the player for the rest of his life because some readers believe everything they read. Oh well. Horses mouth or it was never said.

  37. Did you guys know every year he takes a group of kids to tour college campuses? When he was in Oakland, he still drove his beat up Maxima.

    Dude is not selfish or aloof. There is nothing wrong with alone time. More people need to do it. You’ll be amazed at what it does for your mental state of mind and health.

  38. So What? He wanted to eat lunch in his car and listen to the Radio for a few minutes.

    The other thing is that before you throw this guy in the trash bin, just remember what this defense did up front. IE- Everyone rush the QB, Don’t worry about stopping the run. What did that create? Constant stress on DB’s stopping the run…

  39. Dude is a great corner who changed systems at the wrong time with the wrong team. There’s no stability in Philly, and there’s no Safety game.

    Team is falling apart, you better hope that Chip Kelly can turn this ship around, because if Vick can’t do it, it’s gonna be a loooooooooong season for you.

  40. This is more about the Eagles sucking and less about this guy who I cant even pronounce his name.

  41. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t he a Rhodes scholar in college? The guy doesnt fit in with co-workers that got 800 on their SATs and took basketweaving in college and were supposed to be surprised? Old story, move along.

  42. I really don’t care where he ate his lunch. The bottom line is he has been a major disapointment for the last two seasons. It’s time to for him to go.

  43. When Andy Reid was fired, Jeffery Laurie was honest about where things went wrong. This organization collected a bunch of individuals (misfits, if you will) that have issues bonding as a member of a bigger unit called a TEAM. That is the missing link, here. Team-concept players.

  44. All that should matter is performance on the field. If I’m his teammate, and I want him gone because he didn’t socialize with me at lunch, I would be a total idiot.

    However, if I don’t think he helps us win on the field and there are better or equal options, then I might want him gone.

  45. Of course, this is also because of his poor play. If he played like he used to (in Oakland) and did this, no would really care. But since his play has been so terrible, it’s a bigger deal than what it would have been.

  46. radrntn says: Feb 26, 2013 11:40 AM

    lets get real…….eagles went out and signed the dream team, which has now put them in a cap quandary in future years……Vick was willing, however I don’t expect Nnamdi to do the same…why promise the guy the moon, and then tell him no can do, and if he doesn’t like it, he can pull the parachute cord…he should bail, and hopefully he lands back home.


    Cap quandary in future years? After cutting Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins, the Eagles will have 35 million in cap space. If they do end up letting Nnamdi go, they will gain another 11.3 million in cap space. Such a quandary.

  47. It’s not really a report, it’s a comment from a former player on a radio show. But who expects any different from Florio? I don’t recall anyone from the organization speaking I’ll of Aso.

  48. Man that picture makes that dudes head look HUGE! Unless he got his face painted onto a helmut? Hey Mom… hey MOM you gotta see this kids huge lid!

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