Report: Jets “avoided” Revis reps while in Indy


Indianapolis is a connected and accessible city, with nearly every downtown hotel used during the NFL Scouting Combine hooked together by a network of indoor walkways.

But somehow, the Jets and the representatives for cornerback Darrelle Revis failed to cross paths in nearly a week there.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets “avoided” their cornerback’s people, fueling concerns that the team is looking to move on rather than extend his contract.

Maybe they were busy giving Jim Brown a physical?

According to the report, neither new general manager John Idzik, coach Rex Ryan nor owner Woody Johnson didn’t meet or have contact with Revis’ representatives during the week. The Jets did meet with the reps of a number of other players.

That’s not going to do anything to dampen the speculation that the Jets would prefer to trade Revis than pay him.

While Ryan was cracking jokes about trading Revis for 77-year-old running backs last week, the general theme of his appearance in the media room was that he didn’t want to part with the All-Pro corner, who is coming off a torn ACL.

But Revis said during an interview on the NFL Network that the lack of a new deal “might be a situation,” and the two sides apparently did nothing to bridge the gap in Indy.

21 responses to “Report: Jets “avoided” Revis reps while in Indy

  1. “neither new general manager John Idzik, coach Rex Ryan nor owner Woody Johnson didn’t meet”

    Me talk pretty!

  2. Revis is a great corner but him asking for a new contract pretty much every year is getting kinda annoying.

  3. Darrelle Mevis is never ever going to be happy with his contract. He’s always going to want more no matter what he signs up for. As soon as the ink dries he’ll be complaining.

  4. I understand that after his rookie contract was up, that he wanted to get paid what he was deserved. Paid like a top 5 Cornerback. Revis never stood by his second contract, he wanted more, and more. He wanted to be paid as the top Cornerback, even though he wasn’t playing up to par all the time and was put on IR. He still wants more. Greed. Revis is one greedy player.

  5. So now not only do the Jets have to pay him big money, but they’ve got hold his hand and tell him everything is going to be alright everyday?

    Its a business, not your Mama’s house, time for Revis and his reps to quit being so sensitive about everything.

    And the media isn’t helping much here either.
    What next, a report on what Idzik had for breakfast and the ramifications of that on any potential dealings with Holmes or Revis?

  6. Revis is currently rehabbing and is under contract, are they supposed to be working on a deal right now? No. Mannish Mehta is a joke. Whole article is opinion based.

  7. It does seem like the NY Jets are just fine with being a less than mediocre team for the immediate future. They cannot avoid Revis forever, and they need to either get signed again or let him go to a team that appreciates his talent and knows what he is truly worth. It’s too bad Revis isn’t as “talented” at his position as Mark Sanchez is so we will have to treat him like Sh*t. It just can’t be about the money!! lol!

  8. Mannish Mehta LOVES to stir sh!t. Don’t take this article seriously its completely bias when u consider that Revis is still under contract and there is no need for a new contract at this time

  9. No one of any importance made any significant statement. This article is about a writer, who constantly wants attention, using the word “avoided”.

    Revis didn’t complain, Revis’ agent didn’t complain, the Jets front office and coaching staff didn’t say anything or complain.

    No news = Negative publicity for the Jets?

    It’s getting old. Everyone is sick of hearing about the Jets, especially when nothing is going on.

  10. I agree this is really getting tired Mehta is a hack that had someone leaking stuff to him and now they are gone so like the rest of the “writers” the conjure up stories based on what ifs and maybes – reporters report they dont make stuff up for headlines

  11. tannethrill says:Feb 26, 2013 8:47 AM

    I could see the three of them peaking around corners making sure the coast is clear lol

    What’s the “lol” for, the joke you think you wrote?

    Just “speek” up.

  12. megatronn81 says:Feb 26, 2013 8:50 AM

    I’m praying that these clowns draft Te’o

    Tannenbaum is no longer with the Jets, but these non-issue blogs are your life line it appears.
    But in the spirit of common sense and comedic injections into said life, a lot is to be desired.

  13. themagicman1223 says: Feb 26, 2013 9:34 AM

    I’d rather have Sherman than this egotistical clown asking for a contract every year. Yeah Sherman can be an idiot at times but he’s a good leader and a good teammate.

    Wait until it’s time to renegotiate…

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