Team asks prospect, “Do you like girls?”


Recently, we explained that NFL teams are curious as to whether Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o is gay.  Somehow, this reality was misinterpreted by some as being an official PFT position that this is a legitimate question, for Te’o or anyone else.

It isn’t.

But the NFL is a unique industry, both in good ways and in bad.  When it comes to outdated, intolerant views regarding the sexuality of its players, the NFL’s difference is that it doesn’t embrace diversity.

Case in point:  Colorado tight end Nick Kasa was asked a stream of questions that touched on sexual preference at the Scouting Combine.

“They ask you like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’  Are you married?’  Do you like girls?'” Kasa told ESPN Radio Denver on Tuesday.  “Those kinds of things, and you know it was just kind of weird.  But they would ask you with a straight face, and it’s a pretty weird experience altogether.”

It’s more than weird.  It’s troubling.  While on one hand teams try to throw players off the prepared answers that make them seem as complex as a cardboard cutout, on the other hand that effort should be undertaken without touching on inappropriate subject matter.

The league should be troubled, too.  And the league should contact Kasa immediately, with a very specific follow-up question:  “Which team(s) asked you that?”

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  1. I always thought it was illegal for an employer to ask a prospective employee about their sexual orientation in an interview. Or maybe they were just asking about the TV show…

  2. If the league is willing to act like gangsters re:the “uncapped year” that was apparently really capped do you think they give a rats eye what some team asks in an interview? Before they worry about insulting questions by a potential employer they need to take care of the collusion and tampering issues that are rampant. Their heads are getting a little big because they feel like they can do no wrong. That’s usually the attitude before…you know…things go wrong.

  3. Since most generally accepted employment rules don’t apply to the NFL (OSHA, Collective Bargaining Etc), aren’t they legally allowed to ask this? It might be inappropriate in 99.9% of employment situations, but the NFL isn’t typical.

  4. These people are asking for multi-million dollar contracts and on top of that they will likely get endorsement deals and media coverage… teams should be able to ask them any d@mn thing they want to before signing them.

  5. My guess is they’re testing mental toughness and control. Like when Dez Bryant got asked about his mom being a hooker.

    If a prospect can’t control his reactions in the combine environment, teams have to question his reactions on the field when the opponents start trash talking.

  6. Kinda feel like they did that to prevent themselves from getting in any legal trouble from when they finally ask Teo that. Suppose he says yeah and then nobody drafts him he could sue the teams or nfl but if they already have a record of asking players that then it doesn’t seem as obvious.

  7. I’m all for teams asking “tough questions”. It’s the politically correct touch-y feel-y nutjobs that are turning this country into what it is becoming. Unfortunately, what use to be considered “normal” is now considered the “abnormal” by all the thin-skinned tulips in the world.

  8. These scouts and GM’s need to be held accountable for the questions they ask these 20 year old kids. It would be totally 100% unacceptable for any prospective employer to ask about your sexual orientation or whether or your Mother was a prostitute, as Jeff Ireland asked Dez Bryant.

  9. Why is it troubling? Because teams want normal men on their team competing at the highest level in a team environment while being paid extremely well?

  10. I like how teams throw in questions that these kids can’t prepare for.

    These are legit questions. What if a fan randomly asked them that? I think this tests their mental toughness and shows that you really have to be more than just a football player.

  11. You really should just drop this Florio. Say Teo does turn out to be gay and he plummets down the draft board because of it. You are going to find yourself as the star witness in a lawsuit from Teo against the NFL for millions because teams discriminated against him and effectively denied employing him for being gay. It’s clear you aren’t naming specific teams or specific GMs now, but you will have to in court.

  12. I am one of the people who think that PFT has used the Manti story to gay-bait. There’s a lot of editorializing going on during the off-season I know, but some of the gay stuff around Teo on PFT was manufactured for effect.

    If this particular story is true then it is worth reporting. It is actually worthy of serious discussion because it moves the discussion from locker room prejudices to team policy.

    What it doesn’t do is excuse other stories that have simply existed to create conflict based on conjecture and the invoking of Teo’s name.

  13. While it is (and should be) illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation, I see little problem with trying to ask a prospect a question he isn’t prepared for.

    With how much agents train these kids in counter intelligence type Q&A tactics, I feel it is only fair to think outside of the box a little.

    The real issue is obvious, but hopefully that isn’t what is going on here.

  14. I need a job in the NFL….

    It appears to be the last sanctuary where blatant honesty is not only allowed but encouraged.

    Get this, yes some people have an issues with a guy bringing a lawn chair into the shower.

  15. Big Whoop. I heard they asked a 350 pound nose tackle if he liked cheeseburgers? Is that really fair and shouldn’t the league be concerned that a team would want to know what a fat guys diet is?????

  16. Power trip… I can understand a lot of questions, especially into ones character flaws… BUT… A Man doesn’t want his sexuality questioned & becomes very defensive, like those are fightin’ words… MANAGERS interviewing a man for a JOB don’t question his manhood… It’s a crime, it’s discrimination.

  17. mike5011ad
    Feb 26, 2013, 7:32 PM CST
    I always thought it was illegal for an employer to ask a prospective employee about their sexual orientation in an interview. Or maybe they were just asking about the TV show…


  18. If a player has suspicions of being gay, fans of opposing teams will berate him with anti-gay comments. If I was an NFL GM I would want to make sure that he can handle questions regarding his sexuality before I invest millions of dollars in him.

  19. As others here have pointed out, an employer is prohibited from asking questions that could be discriminatory in nature, so I think this line of Q is suspect.

    But, according to what I’ve heard about what professional scouts do, they go out and investigate their targeted players, talking to a variety of personnel who have interacted with the guys so that come interview time, they can better judge the veracity of the players’ responses.

    So, these questions about girlfriends and girls, presumably they already knew the answers.

    petehimself2112 says: Feb 26, 2013 8:48 PM’s remark “they did that to prevent themselves from getting in any legal trouble from when they finally ask Teo that”, makes more sense.

  20. There are no federal laws and few (if any) state laws that prohibit private employers from considering sexual orientation in employment decisions.

  21. Get over it! If I’m paying you millions, you better answer every darn question I ask or leave!

  22. Ireland never asked directly about dezs mom, he asked “what does your dad do for a living?” Dez said he’s a pimp, Ireland ask what does your mom do for a living, Dez said “she works for my dad” Ireland then digs deeper and ask, so your mom is a hooker? Where else he gonna go with that? Ask if she’s his secretary?

  23. that meeting could easily be characterized as a job interview in the eyes of the law and now this is a discrimination lawsuit.

    NFL needs to tread carefully here. This could get ugly fast.

  24. Good luck getting those team names from him. That’s a good way not getting drafted. Doesn’t make it right but I wouldn’t tell the league office a damn thing. I’m trying to get drafted.

  25. The next step is simple, make guys at the combine sign a confidentiality agreement and this will end and the real questions these teams want to ask will begin. Turn the interviews into interrogations where you try to make a guy crack, considering their about to make hundreds of thousands or more before playing a single game i for one think they should ask anything they want.

  26. Un Kasa.

    Comparing the NFL to a regular job is asinine, BTW. They are a private entity and can therefore ask these questions if nothing in the collective bargaining agreement prevents it.

  27. The better ? is…

    How would you react if you found out one or more of your team members were gay?

    That reaction will tell you a lot more about the person than ‘do you like girls?’

  28. If this was a public company they would.have some serious problems. As repugnant as it may sound nfl teams pay millions of dollars to their.players. they are trying to find the most cohesive locker room. They don’t want something they may deam a problem infecting their team. The mentality like we all know is not of tolerance in many locker rooms. I find it ironic if the same.player sold.drugs pr.murdered a small.village those same.players would.welcome him with open arms

  29. jcmeyer10 says:
    Feb 26, 2013 8:39 PM
    Go Kasa, as a Buffs Alum, you gave me much joy when you were a key part of that comeback against WSU.

    A Buffs Alumnus and Pats fan?

    Someone wasn’t well liked in College.

  30. I find it amazing that people get up in arms abbout that question, but don’t mind at all, in our day and age, that companies are encouraged to ask about, document, discriminate based on the race and gender of their employees.

    In a world where we claim to strive for equality and tolerance, it doesn’t get any more unequal or arbitrarily intolerant than legalized race and gender discrimination.



  31. I would of answered by saying no gf no wife but yea I like girls matter of fact I like ur wife. Can I have her number to ask her questions if ur fit enough to ask me questions. Dumbass. When is a player gonna stand up and Say which idiot asked him that

  32. And let me be the first to say, bartlettruss should be a contributor on your site. One of the most thoughtful comments I’ve ever read on this site.

  33. I’m all for teams asking “tough questions”. It’s the politically correct touch-y feel-y nutjobs that are turning this country into what it is becoming. Unfortunately, what use to be considered “normal” is now considered the “abnormal” by all the thin-skinned tulips in the world.

    I bet this dude says the N word a lot.

  34. I have no problem at all asking a player what his sexual preference is. An openly gay player will cause a rift within the locker room, which will in turn cause the team to focus on something other than winning football games. Why are so many people afraid to admit that?

  35. They asked Kasa this so that Te’o won’t be the only one they ask the question to when he questions why he’s getting that question.

  36. Good on you Florio.

    This is starting to get ridiculous.
    Where does it end?

    When the league has to defend itself in the court of public opinion (or a lawsuit) when a bunch of old and middle-age pervs start asking prospects about their sexual experiences, so they can get their jollies?

  37. Florio, you are my hero dude. Granted, I’m a Saints fan, but you don’t let the NFL get away with squat. I freakin’ love it!

  38. If I am going to make you a millionaire you answer or don’t get the job.
    If I had the chance to be a millionaire you could ask me anything.

  39. There is a difference between asking if a person’s mother was involved in illegal activities versus whether a guy prefers sausage and meatballs instead of tacos.

  40. There has been huge progress on gay rights issues in the last 10 years, especially regarding same-sex marriage and repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell. At the moment, there are no federal protections against employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    In fact, in 30 states, it is perfectly legal to ask job applicants about their sexual orientation AND then decide not to hire them because of that orientation. Indiana, where the interviews were held, is one of these 30 states. That fact will only protect the Colts, though, since the other teams are likely governed by the laws of their home states.

    If teams from states with discrimination protections asked these ridiculous questions, they could face some legal issues in the near future. They may be asked to demonstrate how sexual orientation is a bona-fide job requirement for the NFL.

    By the way, the NFL does not have any special status that allows it, or its individual teams, to violate discrimination laws. There are no anti-trust nor bargaining unit exceptions that permit otherwise illegal discriminatory practices.

    In this day and age, it is remarkable that major teams don’t have more professional human resources practices.

  41. If this is what you say it is and a way to find and discriminate against gay players that’s terrible.
    But, couldn’t those questions also be a way to ask about and find out if a player is “settled down”?
    someone who is married/has a significant other often will be less prone to going to scrip clubs and partying, drinking and driving etc.
    not to say it doesn’t happen, but its less likely.

  42. Thank god. At least there’s someone out there who doesn’t want the NFL to turn into a reality show on Bravo TV.

  43. It sounds pretty obvious that the guy asking those questions was totally hitting on Kasa. He just wanted to know what his chances were.

  44. 305phinphan says:
    Feb 26, 2013 8:56 PM
    As a Dolphin fan I really hope Ireland isn’t behind this.


    If I were a dolphins fan is be praying he would ask that to the wrong person that so he would get the boot

  45. “I always thought it was illegal for an employer to ask a prospective employee about their sexual orientation in an interview.”

    It’s not federal law — yet — but the following states prohibit public or private employer discrimination based on sexual orientation: the District of Columbia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.*

    * While employers are expressly prohibited from considering or revealing the sexual orientation of prospective, current or former employees, some or all of the states mentioned may not necessarily prohibit employers from asking about same.

  46. So if Jerry Rice was gay, you wouldn’t want him on your team? If the Marines can handle gays in their ranks, so can the NFL. Get over it and move on.

  47. If you’re counting, those states cover 11 teams: Broncos, Redskins, Ravens, Chargers, 49ers, Raiders, Vikings, Giants, Jets, Seahawks, Packers.

  48. So, its no longer appropriate to ask this question to members of our armed services, but it is fine that the NFL teams ask this sort of question?

    Personally, if the people who are defending our country no longer think it matters… then it says a lot about the people in the NFL if they think it continues to have import.

  49. The NFL should be ashamed…….the Players Union needs to step in and fine the Commissioner and suspend him for a year over “DISCRIMINATIONGATE”

  50. I don’t have a problem with that question. What’s sad is all the liberals on this site that do, get lost.
    Florio, do you like girls? I highly doubt it.

  51. It should not matter. Everybody has a dark little something in them, even if it’s just a fantasy. But to me, asking a player if he likes girls is just an intelligence test. No matter the truth, the answer should be “yes I do”.

  52. Maybe the teams want to know if a prospect is a guy in a committed relationship, or if he’ll be out every night trying to score with a different chick.

    Maybe their research shows one type of guy is generally more reliable than the other.

    I realize that doesn’t support the hyperventilating political correctness of today’s PFT, but it’s possible.

  53. Awful thatin out society, this p is about that. Horrible that people are judged by their inclinations, appearances, or whatever the case may be. Embarrassing, really. Not for the kids offended directly, but for the kids thinking about playing football whose personal choices may fly in the face of conventional wisdom. In reality, it is NOT your decision to will a child one way or the other. More water. Less rock.

    Sadly, that analogy will fly over the heads of most.

  54. I agree with asking tough questions, but this is an irrelevant question. They aren’t asking about drugs, or any type of problem. They aren’t asking about if his diet will keep him from producing at a high level. They are asking about his sexual orientation. They wouldn’t ask who your girlfriend is. By the way I’m Texas born and raised in small towns. Two republican parents. Both of them as well as myself think it really doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. Honestly why does anyone care?

  55. As a person with a gay family member who happens to be the nicest person ever, I am offended. Some of these NFL people are a joke to the rest of society. But they are “football people” that live some kind of parallel existence. I call their BS lol

  56. As the Commish of the NFL, Roger needs to get out in front of this topic and issue a statement saying that the league is an equal opportunity workplace.If you can play football at the professional level, we want you.

    Teams and players don’t have to have the burden each week or everyday be asked the question if a player is gay. Leave that up to the player to decide if he wants to share his off the field life with the world. The only thing that should matter is what takes place on the field.

    Some guys like white girls, some guys like Asian girls, some guys like black girls, some guys like to drink and do drugs, some guys like bondage, some guys like to to watch porn and some guys like guys, none of it matters to anyone and nobody cares…Can you help a team win a division,a conference and a superbowl, thats it.

  57. It is apparent that many of you don’t believe in freedom of association. That is what separate the classical liberals from today’s “progressives.”

  58. Asking a job applicant is they are married, or intend to get married, is a blatant violation of anti-discrimination laws. No employer, in professional sports or otherwise, is allowed to delve into a person’s marital status during a job interview process.

  59. I know a chick that was a call girl back in the day in ATL an apparently Jamal Anderson is a D1CkSmoking F&Gg0t.

  60. If my employer can draw my blood for toxicology purposes and take fingerprints for security purposes, then surely an employer can ask a simple question.

    I mean really…which is more invasive?

  61. For all those who are okay with this line of questioning because the answers may cause a rift in the locker room or it is important to see how the player handles tough questions or anyone paying that much money has a right to know, please explain why that would not also justify asking, “What color is your girlfriend?” or “What God do you believe in?” or “What political causes do you support?”

  62. If an NFL team doesn’t want a gay person on their team, it’s their problem. If that player is the next Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, etc, and they pass on him because he likes guys, their ignorance is their penalty.

  63. If employers are able to ask their employees whatever they want (IMO they shouldn’t be able to ask that)we as employees should be able to ask whatever we want w/o fear of losing our jobs like why are u so cheap & why do u guys cheat us out of pay raises. Need I go on?

  64. The funny thing is that questions like these are being asked by guys that stand there every February looking at guys in their underwear get on a scale.

  65. it’s because you can’t have your center pop-n a stiff-e when your n the red zone.hahahaha

  66. Ahh not saying its acceptable or anything BUT what most people don’t realize the NFL isn’t a NORMAL job. And yes, they can fire or release someone for being gay, and sponsors can drop athletes for being gay. Not saying its right but most contracts with both teams and sponsors have a morality clause, which means if they think you are bringing bad attention to the team or sponsor they can fire you. Once again I’m not saying that’s right, but teams do invest a lot in players and they should be able to know what they want. It may be wrobg, but having a gay player on the locjer room would be a huge distraction and with all that media attention it would tear a team apart. And to think the NFL would actually look into this is assanign, they collude, allow murders to play, and just look the other way. They could careless about this

  67. The NFL is not exempt from Federal employment laws. The NFL would be wise to take immediate action, unless it wants to play this one out in court which will end with a black eye on the NFL brand and massive settlements to anyone who is discriminated against. This is a ticking time bomb. If the gung-ho militant Goodell was so up in arms against the Saints, then he better handle this with an iron fist. Neglecting to do so would say as much about him as the worst aspects of the league itself.

  68. This will not go away until the League looks into this and determines if Federal Law was violated….Do it before the Feds or Congress gets involved….

  69. It’s not the first time scouts have asked questions like that and I’m guessing they weren’t too happy to hear him talk publicly about the questions being weird. Sure they may have been strange, but maybe he was just being tested in a “what’s said in the locker room stays in the locker room” sort of way. Teams want a guy to keep his mouth shut, not a young guy who needs to voice his opinion.

    People on here are also forgetting that this is the NFL. It’s not an interview for a 9-5 office job. You need thick skin and they will ask whatever they want. Deal with it. If they had to follow the same rules as other employers, then they wouldn’t be able to discriminate if a player was overweight or had a physical handicap. So, of course they discriminate.

  70. Personally, I don’t have a problem with any gay ppl, & I think it’s absurd for any team to ask such question’s (the married question I understand).

    Hey Florio, why don’t u conduct a brief interview with some Professional NFL player’s (guys with a straight head on, no pun intended) & get their take on it.. It might earn u a few brownie points & may gain some national publicity, what do u think??
    **It’s still the beginning of the offseason, spice things up a little!

  71. Bad move for this kid to speak up actually. He should have waited until after he was drafted to say something like this. Which team will want to draft him now? He’s not even in the league yet and he can’t keep his mouth shut.

  72. All it takes is one read through this thread to see why Obama won again.

    You right-wing bigots are something else. Finally the people with common sense are running this country again.

    Too bad you frittatas are holding us back.

  73. Te’o’s already a locker room liability. If he’s gay on top of that its fair for teams to ask and be reassured that the normal players in the locker room, which is probably 99.9% of them, don’t have to be concerned he’ll try to butt-f*** them if they stay in the shower too long. And just FYI, the military never approved of gays or women in combat either. These were forced on them by our meddling Libtard president and his non-stop war on traditional American values.

    I guarantee you no team will touch this guy in the 1st round. He just has too much baggage.

  74. Back in the day some player was asked in written form by a team if he liked tall women and he crossed out the “t” so it said “all” women. Clever.

    I know Pats LB Jerod Mayo was asked some jacked up question by some team (not the Pats) like, “Have you stopped beating your girlfriend?”

    I worked in HR for a major company and if a woman was actually giving birth on our office floor, we couldn’t ask if she was pregnant. Illegal. We couldn’t even ask how they were going to get to work or if they had a family. I can’t see how the NFL is exempt from that stuff. I understand and appreciate the need to try to get a guy to show how he reacts under pressure or fan taunting, but surely there’s a better type of question such as, “How would you react if a fan screamed a racial epithet at you?” or “How have you handled that in the past?”

  75. It’s not illegal to ask about sexual orientation or to even blatantly discriminate against gay people. ENDA (the proposed Employment Nondiscrimination Act) has been repeatedly rejected in Congress. States or cities may have local laws that cover this.

    It is quite illegal to have a hostile work environment under sexual harrassment laws and making people share a shower with someone attracted to them would seem an obvious violation. Teams that want to discriminate against gay players could easily use the sexual harrassment laws as cover. They’d say they were asking in case a reasonable accomodation was required.

  76. Another classic liberal argument from an NBC affiliate – if you disagree with my views you are “outdated and intolerant”.

    That alone is pretty intolerant, isn’t it?

  77. It’s terrible that any team would ask a prospect such questions. Awful. Jerry Smith was a tight end who played for the Redskins when I was a young girl. He was a great player–and gay. Who cares?

  78. Who said it is an outdated and intolerant perception??

    It’s funny 50% of American agree 50% dosn’t that does not make it acceptable, it just means 50% don’t give a sh1t

    just like the election 48 million to 51 million… votes 48 million do not agree with the current administration and I wonder how many of the 15 million illegals in this country voted…?

    Tolerance is the virtue of a man without conviction.

    Quit using the NFL & sports in general to force acceptance on people when it’s a personal decision..

  79. I think it is pretty funny how many posters cry about how tought the league used to be and how Goodell is making it a sissy league, and then cry when the teams ask players stupid questions.

    Who cares what they ask them. Some are legitimate questions to test football IQ, some are curveballs to test mental agility, and some may just be to see if the player is paying attention. If he is a dullard for all the questions and then gets real excited when you ask if he likes girls, maybe you can assume he is a poonhound and has a propensity to get into trouble off the field.

    Then if he goes off and says something to the media that can be indicative of his inability to keep it in the lockerroom. Maybe this is a red flag to teams that if this guy turns out to be real good he is going to want to negotiate his next contract in the media. What team wants that?

  80. wow theres alot of gays upset about the line of questions regarding if you like beautiful hot girls. you guys have serious issues.

  81. I wonder how his team mates would feel if he were gay, and they were running around buck naked in the locker room, knowing that one of their team mates is interested in them, more so for their physical attributes than their football skills, so to speak.
    Ask the average G.I. how they feel, using the old communal shower in the barracks, now that the rules have changed. Of course, once that person is identified, shower schedule’s could be adjusted by the individuals, assuming they have that time to change things around.

  82. Apparently some of you are shocked the NFL is a “good old boys” club. So lets say the top prospect in the draft has the guts to say, “no, I’m gay”.

    At that point, is his NFL career over? Does that sound like how people are hired in the U.S.?

    If the prospects asked that question fall down the draft farther than they should then, in my view, have every right to challenge the NFL in court. This IS a hiring interview, every bit as much as someone going to apply for a job at Microsoft and being asked that question as opposed to finding out about their job skills.

    With the concussion thing and now this ‘MAYBE’ some of the NFL faithful will realize what much of the inner core of the league is “probably” all about.

  83. Let’s boil the defense down:

    “If I have X amount of money and I’m offering you X amount of money then you will take any verbal abuse I choose to give you.”

    Sorry… you all sound cheap. Your dignity and values have a price tag.

  84. whodatwilliam says: Feb 26, 2013 10:50 PM

    I agree with asking tough questions, but this is an irrelevant question. They aren’t asking about drugs, or any type of problem. They aren’t asking about if his diet will keep him from producing at a high level. They are asking about his sexual orientation. They wouldn’t ask who your girlfriend is. By the way I’m Texas born and raised in small towns. Two republican parents. Both of them as well as myself think it really doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. Honestly why does anyone care?

    duece5 says:

    Well, MANY people care. But, they care in different ways. For some, it is a moral issue. For others it is a basic human rights isue. And, for others, it is somewhere in between. There are MANY pieces in motion about this subject…..from the OWNERS who pay said salary, to management, to the players, to the fans.

    Many will SAY: “I don’t care one way or another.”
    Some of those teammates of said gay player may say that, but not really believe it. They don’t want to be in a shower/locker room with a gay man. That is reality for SOME of those guys. From a fan standpoint, we are disconnected from that relationship…….we don’t deal with that specific environment, as we are NOT NFL players….grabbing, tackling, showering with a gay man……at least a gay man that STATES he is gay.

    If you owned the team, would you want that sort of diversity? How “healthy” is it for your team? Would it be a CONSTANT distraction? What if said gay football player complained that he was discriminated against….opening up liability to the owners/management/players. Personally, if I owned the team…..who would want that? I don’t think the teams from owners to management to players are not equipped to handle this, especially the non-stop media coverage about said player(s).

    It’s not similar to an office, where some are gay, most people know it, most are not bothered by it, and life goes on.

  85. 95 percent of football players are probably gay anyway. As a fan as long as that dude tackles that dude before he gets the ball across that line I could care less.

  86. Clever boy, Nick Kasa. You are now guaranteed a job in the NFL next year.

    The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEO) prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation according to the accepted interpretation of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

    If the NFL wants to keep its anti-trust status intact, it should not be messing with federal statutes. This is a blatant and serious violation of Federal Law. However, it is only a violation if Mr Kasa is not offered employment. Clever boy.

  87. The NFL is opening itself up to a huge lawsuit someday if they allow this to go on. Especially since some of these guys are not going to get drafted and might be looking for a pay day some other way.

  88. Who cares??

    Not enough wrong in the world that we have to read about silly questions. If he didn’t want to answer the questions or if he felt uncomfortable about them then leave.

  89. I’m a lesbian and a die-hard Redskins fan. My gf is from Dallas. We just had a huge fight about whether this was Jerry Jones or not. HTTR.

  90. Question: What team asked this?

    There are some things that need to remain personal. Come on now.

  91. I wouldn’t take this guy on my team solely because he went blabbing to the media. That’s the real red flag.

    Isn’t that the point of question interviews? See who thinks the best on their feet? Why should we have interviews. Why don’t we just make the hiring laws show people’s stats and accomplishments and that’s it. The employer never actually meets the person. That way we’ll take out any “hiring bias”.

    Why would anyone hire a person? Because they like them. They seem personal, responsible, honest, funny, etc. Or it could be as simple as that person didn’t shave or didn’t wear a red tie. But no, they can’t hire them because we had another interviewee with a better GPA, or faster 40 time, etc. My God.

    Steve Jobbs frequently asked people odd questions he said in his biography. Such as, “have you ever done LSD before?” “are you gay?” It’s not to rule them out. It’s to see how they answer the question.

  92. “Teams are about to spend millions of dollars, if you don’t like the questions, then don’t apply for the job.”

    Wrong. The law is the law, and it doesn’t matter if you wear a jock strap, suit or hard hat to work. The line of questioning is plainly targeted at sexual preference and in the United States this is not a lawful criteria for determining employability or contract status.

    It’s only a matter of time before this one is labeled as a “Snitch” if he has not been so already. Will be interesting to see if he is drafted at all.

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