Texans don’t rule out drafting a quarterback


The Texans are committed to quarterback Matt Schaub.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking.

“I think in this league, you’re always looking for that young quarterback that you think is going to be a 10-, 12-year player in this league and be very successful,” coach Gary Kubiak said recently, via the team’s official website.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the Texans will use a high draft pick — or any draft pick — on a quarterback.  It means that Kubiak believes a team should always be looking for the next guy who can be the guy.

The sense of urgency the Texans will have in that regard depends on how strongly they still believe that Schaub is the guy.

14 responses to “Texans don’t rule out drafting a quarterback

  1. Maybe this will light a fire under Schaub. He needs to step his game up if he plans on getting past the second round of the playoffs. Falco was able to do it. Time to prove you’re worth that new contract you signed last year, Schaubby.

  2. What with the bevy of great potential franchise quartbacks in this years draft, Kubs finally acknowledges he should have always been looking.

    He never misses an opportunity to miss…

  3. Loyal Texan fan here, Schaub is OK at best, here’s to hoping they find that diamond in the rough, because as 99% of us recognize, Schaub isn’t it. Also, here’s to hoping that I’m wrong.

  4. Get him in camp to learn the playbook…

    Have him ready for the second half of the season when Schaub starts to tank…

    Hell, the Texans might be on to something

  5. I agree completely. Teams should always draft a QB. The Packers have used the strategy well. Look at all the draft picks they have received by trading their back-up QB’s. They’ll always get more back than what they put into getting the QB. They traded Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselback and Matt Flynn. Plus they drafted Aaron Rodgers before Favre was ready to go and ended up with back to back franchise QB’s. When I talk to my brothers who are Bills fans, this is one of the things I have routinely criticized the Bills front office for not doing. Even though they have needed a QB the last few years they haven’t even tried drafting one. I think the last one they drafted was Levi Brown (in the 7th) like 3 years ago. Teams should draft a QB pretty much every year (doesn’t matter which round). They are the priority in the league and have much more value than any other position. Whether it be team success or trade bait.

  6. I get tired of idiots and the media…

    Schaub is a GOOD QB. He’s thrown for over 4,000 yards 3 of the last 4 season, he’s a 65% passer and his career rating is over 90!

    Kubiak and his terrible game plans are the problem!

    I swear, some people must not remember watching David Carr..

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