Timmons deal creates roughly $5 million in cap space


The Pittsburgh Steelers have commenced the process of getting in compliance with the salary cap.

But they’ve done it not by chopping a veteran player from the roster, but by chopping down his cap number, with a restructuring.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the Steelers have created roughly $5 million in cap space by reworking the contract of linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

It’s the second straight year Timmons, a first-round pick in 2007, has restructured the long-term extension he signed in 2011, after the lockout.  In February 2012, Timmons dropped his cap number from $9.125 million to $3.985 million.

This year, Timmons was due to earn a base salary of $5.375 million and a roster bonus of $2.5 million on the fifth day of the league year.  By converting all but the minimum salary for a seventh-year player of $840,000 to a guaranteed payment, the Steelers can prorate $7.035 million over the four remaining years of the deal.  At a distribution of $1.75 million per year, the Steelers could have saved a maximum of $5.27 million in 2013 cap space under Timmons’ deal.

Timmons’ cap number was due to be $11.6 million.  If the Steelers did the maximum restructuring, his cap number in 2014 will be $11.785 million.

Which will make him a candidate for yet another restructuring.

34 responses to “Timmons deal creates roughly $5 million in cap space

  1. Just keep kicking that can down the curb, Steelers. They’re only making it worse on themselves. These guys are almost as bad as the US government. Eventually the bill is going to come due.

  2. Tisk tisk Colbert. The day to pay the piper has not yet come (although an 8-8 record and third place in the division says otherwise) but when it does, this team will be in shambles cutting multiple superstars in their prime.

  3. Steelers are loaded with cash with all the new investors. They can do anything they want. This ain’t AJR’s Steelers anymore . And the Pats thought they were smart

  4. Funny how some people here think they know more about managing a cap than an nfl gm. In the next 2-3 yrs Troy, Keisel, Ike, Harrison, and Clark’s salaries will be coming off the books. The team is doing what it takes to get by now and its working

  5. The benefit of drafting smart players … is that they realize they are prolonging their careers by having a strong team around them. There’s no pressure to do it all by yourself … and there’s no pressure to come back from injury early because you enable the team to have quality depth. They aren’t hamstringing the teams efforts to win championships.

    It would be nice if Wallace took note, so the team could focus on the OL, TE, RB positions.

  6. steeler fans continue to canonize Colbert but he’s done a poor job the last couple of yrs. I know steeler fans want to plug their ears and hold their breath and say next man up, but the truth is between marginal drafting(unusual for Colbert) and poor preparation for the flat cap due to the new CBA, it’s gonna be a tough couple of yrs for this great franchise. I predicted a bridge year before last season. HC is no help either. When the cap went up every yr teams could get away with all the restructuring, now it’ll be 2 more yrs before the cap goes up significantly. steelers have not prepared properly for this, as the ahead of the curve Pats have.

  7. Really bored with ravenator’s predictably Steelers-slamming comments. Used to read them for amusement, now just skim them as relatively valueless. Waiting for some real incendiaries, but the lobs are all duds. C’mon, step up a la “Chicken Dance” to give us some real barbs, not yawn-worthy disses.

    All teams have cap issues, and there will be “casualties” and creative attempts to deal with those cap issues. Brownravens need look no further than their own stained nest for evidence.

    BTW, job well done reppin’ the AFC North and keeping the Lombardi in the proper neck of the woods — now that you have a pair, hope you are hungry for the trifecta next year, when, as usual, we will split the season series, and, as usual, Steelers will OWN you imitators in the playoffs.

    After all, it only took BATCH to show how fragile your ring is this year — and in your joint no less.

    Props to Ed Reed and Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin and my favorite, the loquacious Suggs — warriors who deserve their glory. Happy to see phony Lewis hit the preacher circuit for good — he’ll look good in a white suit on the pulpit.

    All said and done, the tally is six trophies to two since the merger — looking forward to some good local smash mouth for quite a few years to come. Much respect to your efforts, but the results speak for themselves.

  8. People act like the Steelers should regret their moves. They were in contention for almost a decade, won 2 Super Bowls and appeared in 3 of them, people trashing them are just jealous of their success and I’m not even a Steelers fan. Every team goes through a down stretch but they’ve proven as an organization time and time again that they will find a way to bounce back.

  9. Black and gold blood… I’d call it 2-2 since, you know, the rat birds actually existed.

    With your way of thinking, I could see you claiming that for every Steelers ring since 96 (when the Ravens became a team) the Ravens went 0-2 in Steelers Championship seasons since the Ravens had two teams (one in Cleveland and one in Baltimore) attempting to prevent your mighty Steelers from getting their rings.

    I’m not even a fan of Rat Birds (completely tired of Preacher Ray’s self indulgent over-rated crap). Nor a fan of The Factory of Sadness and even I can clearly see your blind homerisms showing through.

  10. This roster is a ticking time bomb. And i feel bad for timmons, he take less money for the team but they can cut him next year and not pay him what the team owes him.

  11. Since when is a raven a rat-bird? For all u mongoloids out there the phrase “rat-bird” is used to describe a PIGEON, yes that’s right a PIGEON. Come on use your heads, I’m sure u can think of a more fitting word or phrase to mock this years SB champs. We have lots of good ones for the piss-stains…. (see what I did there).

  12. I thought restructuring like this was ONLY to help the team? Effectively, the salary that the player might’ve earned in future years is converted into a massive guaranteed payment today. The player takes no risk as he gets $20mil in his bank account tomorrow instead of over the next few years (assuming he isn’t cut). The only risk the player takes is that he’s intelligent enough to not spend it all

    To say that a player has done a team a favour by doing this is ridiculous.

  13. Good but not great player, too inconsistent, weak against the run but good in coverage. Easily the most overrated/overpayed player on the team.
    When he played OLB it wasnt pretty and the defense didnt miss him on the inside. Trade him and his cap.

  14. STEAL-ers won their last 2 Super Bowls due to the refs wearing black & gold.

    Lets also not forget they won their 1st 4 due to steroids.
    Worst franchise in professional sports.

  15. correct me if I’m wrong but as of 1996 when the RAVENS franchise not the colts or browns the RAVENS. They have been to the playoffs 9 times have won 2 superbowls again correct me if I’m wrong the steelers have made it to.the playoffs 10 times with 2 superbowls so how is the steelers a better organization??

  16. I learned arithmetic by third grade and yet time after time I don’t understand the math of the NFL. Guys are always having their contracts restructured, without losing money and yet having their cap number reduced (usually significantly). Sounds like the math Washington uses when discussing spending now and debt later.

  17. Why is it that on any story about the Ravens or the Steelers there aren’t comments of value about the topic but posturing and bickering between fans of the two teams?

    How does the Ravens winning a ring this year have anything to do with front office moves for the Steelers in the offseason. The whole point of the offseason is to make moves that either improve or maintain the level of competition of that team.

    The Steelers having six rings has NOTHING to do with Joe Flacco’s contract situation, Ray Lewis or Terrelle Suggs ability to come back from injury or whether Ray Rice is getting enough touches on offense.

    Super Bowl is over and right now every team has the same record 0-0.

    With that out of the way, I’m glad that they were able to restructure Timmon’s contract in a way to keep him with the team. He’s been great in the middle of that defense, and we are going to need him to play well this coming season with Hampton done.

  18. timmons sure is not the answer[average at best]
    still avg 1 title every 7.8 yrs,ravens 1 in 8.5.
    give the RAVENS a little more time to beat
    that avg

  19. Have to laugh about these doomsayers on the Steelers cap issues. Steelers never have space to sign high price FAs because they’d rather compete in drafting and developing players where the playing field is very tilted toward them among the people who really know what they’re doing ( a short list that includes the rival Ravens) versus the open market where all people have to have is a check book to compete, and over a cycle, that’s everyone.

    Yeah, someone will blow their brains out signing Mike Wallace and they’ll be like Jets who signed Holmes, the Redskins who signed Randel El, the Titans who signed Washington….they’ll be wondering WTF they did in a few years.

    Steelers missed playoffs in three year cycles of ’03, ’06, ’09 and ’12 and let’s see what happens next year.

    The reality is who was picking the Ravens late in the reg season and Flacco was nowhere on any elite list. You finish strong, you can run the table as Giants, Ravens and Steelers have all shown recently.

  20. People are amazing. I can’t believe there are people out there that read this story and then thought to themselves “I know more” and then took the time to leave a comment. Hilarious.

  21. The thing I honestly don’t understand is why the Steelers players continue to agree to defer money to later in their contracts. The organization has shown that if your name isn’t Ward or Bettis you get axed later in your career by this team to save money. I’d say Timmons year is now 2014 for that to happen.

  22. and when it comes time to renegotiate that rothelisberger contract? hope you guys remember how much better big jen is then flacco….

    25million a season minimum

  23. and when it comes time to renegotiate that rothelisberger contract? hope you guys remember how much better big jen is then flacco….

    25million a season minimum

    @Lamereed. Lets see Ben has three SB appearances and Joe one….as usual raven little boys making too much noise….now go ask mom if you can out to play.

  24. If you dont realize that a) the Steelers, just like your favorite team, know more about the cap situation and their players contracts than you and b) Lawerence Timmons is one of the rising stars in this league then why are you commenting? Youre not bringing anything intellegent to the conversation and you are making yourself and your fans look bad.

    Steelers arent oblivious to the future. They know exactly what they are doing and they will be in playoff contention, and everyone in playoff contention is in Super Bowl contention, as the overachieving Ravens proved last year.

  25. Steelers are 24-15 all-time against the Ravens including 3-0 in the playoffs. Since the Ravens entered the league, the Steelers have won the division 8 times while the Ravens only 4. Enough said. Those are the real stats that matter.

  26. all i ever hear from lots of steeler fans is the only thing that matters is rings. since the ravens came into existence its 2 rings ravens 2 rings steelers.

  27. all i ever hear from lots of steeler fans is the only thing that matters is rings. since the ravens came into existence its 2 rings ravens 2 rings steelers.

    Rewriting history again…the purple browns have a very long history of incompetence to match the early steeler record. But this argument is staler than beer in the cups left over from ravenators SB party. I am sure he will keep them there till they evaporate. Enough with the rings…

  28. gettig ready to hit another 25 yr drought
    with no super bowls just like the 80s and 90s
    all your money is comming due…

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