Tyrann Mathieu runs a 4.43 on his first 40


Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu said during his NFL Scouting Combine interview with the media that his “best friend” was honesty, as he tries to rebuild a reputation.

And while he didn’t help himself by doing four repetitions of the 225-pound bench press, he recovered well when it was time to run.

That may be true, but his feet did him a favor Tuesday morning, as he ran an unofficial 4.43-second 40 on his first attempt.

Whether NFL evaluators trust his story or not, showing that kind of speed will make them more willing to be forgiving, as they ponder whether his return skills alone would make him worth taking a chance on.

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  1. I must say, you say he must have poor work ethic because he only benched 225 4 times(which indeed is bad), but he turns around and runs a 4.43 40 time… I should question your work ethic to see if you did any due diligence in finding out what his workouts consisted of… Good job Tyrann, shake the haters off

    Michael David Smith: Did you actually read our post? We didn’t say “he must have poor work ethic.” We said some NFL teams will question whether he has a poor work ethic, which was corroborated by a quote from an NFL coach, Mike Zimmer.

  2. If the NFL wants to know why players like this with huge red flags keep popping up, it’s because the NFL keep rewarding guys like this with contracts just because they’re good at football. Vick and Plax get contracts after two years in jail. Big Ben gets contracts after two sexual assault/rape charges. Now Matthieu will get a contract after getting kicked off his college team, and Te’o still will after all his dishonesty. The NFL doesn’t care about these guys character, they care about if they’re good at football. NFL players act above the law because NFL teams give them the impression that they are above the law.

    I’m fine with that, but the NFL needs to stop acting all high and mighty and acting like they care so much about character and integrity, when all they care about is whether or not the guy can play.

  3. hilarious that they judge strength off of one set figure. 225.

    Now we look at all the 300+ lineman out there 225 is equivalent to doing a push up. so excuse me if i am not impressed by a 6’7 320lb man benching 225 only 30 times..

    when you look at the RBs, DBs and WRs that all weight less than 225 repping that out 20+ times, which is more impressive.

    These guys should all be benching their body weights. then you can get a real gauge on where their strength lies.

  4. MDS, why are you so defensive of the posts on PFT? Most commenters are dumb and blatantly biased. Keep providing the good content and ignore the noise from the trolls.

  5. Why does everyone insist on posting or even talking about “unofficial” times?
    They never seem to be the same as the “official” times, so whats the point of even talking about them?

  6. I love when MDS replies to people but it confuses the crap out of me because I don’t know whether the likes/dislikes are for him or the original post lol

  7. Bench is kinda useless to judge a CB in the NFL. More understandable if teams are looking at him as a safety with more duties stopping the run. Even if he is doing press coverage, that is more about have strong legs/core/back so you can turn your hips on a dime without losing any balance.

    Sitting out a year benching 225, 4 xs, while weighing 175 doesn’t sound all that bad. Patrick Peterson did 14 reps and is already a top 5 CB in the NFL. Not much to worry about

  8. Im sorry but a players job is not to be a good person or role model but rather to perform on the field, court etc. So a red flag the news breaks about a person is because the news is into a stars personal life, a real red flag would be is he currently facing jail time rather than did he lie about a fake girl friend? Or a players sexuality, thats just bogus things. If a player gets kicked off a team for not following rules? Not a red flag. Smoking weed and getying kicked off the team? Red flag.
    And Tyrann looks to be an ok slot corner so he should work his way from their on a team who takes a chance on him on day 3.

  9. I’d LOVE to see him come to Baltimore and see Ed take him under his wing to become the eventual successor at FS. He plays like a Raven already.

  10. Bench in relationship to weight of the player is not a good way to base it. A 6’8″ lineman (regardless of his weight) has to lift the weight significantly further than a player that is 5’10”. That’s why you typically dont see power lifters over 6’2″. Harder for a tall guy to bench typically.

  11. “Skins could use him… London Fletcher will keep him straight.”

    Yeah right, just what we need is this guy hanging out with Trent Williams and Fred Davis. Those guys would be high 24 hours a day.

  12. You can play the semantics game as much as you’d like but in your post from 9:09 this morning you absolutely did question his work ethic. Using the word “might” as in it “might mean he doesn’t have a good work ethic” really doesn’t change this.

  13. Bench press is the most overrated workout in any gym. If somebody has long arms, it is much, much more difficult than for guys that have short arms.

  14. His 40 is just fine, its his hip rotation and how smoother his lateral movemenent that makes him look great. I know he has major issues, but if you are a DBs coach worth your salt, you’ll make him a great DB in this league.

  15. Vikesfan you are literally to stupid to insult. Your upset because the NFL gives football players big contracts because they can play football……wow. How about you stay out of other peoples personal lives and pay attention to PLAYERS when it matters. You know when they are PLAYING. It sickens me that after all these guys put their bodies through to entertain us so called fans want to talk negative about these players and act all high and might because of what these guys do when they’re off the field. When they are in pads feel free to criticize l. When they are elsewhere they have every right to do what they want whether you approve or not.

  16. JUat what I thought, my response would be deleted… Previous article regarding Tyrann bench press and his work ethic wasn’t only questioned by NFL teams, but also by the writer who obviously agreed with the coaches statement.LOL SMH

  17. What happens if this guy gets drafted to Denver or Seattle? Its an honest question as both places have legalized marijuana.

  18. hes just a small guy, who cares how much he can bench when he runs a 4.4 and is playing nickle corner and punt returner

    id love to see him matchup against welker 1 on 1 in the slot, he has the shiftyness to keep up with him

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