49ers reportedly “poised” to make a run at Darrelle Revis

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The trade sending quarterback Alex Smith to Kansas City can’t be officially completed for a while yet, but that isn’t stopping people from talking about what they might be thinking about doing next.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports via a pair of sources that the 49ers have discussed the possibility of trading for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and that they are “poised” to make a run at trading for him even if it is just for one year. Cornerback was as weak a spot as there was on the NFC champs last season so there’s probably not much need to explain why the prospect of acquiring Revis would be appealing.

The Niners certainly have the ammunition for it. Assuming the Chiefs trade goes through, they’ll have 12 draft picks with three more selections (which can’t be traded) expected through the compensatory system. There aren’t 15 roster spots up for grabs on the 49ers so it makes sense to leverage those picks for quality instead of quantity. With the Chiefs second-round pick, the 49ers would have five of the first 93 picks in the draft and that would be an obvious starting point in any Revis trade.

It’s all speculative at this point, but the bounty of picks and space for Revis in San Francisco mean we’ll probably be hearing more on this front.

33 responses to “49ers reportedly “poised” to make a run at Darrelle Revis

  1. 49ers would be crazy not to pursue Revis. They win the SB with him. Not even a close game.

    Niners would be lethal.

  2. I’m a Niners fan and I don’t like the idea of using all of those picks to get a guy coming off an ACL injury, with one year left on his contract, wanting to be the highest paid defensive player in the league. Besides, I don’t think we’re in a great cap situation to make a move like that and re-sign Goldson. We also have to keep in mind that Kaepernick will want to get a long-term contract done in the near-future.

  3. If I were the Jets I’d be just as greedy as the player. I’d want their top 3 picks this year, and depending if they make the playoffs this year and win it, I’d want their top 3 picks next year. If they dont win it, a 2nd and a 4th.

  4. “All those picks”? All WHAT picks?

    If the Niners trade a second and a third for Revis they’ve essentially flipped Alex Smith for an elite corner, even if it is for just one year. That’s an awesome deal for them.

  5. Sourdough Sam —

    The problem is, the 49ers are NOT going to draft 15 players. It would make no sense to.

    The only thing they could use the picks for is moving up in the draft (not likely in this subpar class), or trade them for picks next year (which can’t be projected until draft day).

  6. “quasicontract says:
    Feb 27, 2013 6:41 PM
    Get ready for Sherman vs Revis twice a year. Anyone want to see that matchup?”

    That does sound awesome – but when will sherman and revis be on the field at the same time?

  7. That defense fell apart with 1 injury (justin smith) …how about drafting Justin Smith’s replacement ?

    Or a guy that’s better than Ahmad Brooks ?

    Or …just throw away all the picks at “a” corner.

    Cornerbacks can help you win a superbowl – but “A” cornerback ain’t gonna win one by himself.

  8. I hope Revis can play QB. Because once the defense starts pounding Kap into the ground on the read option, with or without the ball, they will need another QB.

  9. Sorry Jets, you have lost all of your leverage. Don’t think you are getting a ransom for Revis.
    The league knows you want to trade him, the league knows he is upset with your organization, the league obviously knows about his ACL tear.

  10. A lot of picks is nice but sometimes one in the hand is better than two in the bush.

    The Pats have whiffed on so many DB’s that it’s not funny. Even coming off an ACL surgery there is certainly anecdotal evidence that a comeback can happen the next year.

    Playing devils advocate I suppose but draft picks don’t guarantee production.

  11. Its not possible to assume “since AP was ok, Revis will be”. In some ways a CB cuts harder on their legs than an RB. That is why you see SF saying “at least for a year”, but I highly doubt Revis will be OK with that – since if he doesn’t perform 100% going into free agency teams will say he is ruined.

    If you really consider the dynamic here this is a tough position. In some ways Revis would be better off being will a team that will let him come back slowly – and basicly write off 2013 to making sure he is 100% for 2014 on.

  12. doesn’t make sense considering they will be paying Willis, Bowman and the two Smiths a lot of money… trading up to get Justin Smith’s replacement sounds more plausible

  13. There are two really important things to remember here if the 49ers are talking about a one year rental.

    1. There’s no way that they give up a ton of pics for what they will likely see as a one year arrangement. Maybe one second round pick is my guess. It will be interesting to see how the trade negotiations go, and whether there will be conditional picks tied to whether or nor Revis re-signs (like the Jets did when they traded Jon Vilma to the Saints in the final year of his contract). Because the Jets have other options: 1. keep him for one year, let him walk next year and collect the 3rd round compensatory pick, or 2. try to trade him to someone who wants to sign him to a long term deal now so they can get more in trade value.

    2. The issue of cap space and how much money Revis will want is irrelevant. He’ll play one season in SF with a $6 million cap charge — if he tries to hold out, then the ‘no holdout’ clause in his contract gets triggered, adding three more years at $3 million per year — so he won’t hold out. The 49ers can decide during the season if they want to start a long term negotiation with Revis, depending on how well he does.

  14. D.B.’s seem to always be getting injured. No other position has the injuries these guys always seem to get. Revis just got hurt so it should be buyer beware. I can’t see the 49ers wanting a recently injured player who had to endure the physical,as well as the emotional toll playing for the Jets would entail.

  15. Makes sense and should help the team (if he is healthy and doesn’t whine). They are basically, as someone already posted, trading a backup QB and a couple draft picks for a premiere CB which is a position of need. They can find a back-up QB and D-line depth in the draft. It would be a one rental for Revis though because I don’t see him getting paid what he wants. SF would be making a 1 year run at the SB with him. Worth it.

  16. Revis is due 3M in bonus, and 6M in salary. He counts 9M against the cap.

    Like Pauley noted, he can’t hold out, so he’s going to play this season.

    While packaging up picks to go get Milliner maybe good in the long run, going from 31 to 4 (to get in front of the Lions) ain’t gonna be cheap. Also Milliner, if he’s as good as Revis, will need at least a year, and may never be as good as Revis.

    Revis could be had for perhaps SF’s 1st rounder, and the pick KC just gave them at the top of the 2nd.

    The Niners would still have their 2nd round this year, and a 1st, maybe 2-2nds or 2-3rds next year. Not to mention getting first crack in the Revis negotiations after the season is over.

    Its pretty low risk for them to add Revis for next year, and if he doesn’t work out, they can reload.
    They miss on Millner, and that’d be 3 high picks lost over 2 seasons to go get him.

  17. san fran just traded away the one thing the jets need most (a QB), and now they expect to get the jets best player? not without giving up a lot. patrick willis for revis sounds like a fair deal

  18. Niners will not pursue him unless he’s willing to be a team player salarycap-wise long-term and totally healthy. You don’t need a $10+million CB (Revis), WR (Harvin or Wallace) or a $8 million safety (Goldson) to win. Quality depth & youth are more important.

  19. people are overatting revis’ value right now

    no team is going to give up a 1st and a 2nd to get a corner who has 1 year left on his deal and wants 15M a season, no corner is worth that

    welcome to the new NFL where salary cap management is going to be one of the most important things in building a competitive team every year

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