Alex Smith trade not done ’til it’s done

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With apologies to Yogi Berra, no NFL trade is done until it’s actually done.

In the case of the trade that will send quarterback Alex Smith from San Francisco to Kansas City, the deal won’t be done until it’s done.  And it can’t be done until March 12 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

“No trade is official until the league office receives notification from both clubs,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora told PFT via email.   “That cannot happen until the trading period begins at the start of the league year.”

Thus, in theory, either team could renege on the deal.  The Chiefs could get cold feet.  The Niners could get a better deal.

While possible, it’s not likely.  A failed trade would create very hard feelings between the franchises and the coaches.

That said, a glitch isn’t unprecedented.  Two years ago, the Bears failed to call in a trade with the Ravens during the first round of the draft, the trade didn’t go through, the Ravens weren’t happy, but there was nothing the league could do because a trade isn’t done until each team calls it in.

10 responses to “Alex Smith trade not done ’til it’s done

  1. Alex Smith has never had a >20 TD season and he has crossed the 3000 passing yard mark only once. He has only started two whole seasons in his eight year career with a career passer rating of 79.1. Make your own conclusions, but numbers don’t lie.

  2. This is why teams can’t make it out of the gutter. You win through the draft. Not by trading for QB’s who have proven nothing. I.E. Alex Smith, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer. However this rule does not apply to Cleveland.

  3. The new FO, same as the old FO.

    The common denominator? Clark Hunt.

    Please sell the team to somebody with a passion for winning championships, and not attendence records with mediocre teams.

  4. Contrary to what everyone is saying, I believe Alex Smith will flourish in Andy Reid’s Offense. Here’s why: Smith has finally matured enough to become a leader. Working under Harbaugh has done Alex Smith a lot of good. Number 1, Harbaugh has re-installed confidence back into Smith. Number 2, Smith has become less of a hot shot QB, paying more attention and not trying to put the ball into tight spaces where it can be picked off. Number 3, he has learned to rely more on his teammates than he did when he first started playing. Andy Reid will do a good job with him.

  5. The first pick of the 2nd round for Alex Smith? Niners made out real good and the Chiefs…well they got suckered again.

  6. The Chiefs had no better options. This is the worst year in recent memory to need a starting QB and they had to pay market price in a seller’s market.

    Smith doesn’t turn the ball over which means he is far better than anything they have. He’s a better option than much less experienced options Foles or Flynn. There are no QBs in the draft even close to ready to start, much less worthy of the first pick.

    I’m good with this deal. Go Chiefs!

  7. The 49ers leaked this in order to drive up the price. What weasels! I hope the Chiefs renege and the 49ers are forced to release Smith. Then he’s able to sign as a free agent. It would teach the San Francisco Weasels a lesson in integrity.

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