Bryan Bulaga could move to left tackle for Packers

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy has vowed to have a better offensive line next season and he’s not willing to rule out any configuration of players to make that happen.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the team will spend part of the offseason deciding whether they are better off with Bryan Bulaga on the left or the right side of the offensive line. The decision also includes an evaluation of current left tackle Marshall Newhouse and Don Barclay, who filled in at right tackle after Bulaga was lost for the season with a hip injury. Bulaga’s still recovering from that, which means that it will be a little while before the Packers can really start chewing on the options.

“We’re not doing anything like that right now,” McCarthy said. “We’ve got to look at the draft and see what happens. I’ve got to make sure Bryan comes back from this injury. He’s been there (the Packers’ facility) every day. I’m not (worried), but you know how that goes.”

Bulaga played on the left side in college, but took over for Mark Tauscher on the right side as a rookie and hasn’t given up the job. McGinn believes 2011 first-round pick Derek Sherrod could also figure into the competition if he proves healthy after a broken leg, which is another sign that the Packers won’t be leaving any stone unturned to get a better group on the field this season.

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  1. The fact that they’re letting their first round pick left tackle of two years ago compete for a starting job means they’re not leaving any stone unturned?

  2. There are so many above average left tackles available this offseason. Now is the time for Ted to use free agency to fill a position of need. GB continually drafts somewhere in the bottom of the first round where it is hard to find a solid left tackle. Most of the Packers playmakers are in their prime, so now is the time to strike.

    Long, Clady, Beatty, Albert, Baker, Bushrod, Vollmer, and even McKinnie would be upgrades to Newhouse. Both Bulaga and Sherrod are coming off injuries and cannot be trusted.

  3. Bulaga has short arms and isn’t that great at right tackle, not the upgrade would hope for at LT. Newhouse at least can pass block but he plays soft.

    I think Barclay threw them a curveball. He ended up playing much better than they thought and he added a nasty streak to the position.

    Drafting where the Pack tends to be makes it really hard to land a LT, normally its college LT that should be moved to RT or its guys not the ideal size. Bulaga, Newhouse, and Sherrod in the battle for LT probably will go in that order for now. Sherrod will need time. Bulaga would be the best rounded of the three, and Newhouse the best pass blocker.

  4. Newhouse is an ansolute turnstile and Barclay played well enough at RT last season, they should give it a try. I think Datko could be a sleeper.

  5. The Packers will do what is best for the team. Even if some of the sacks last year were on Rodgers holding the ball too long at times, 51 sacks is way too many – and that just shows how amazing and talented Rodgers is, to be able to put up great numbers while taking a beating. So yes – have an open tryout at LT with Bulaga, Newhouse, and Sherrod. Get the best one on the field, then find your RT. Draft a center or another tackle in the middle rounds. Rodgers still had plenty of weapons, now it’s time to get him some better protection. I doubt that Ted Thompson will change his philosophy to overpay someone else’s castoff free agent to come be Green Bay’s new LT.

  6. Wait is that a Packer fan asking the Packers to sign a Viking cast off to improve their turnstyle offensive line?

  7. I wouldnt have any problem with bulaga at left tackle and barclay at right tackle. But, they need serious depth, whether it be free agency or the draft. They cant go through another year of hoping newhouse can do something.

  8. Watching Marshall Newhouse is bad for your health. He’s also the guy that let the Chiefs player go around him easily and cause the nasty broken leg of Sherrod. He’s just pathetic!

  9. If they draft a lineman, or get active in free agency, it will be a guy who can play center. There isn’t the depth along the interior of the line like they have at tackle.

    Their 2010 & 2011 1st rounders were LT (Bulaga & Sherrod), have a serviceable incumbent in Newhouse, and a very intriguing prospect in Andrew Datko who they got in the 7th round (was projected as an early draft pick before shoulder issues).

    You can rail on Newhouse, but I was more sick of watching pressure come up the gut than i was seeing it come off the edge where Rodgers can roll out.

  10. Go back and watch film on Newhouse……his blocking “scheme” is the same on every play…..stick his arms straight out, hope that his guy takes an outside rush, and try to ride the guy past Rodgers. If Rodgers wasn’t so mobile, he would have been sacked 51 times by Marshall’s guy this past season!

  11. first of all who ever mentioned signing mckinnie??? please take your computer and throw it in the garbage. you should be banned from blogging. if bulaga’s healthy i’m ok with him at left and barclay at right. they still need more depth, and we don’t know how sherrod’s going to come back. draft and develope please, no retred’s. and they’re not signing long, if they did they wouldn’t have enough for cm3 and/or rodgers? so get rid of that thought right now.

  12. Lots of good OTs in this draft. Won’t be surprised if the Pack grabs one in 1 or 2. Also won’t be surprised if Barclay starts at RT next year. Kid has things to learn, but he really gets after people.

  13. purplepunisher says: Feb 27, 2013 9:31 AM

    Wait is that a Packer fan asking the Packers to sign a Viking cast off to improve their turnstyle offensive line?


    You forgot to say, the cast off who now has a Super Bowl Ring

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