Chiefs apparently taking Alex Smith contract as is, for now


The Chiefs are giving up plenty for quarterback Alex Smith — especially since he’s under contract for only two more years.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there have been no discussions regarding a possible extension of Smith’s contract by the Chiefs.As a practical matter, a new contract would be negotiated and finalized after the trade becomes official, if the Chiefs want to extend the deal beyond 2014.

Of course, Smith has to want to do it, too.  He may decide to see how things play out in Kansas City before committing to the team on a long-term basis.

Smith is due to earn $8.5 million in 2013.  His contract becomes fully guaranteed on April 1.

22 responses to “Chiefs apparently taking Alex Smith contract as is, for now

  1. Not a bad move, after looking at what the Cards paid Kolb before ever taking a snap. Only thing that would make this trade worse would be to throw a ton of money into it.

  2. The Chiefs overpaid and overvalue Alex Smith. Alex would have to be a complete idiot to not want to extend his deal and secure more leverage over the Chiefs for the potential future moment that they want to cut ties. The Chiefs are arguably the #1 team in the NFL willing to give Alex the most amount of money. A well negotiated business deal in Alex’s favor is all but imminent now.

    The only question is how much money, or rather how much further will the Chiefs bleed themselves out from their self-inflicted wound?

  3. Alex Smith had one great year, b4 that mediocre on the verge of getting tossed out of the NFL, sits out most of 2012 and the Chiefs eat his contract and give up 2 picks? And u guys thought I was the only crazy owner.

    -Al Davis

  4. I can’t believe anyone traded for him. No way the 9ers were going to keep him and pay him to sit. They must have thought there was no way he’d sign with them as a free agent after SF released him.

  5. Montana, Bono, Grbac all made it to the playoffs when the were traded to the chiefs. Alex Smith will make it 4 for 4. The offense fits his style of play and the chiefs have a ton of playmakers on defense.

    Had they had a decent QB they might have made a playoff push last season.

  6. The Cheifs deserve a good QB, good for them. Also, Reid is really good at making Qb’s look/play better then they are. But isn’t it a little funny that he kind set the price for this Qb, by trading (and getting awesome value) Feely, McNabb, Kolb…………

    This folks is paying the piper……..

    Reid will make Smith look better then he has ever looked prior. It was his best trait as the Eagle’s coach.

  7. Much better deal than what Huey Jackson gave up for Carson Palmer with the Raiders. A one and a two. I am not a smith fan though, he only produced when harbaugh came to S.F., he really bombed before that, and he is totally a west coast offense type QB for sure. Harbaugh hated that he had to protect Smiths liabilities in his play calling, that is why he (smith) was replaced.

    Smith reminds me a lot of Trent Dilfer. A good QB in the right system, an average QB in the wrong one.

    Time will tell, but not a bad trade.

  8. Alex Smith has never had a >20 TD season and he has crossed the 3000 passing yard mark only once. He has only started two whole seasons in his eight year career with a career passer rating of 79.1.

  9. Not really a fan of K.C., Reid or Smith but hope this works for all. They all deserve a much better fate than they got handed last year.

  10. Cue the (Chiefs got fleeced comments) All 2012 our lack of anybody under center was all the rage. We were damned if we drafted Geno and now we are damned with Alex. I just hope this regime has the stones to spend some money and create some options. By the way…when was the last time a single division had four round 1 pick 1s under center? Anybody?

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