Chiefs decision to trade for Smith says plenty about their options

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Last year, when Alex Smith was an unrestricted free agent, the Chiefs didn’t make a play for him.  This year, they opted to send the 34th overall pick in the draft and a conditional selection in 2014 to San Francisco in order to secure the final two years of his contract.

So what does this all mean?  Let’s break it down.

First, it means that coach Andy Reid concluded during his time to date on the job that Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, and Ricky Stanzi aren’t the answer.  (When Reid was on PFT Live last month, he left the door open regarding the possibility of giving the job to one of the men on the roster.)

Second, it means that the Chiefs didn’t like any of the available free-agent options in 2013.  If they did, they would have signed a guy and in turn kept their picks.

Third, it means that there was no one else they wanted to acquire via trade with a lesser package of picks.

Fourth, and finally, it means that the Chiefs not only decided that no incoming rookie quarterback justifies selection with their first-round pick but also that no incoming rookie quarterback justifies selection with their second-round pick.

Regardless, then, of how well Smith plays (or doesn’t) for the Chiefs, the deal means that the Chiefs have considered giving up a second-round pick and another pick in the future for the 49ers’ No. 2 quarterback to be a better option than any other option that was available to the team.

Which means, frankly, that the Chiefs really didn’t believe they had any other options.

46 responses to “Chiefs decision to trade for Smith says plenty about their options

  1. It seems that this going to be the least talented draft class in years.

    Especially in the QB department.

    This will be the kind of draft that proves the difference between a good GM and a GREAT GM.

  2. Bringing in Alex Smith to be your undisputed starting QB is suspect enough, but to give up the 34th pick in the Draft for him, AND on top of that an additional draft pick next year? It’s absurd.

    I know Andy Reid knows more about football than I do, but does he not see that Alex Smith isn’t anything special as a QB?
    This is the kind of move that got him run out of Philly. I’m starting to think the fat man has simply lost it.

  3. the chiefs had no choice. a new GM ,a new coach,new attitude, and here is tour starting qb,matt cassell ,…er i mean brady quinn, er i meann ricky stanzi. a new broom sweeps clean. a 2nd and a conditional for smith is a great deal. oh and thanks to jim harbore for the great mis-direction of 24 hours ago…”alex is not going anywhere” thanks jim!!!~

  4. All it says is , they want to win now. Smith has become that. Smart Player. Great Teammate. It also says to me trade down from 1 overall to get a pick back.

  5. or…..the chiefs are just continuing to be a terrible franchise that makes bad decisions?

    or…..Andy Reid is continuing the bad trend of coaching he started two years ago?

  6. Sorry to say, but I think you are right on. Further, I’m beginning to think Andy Reid doesn’t have a clue anymore. Paid WAY too much. Should have stayed cool for awhile and waited.

  7. Not a terrible move considering that Smith’s contract is fairly team friendly.

    I’m probably in the minority of people that actually thinks Alex Smith is a decent QB. He’s not flashy but having a guy who is accurate, experienced, and disciplined is better than half the teams in this league can say.

    For the Chiefs it certainly seems like a big upgrade. Cassel never really worked out.

  8. I’m sure there was a QB or two they probably thought was worthy of their 2cd rounder, they probably just doubted that he’d still be available.

  9. That fourth point is flawed logic. They could view Geno Smith (or maybe one of the other rookie QBs) as worthy of a 2nd rounder, but think (and probably be right) that he won’t be there when they get to pick again. They’d rather have Joeckel and Smith than Joeckel, someone else, and Cassell.

  10. HAHAHA!! Chiefs are desperate! Chiefs and Faiders will be fighting for last place in the division again. Andy Reid ain’t no Jim harbaugh and will never get as much out of Alex smith

  11. “but also that no incoming rookie quarterback justifies selection with their second-round pick”

    Not necessarily. It just means they would rather have Alex Smith now rather than hope the right guy (Geno Smith, Barkley, etc) falls far enough for them to get with 34 and change.

  12. It also means a few teams are now calling Seattle to talk about Matt Flynn. The 49ers have established the price, and with Smith off the market the price might be a little higher.

  13. I don’t hate to tell you, I told you so. The niners have received what seemed to be obvious compensation for Alex Smith and that is an early second round selection. This second round pick is as close to being in the first round you can get. This is a good deal for both organizations and Alex can continue being a starter. Looking forward to draft day.

  14. Who was he throwing to in SF? And for the cat downgrading the trade, I could take you seriously IF you could spell Chiefs correctly. Smith will be the best QB in the AFC west in less than 25 months. Not bad for a 2nd round pick IMO.

  15. andrejohnsonforpresident says:
    Feb 27, 2013 3:50 PM
    I wonder if Joe Montana has any advice for this guy. Or maybe he’s calling him a poser and saying that he was the original 49er QB to be traded to the cheifs.


    Steve DeBerg was the original ex-49er QB to join the Chiefs.

    I don’t think adults use the word “poser” by the way there, champ.

  16. Highway robbery (2) second’s for him, a guy that was on his last stint in the NFL, a few yrs ago they were claiming he was a bust..I guess another mans trash is another mans treasure!

  17. Interesting now that apparently, neither Coach (and former Packer OC) Joe Philbin nor GM (and former Packer personnel guy) John Dorsey had much interest in former Packer Matt Flynn. Seahawks are watching Flynn’s value plummet.

  18. When Smith has well coached players that have a decent amount of talent around him he does pretty well.

    When he has poorly coached and/or lousy talent around him he’s like most other QBs and has a lot of trouble.

    I also think that in SF they never really trusted him enough to take the chains off. Reid’s massively pass happy offense will give him a chance to show what he’s really capable of.

  19. 1/3 of draft pics in the first 2 rounds are busts, 1/3 are serviceable. Almost half the NFL starts every year not knowing who their starting QB is. Smith could easily be a top 10 QB for years to come. Nailing down that scenario with a second rounder would be an easy call for me. Besides, drop back QBs are the future as they always have been. If the NFL thinks I want to watch a tattooed punk with bad facial hair running around after broken plays, they have another thing coming.

  20. “Fourth, and finally, it means that the Chiefs not only decided that no incoming rookie quarterback justifies selection with their first-round pick but also that no incoming rookie quarterback justifies selection with their second-round pick.”

    No, it means that no incoming rookie is worth their 1st round pick, and that no *ROOKIE LIKELY TO BE AVAILABLE* when they pick in the 2nd round is worth it.

    In sure they’d take geno smith or barkley with their 2nd pick, but they understand they’ll be gone somewhere in the first round, and thus they will be unable to use their 2nd rounder on them.

  21. See articles like this is why the masses think Alex Smith isn’t good. He’s just dismissed as the 49ers #2 QB.

    Once again Alex Smith is a good QB who is 35-25-1 in his last 61 starts
    With a 62 – 22 TD/Int ratio…..who also completed 25 out his last 27 passes thrown.

    Now this isn’t a hall of fame QB like Elway or Manning that will compensate for bad coaching and roster deficiencies and win games. He’s a good QB that with good coaching and a solid roster will win games….LIKE RICH GANNON.

    Chiefs… Your coaches and front office got a bargain, and benefited from other QB needy teams’ lack of vision.

  22. 4evrnyt says:
    Feb 27, 2013 4:14 PM
    Couldn’t it also mean that they screwed up and gave away too much for an average QB?


    Matt Cassell 2.0. Smith’s job wasn’t to be the difference maker in winning games. His job was to not be the reason for losing them.

    Kaepernick was made the starting QB because he can be a difference maker when they needed the QB to be a difference maker.

    Unless Reid can trade for the rest of the 49ers roster so that Smith can win doing check downs and handoffs this was a major miscalculation (ala Cassell).

  23. I would have drafted 2 QB’s this year and picked up Orton as the interim solution, see what you get out of the rookie QB’s. Wilson was 3rd round and started. You have a chance in repeating that with 2 new QB’s if chosen wisely.
    But to think Alex (love his professionalism) will take you to the superbowl, and at his pricetag, come on. Draft some rookies and throw the dice.

  24. Smith took SF to the NFC championship 2 years ago, and they would have made it to the Super Bowl if not for some horrible special teams play (2 fumbles). He was the highest rated QB in the league last year for the first half of the season before Harbaugh made the outragous (and proven correct) move of replacing him with Kaepernick. This is a huge upgrade for the Chiefs, and I think makes them at least a wild card team if they can hang on to Bowe or replace him with a similar WR. Giving up a 2nd round pick for a proven starting QB is a great move by KC. In this league, you go NOWHERE without a good QB.
    Disclaimer: I am not a Chiefs fan, but I do respect the organization.

  25. I am very curious how this will turn out. Matt Cassel came from a team he took to the playoff as well. The patriots and the 49ner’s were/are built for the now and have all the pieces in place, when these guys were there. KC does not.

    I agree with the move minus the conditional pick. they had to do something with a somewhat proven quaterback. The only way this works if they trade there #1 pick and try to get 2 Picks out of it. They need to draft 2 mature players that can come in right off the bat and play. Plus add a few veterans through free agency. There is a lot out there. If this all goes to plan. they can maybe make some noise within the next couple of years.

    This is a tough draft. to go out on a limb and place trust/invest time in one of these rookie Quaterbacks is not something you wanna do after trying to rebuild for so many years. This was the right move. start fresh. Now they have to make sure they execute properly.

  26. Just keep in mind that Roethlesberger, Flacco, and Brady were all viewed as game managers at one point. Smith was able to grow as a quarterback with some consistency in the coaching and when the team built around him didn’t ask him to win on his own. He was viewed as a first overall talent for a reason.

    This kid could be ready to break out. Baldwin is going to be a great target with his route running polished. Moeaki should be 100% and back to being a dynamic TE. Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster in the screen game can be deadly.

    The number one thing Smith is going to give you that this team desperately needs is a reduction in turnovers.

  27. It also tells us that the Chiefs aren’t prone to learning from past mistakes. They just overpaid egregiously to get Cassel, and now they have compounded their QB liabilities by overpaying for another. This is a disturbing trade.

  28. Raiderlyfe,

    Your stats show he only throws for 1 TD a game. Even if he has a low INT rate, thats like 16 TDs and 4 INTs a season… That only works when your defense is as good as san frans.

  29. If one QB in this draft turns out to be better than Alex Smith which is 95% VERY likely to happen, the Chiefs dropped the ball again in regards to getting a franchise QB. Only the most important position in sports.

    I guess their is no need to get a franchise QB, since game managers always end up holding the lombardy trophy in the end. Last I checked it was 10 yrs ago Bucs over Raiders.

    Chiefs FO needs to wake up, and take a look at the successful teams have, that we dont. QB!

  30. Funny most of these posters on here bashing Andy Reid over the Alex Smith trade are Philly fans LMAO! Hey Philly fans get over it the Walrus isn’t your coach anymore so quit your hating it just makes you look like the jerks everybody knows that Philly fans are. You guys even boo Santa Claus maybe that’s why you are all so pissed off cause Santa doesn’t come to Philly anymore.

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