Report: Chiefs giving up a 2013 second and change for Alex Smith


The Chiefs apparently have their quarterback now, but they paid a handsome price for him.

According to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, the 49ers will get a second-round pick this year and “a similar pick in the 2014 draft” in exchange for quarterback Alex Smith.

That’s a haul for the 49ers, who have more draft picks than will ever make their roster this year (which could put them in prime position to make a run at disgruntled Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis).

Paying that kind of price also speaks to the Chiefs figuring out a deal to extend Smith, since that kind of price for two years seems excessive.

129 responses to “Report: Chiefs giving up a 2013 second and change for Alex Smith

  1. Paid way too much for Smith. The best he has proven to be is a quarterback that usually won’t screw it up. One third rounder for a guy that’s a free agent anyway makes more sense.

  2. I love how everyone raves about the 9ers 14 picks in this draft…The entire team was built off Singletary and Nolan (surprisingly), and Harbaugh and Baalke have shown no real ability to draft well outside of top ten picks.

    How often to first round WR’s never see the field their rookie years? When a 40 year old Randy Moss can overtake a 22 year old 1st rounder, you’re in trouble.

  3. Since they can’t formally sign off on this until 2 weeks from now, this is not a done deal.

    There is nothing to stop another team from calling up the 9ers and offering more than what KC did. That may not happen but it could given how bad the QBs on the bottom 8 or 10 teams are.

  4. In 2012 the 49ers drafted LaMichael James in the 2nd round. In 2011 they got Colin Kaepernick in the 2nd. In 2010 they had no 2nd round, so they grabbed Navorro Bowman in the 3rd.

    Yeah…I like this trade. A lot.

  5. 2 2nds for what most speculated would be at most a single 4th rounder. Not including all the other help the chiefs need.

    The Andy Reid era starts with a thud. 49ers win this trade hands down. Getting what amounts to a late first rounder this year and next year (you are nuts if you think Alex Smith is going to generate more wins for the current KC roster) for an overpaid backup game manager.

    Glad Andy’s in KC so we don’t have to deal with the off the wall personel decisions.

  6. I don’t think two second-round picks for a quarter back who took his team to the NFC Championship the previous year, was 6-2 prior to being benched, had a 70% completion percentage, and 13 / 5 touchdown to interception ratio is a handsome price.

    Draft picks are over-rated. While its possible those two draft picks could turn into the next superstar, the reward / bust ratio is far worse than getting a previous number one overall who has really turned his career around in recent years.

    Smith was drafted at 20-years-old. He’s just now entering his prime. I’ve never understood why people are so down on a guy changed coaches and coordinators virtually every year of his career until Harbaugh came to town. Once he had stability, he was a good performer.

  7. I’m not a Niners fan, as a matter of fact I HATE the Niners. But, I think they may just be the new Pats. Very few missteps as an organization. Really smart moves at the absolutely optimum time. I hate’em so much…but, I respect them, too.

  8. Chiefs had tons of talent last year (didn’t they end up with 5 pro-bowlers), but having zero QB play killed them. If you’re a Chiefs fan, giving up a couple second rounders for a proven QB that might put you over the top isn’t a bad deal.

  9. They overpaid. There is no way San Fran was keeping Smith at his current price and Smith would not have redone his contract to stay in San Fran where Colin is now entrenched. Very bad move by KC.

  10. Kind of a weird headline given what they actually gave up.

    “Report: Chiefs giving up a 2013 second and change for Alex Smith”

    I guess a second round pick is “change”.

  11. A 2nd round pick that’s essentially a late 1st for Smith? Wow the Chiefs are dumb if this is true, it should be a 3rd at most

  12. Bad deal for both teams!!

    Smith should have been traded to The New York Jets!! Now , that would have been a solid, circus orientated trade!

  13. and this may set up Revis going to the Niners.

    So essentially the Niners may have traded Alex Smith for Revis, and only added 7 million to their cap number to do it.

  14. What is Andy Reid doing!?!?! Alex Smith is not worth that much. He was tabbed a “game manager” by many and now they give up two two’s for him? It makes more sense for them to sign a Matt Moore and draft a QB this year and develop him. Reid is notorious for developing QB’s.

  15. What a steal for the 49ers. Smith is nothing more than a game manager (which isn’t necessarily bad considering the inconsistencies at the position throughout the league) and this will really be highlighted under Andy Reid.

  16. Smith might not be an elite QB, and the Chiefs might have overpaid for him, but at least they have a QB now. What’s Arizona and Buffalo doing?

  17. Good deal for both teams. KC needs a QB and I don’t think there is much doubt that Smith is the best available in free agency. This allows KC to use the 1st pick of the draft for the L. tackle, another huge need.
    As for SF, there’s no such thing as too many draft picks. They could use this 2nd rounder (pick 33 over all) or combine it with their 31 over all pick to trade up into the top ten and get a player that can have an impact this year.

  18. What’s the point of stockpiling draft picks to acquire players who will never get on the field? Two guys from their 2012 class saw action last season. One of those was a Rd. 1 WR who had 0 catches in a season.

  19. Reid is an idiot. Smith was an abject failure until Harbaugh came along. Think about why a player was benched after winning 75% of his starts over a two year period. Tells me all I want to know about Smith and what the organization thinks he is made of.

  20. I like the move. KC needs a QB and Smith has proven that he can be a decent player. If you look at the last 2 years, his stats are really pretty good. Had there been a clear choice at QB for the #1

  21. Surprising move for Fat Andy and the Chiefs. The 49ers have certainly come out the intitial winners with this holds true. I almost feel like the Chiefs were working against themselves in this, and there may have not been any other teams in serious pursuit.

    The positive is that the Chiefs are a solid QB away from being a pretty decent team. Andy Reid knows how to get the most out of quarterbacks, and the 49ers now have all kinds of options.

    I’m not a huge Smith fan, but if they build the Chiefs around a defense first philiosophy, they just might have something.

  22. “The entire team was built off Singletary and Nolan (surprisingly), and Harbaugh and Baalke have shown no real ability to draft well outside of top ten picks.”

    So Bowman was a top 10 pick huh? Baalke actually has shown a lot of ability to draft well (Kap for example) but hey wouldn’t expect you to have a little knowledge or research before you post. Anything else you want to tell us genius?

  23. Hope it works out for them, but I really think they overpaid and got the wrong guy to boot. Matt Flynn would have been a perfect fit for Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

  24. Don’t worry KC, Andy has a track record of wasting 2nd round picks anyway. So its basically trading nothing for nothing. Its a wash.

  25. 49ers’ disgruntled QB heads to Kansas City … Wait, this sounds familiar. The first one was a legend. But it may be this one that’ll get the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl.

  26. HUGE coup for the Niners though both teams gained from the trade. I was expecting at best a 3rd rounder. As a Giants fan I would’ve loved to get a 2nd rounder for our backup QB, regardless of where it is. The Niners can parlay the pick into a pretty high quality CB like possibly Xavier Rhodes or maybe Johnathan Banks or Trufant. The Chiefs could and probably should be a .500 team or better but great deal for the Niners.

  27. Two years ago if you would have said there would be a bidding war for Alex Smith raucous laughter would have broken out.

  28. I will say Alex Smith is a great QB for what the Chiefs are looking for. The Chiefs don’t want to pass the ball 40+ times a game they have one of the best RBs in the game.

    That being said, 2 2nd round picks seems like a robbery.

  29. Reid was never going to take Geno.
    If anybody saw the chalk talk Geno did with Gruden, you could tell he didn’t know where anybody was suppose to line up.

    With Smith, Reid gets an experienced guy running the West Coast offense with Charles, McCluster and Bowe.

    Cheifs can trade down, get picks, and start looking for TE and or WR to supplement the new QB they’re getting.

  30. LOL. The Chiefs come through again. As I recall they gave up a 1 and a decent safety for Joe, the last year we won the Super Bowl. Alex is a great guy but he won’t put anybody “over the top”. But he deserves a chance to start (over) somewhere.
    Actually, as the talk of a lame draft for QBs intensified, I thought a market for Alex would develop. But this is Way More than we could have ever hoped for.

    Now we can draft a safety in the first or second round and not have to spend a bunch of money on Goldson, who can’t cover deep and got toasted in the NFC Championship and SB. Goldson can tackle with the best of them and hit harder than anybody, but with the rules going the direction they are headed, that kind of overly physical play is going to get flagged and fined to the point where it won’t be worth paying him like 7 mil a year.
    Harbaugh and Baalke are building a Tiger of a roster.

  31. This is great news for the Cardinals. They can pass on a QB in round 1 and pretty much have their choice in round 2 even if Geno Smith goes to Buffalo but I think the Bills like the kid from Syracuse

  32. I hate to say I told you so about Reid Chiefs fans but I told you so. Reid’s quarterback guru reputation is a farce, and Alex Smith isn’t the guy to put you anywhere close to being over the top.

    Reid basically traded a first round pick for Alex Smith, the Chiefs were 2-14 again they were 2-14.

    What an awful trade.

  33. That’s kind of steep but shows how important the QB position is. I was really hoping my Vikes would get him – would have helped to keep Percy cuz if Ponder is handed the starting position (which spiel man has pretty much said), Percy is gone.

  34. I think you guys are underestimating Alex smith under good coaching.. look what he did with Harbaugh who by the way is a conservative passer type of coach.. I bet Reed will light a fire on Smith passing game.. having two top notch RB’s will help him too.

  35. The point of stockpiling draft picks is flexibility. They can trade up this year or back for higher picks next year or trade for players. Every team wishes they had that many picks.

  36. I personally think Reid is headed in the right direction. Start with the QB and work your way out.
    Alex Smith is a rare mistake making QB. He has a decent arm, great accuracy and does a good job reading Defense’s. He will flourish in K.C.
    Reid will have the Chiefs back to being a legitimate and regular playoff team by next season.

  37. If this goes through, the 49ers have 15 picks in this year’s draft. Baalke recently said they don’t need or want that many rookies on the roster. Looks to me like the Niners are going to make some moves to trade up on draft day.

  38. I consider Reid behind Harbaugh when it comes to getting the most out of QBs so I believe Smith will have success in KC.

    But for a 2nd which basically is a late 1st? Wow is it too soon to give Baalke executive of the year?

  39. As long as the Chiefs don’t sign Mike Nolan to run things, Alex will be fine, especially under a coach that made Kevin Kolb look good. KC fans may not like it now, but they will next season.

  40. The Chiefs are desperate fools. The 49ers just did to the Chiefs what Philly did to Arizona with the Kolb trade. Robbed them blind.

  41. The 49ers have 15 picks now. Would not be suprised at all to see them make a trade for revis or harvin
    that would not be fair (but dang scarey) to see Kaepernick, Gore, & Harvin on the same field. Kaepernicks run option with short screens to Harvin would be DE & Nickel CB worst nightmare.

  42. This makes it look a lot like the Chiefs are now going to trade out of the first pick to replace the picks given for Smith. If you can talk someone desperate for Jake Joeckel into giving you their lower first and their second round selection, then you paid one second round pick from next year’s draft for your starting quarterback.

    While Smith might not be setting the world on fire, he’s *definitely* an upgrade to anything they currently have on the roster.

  43. Once again PFT has it wrong. Yes, there is a 2nd pick involved besides the 2 rounder in 2013. There is a pick in 2014 as well but a many conditions have to be met before that pick becomes a second 2nd round pick. Will probably end up a mid round pick in 2014. PFT as usual tries to sensationalize. The National Enquirer of football websites

  44. Stupid move by the Chiefs. Smith is a caretaker QB. You could have gotten Matt Moore from free agency and he’d have been just as effective.

    Chiefs continue to be the Chiefs.

  45. horrid trade by the Chiefs. We’re talking about a mediocre QB who was only adequate once he had an elite oline in front of him. Add that to the fact that he was probably going to be cut anyways and this is just terrible.

  46. People think that Harbaugh was Alex Smith’s savior. Alex Smith really started to corner under Jimmy Raye. Especially when Jimmy Raye put Alex in that Raye Gun-Spread offense. Alex Smith is a heckuva QB. People who blast Alex Smith either haven’t watched him play or are ignorant 49ers fans comparing him to Joe Montana or Steve Young.

  47. Lol Chiefs got hosed!! I know its a weak draft for QBS, why not trade #1pick for more picks, yr a young team yr not gona with for some years, why not draft a young qb and let him play from day one? Instead of “Mr game manager “A.Smith, hes a 4throunder at best, but a “might as well say 1st rounder cause they will be at the top picking” Chiefs are kings of mediocrity

  48. Shhhhhhh, everyone stop dissing this for fear the Chiefs change their minds. I am willing to bet there are some incentives that have to be achieved to get the second rounder in 2014.

  49. Weren’t the 49ers actually thinking about releasing him? Giving up a second rounder is a lot for someone the Niners might have released.

  50. If the 49ers got two second round picks for Alice Smith, that is great. The Niners have so many picks in the next draft that they can target specific players and have the ammo to be mobile in the draft, or even trade for more picks in the following draft which will be deeper. GO NINERS!

  51. Great news for the rest of the afc west. Alex Smith = Matt Cassel. It was the team, not Smith that was responsible for their success. Chiefs will be lucky to win 4 games next year with Alex Smith.

  52. Hmmm… I wonder why the 49ers would let this leak well before it can be set in stone? Get ready to hear that someone beat the offer in the next week and a half.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is complete fabrication, honestly.

  53. Love division guys on here chiming in. Smith being the 3rd best in the division, Chiefs got hosed, and on and on. Who will be the best QB in 2 years when geek neck Manning and take ’em no where Rivers are both out of the division? While I too think a 2nd is too high, KC can’t trade for Smith and take a QB with the 2nd anyway. Smith would just get Kapernicked again and be looking for his next gig. By doing this KC is all in, Smith gets the confidence that he’s the man and KC can hopefully get a trade partner for the top pick. Something else some goon thinks they can just simply trade out of. If there was a true #1 guy out there KC could do that, but clearly there isn’t so try putting a little thought into you posts.

  54. Who would have thought that trading the entire island of Manhattan for a small chest of beads and trinkets now ranks as the second worst trade in history.

  55. The Chiefs have a lot of talent on the roster. Now replace Cassel’s states from last season with Smith’s, and tell us how bad an idea this is.

    No one ever knows how a trade is going to work out. But if a team could be told that the guy they pick in a draft is good enough to get a team through a very competitive playoffs to a conference championship game and then become the top-rated passer in the league the following year… teams use many more draft picks than this trying to find someone that capable.

    Mistake-free QB on a great winning streak in a division where the #1 priority is to not make mistakes and turnovers. Until proven otherwise, this is a good choice for KC.

    Next offseason, after an improved year, they can pick their developmental QB in the first or third round. Smart for them to opt out of this year’s draft QB race.

  56. I have no love lost for the Chiefs but Alex Smith while not a great QB he is better than anyone that they have had there for years. Good job by KC IMO.

  57. Was the Chiefs 2nd round pick too much for Smith? On the surface, yes, but he was clearly the best QB that was available for 2013. Also, given Reid’s trade history, my money says they trade down a few picks. In the end its very possible that KC will come out of this with a hight end OT, Smith, and then a second round pick via a trade. That scenario makes KC a lot better than they were last year IMO.

  58. I have nothing against Alex Smith, but the Niners really messed up by choosing the guy who ran an Urban Meyer gimmick offense over local star Aaron Rodgers. Smith just didn’t have “it” and was average at best, even worse than Jeff Garcia. Best of luck to Smith in KC. I feel bad for a guy who loved living in the beautiful Bay Area and now has to live in flat and featureless KC.

  59. Both Joe Montana and Alex Smith are traded to KC after long careers in SF and a stud replacement comes along. As a niner fan, I hope Kaep is more like Steve Young than Alex was like Montana.

    And I wish Alex the best. It was a fun roller coaster wishing and hoping (and eventually watching) him blossom into the quarterback everyone hyped him up to be as a 20 year old kid.

  60. That just shows how bad the QB draft class looks. But, I still don’t think that means you overpay for a guy who was absolutely nothing until Jim Harbaugh showed up. Smith’s a very smart guy, but he’s not the guy you want under center. I feel sorry for Kansas City fans.

  61. 49ers have 14 picks huh, well come get you some Revis, Jets need picks to get some players and 49ers need a shut down corner, come get you some Revis.

  62. lks311 says: Feb 27, 2013 12:29 PM

    I’m not a Niners fan, as a matter of fact I HATE the Niners. But, I think they may just be the new Pats. Very few missteps as an organization. Really smart moves at the absolutely optimum time. I hate’em so much…but, I respect them, too.

    Good point but – I Just Hate Them.

  63. 49ers now have 5 picks in the first 93. The Chiefs have 2 picks in the first 93.

    One was just in the superbowl and the other had the worst record in the league. Can you match up the 2 and not laugh at the chiefs?

  64. good luck alex. im a big fan of yours. I wish you the best and I will be rooting for you.

    Niners Faithful.

  65. Instead of commenting on the deal, I have to ask one question:

    Who leaked this and why? They can’t do this deal for nearly two weeks. It certainly doesn’t behoove the Chiefs to let the rest of the world know what they are offering for Smith.

    So it almost has to be the Niners leaking the terms. And why would they do that unless they were hoping some desperate team will offer more?

    So, um, yeah, I would hardly consider this to be the end of the story.

  66. Chiefs paid for what Smith did in 2011 and last year when healthy. I am skeptical that Alex will flourish outside of Harbaugh, BUT….

    I think Andy Reid is a capable QB coach and I think Alex is best suited for a west coast offense.

    Could be a good marriage, but I think KC will still be looking for a QB in 2-3 years.

  67. Kaepernick better be the real deal for Niner fans sake because they don’t have anyone behind him now. I know the guy had a great year but let’s see if he can repeat it through a full 16 game schedule and when there is no pressure behind him.

  68. djjerrynice says:
    Feb 27, 2013 12:26 PM
    I love how everyone raves about the 9ers 14 picks in this draft…The entire team was built off Singletary and Nolan (surprisingly), and Harbaugh and Baalke have shown no real ability to draft well outside of top ten picks.

    How often to first round WR’s never see the field their rookie years? When a 40 year old Randy Moss can overtake a 22 year old 1st rounder, you’re in trouble.
    You are very ignorant at best. The picks that you are talking about were made by Baalke and McLoughan not Singletary and Nolan.

    2011 Picks:
    1. Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri
    2. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
    3. Chris Culliver, CB, South Carolina
    4. Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State
    5. Daniel Kilgore, OL, Appalachian State
    6. Ronald Johnson, WR, USC
    7. Colin Jones, S, TCU
    8. Bruce Miller, DL/FB, Central Florida

    Yep, terrible picks. 3 out of 8 are starters and 3 are pretty important backups. Yep, they suck or you’re clueless.
    Jury is out on 2012 picks but this team is deep and players mostly don’t make it onto the field. Jenkins may be a bust but you have to give him more than one season.

  69. I would rather give up a 3rd for Matt Flynn or Nick Foles. But of those guys have more upside than ole Game Manager Alex. Two 2’s is way too rich for a QB that has peaked.

  70. 2 points i wanna make. 1-this team is a 2-14team! 2-now when then they are terrible next year, they won’t be able to draft a good qb then either. If I’m a Chiefs fan I’m so ticked off!

  71. I’d rather just spend that first on a guy who can be legit in Geno than two seconds on a retread game manager in Smith. In that case you’d still be able to pick up a good DE or CB or OL early in the second. Now they get one really good LT and a decent QB and miss out on the opportunity to add another good supporting player in 2014.

  72. Paid a little more than I expected but I think it’s a good deal for KC.

    Smith should fit right in and if they bring Bowe back in along with Charles and Baldwin, they should make a wild card run

    Ravens all day.

  73. This is EXACTLY what the Chiefs did a few years ago with Matt Cassell.

    Over pay for an average quarterback based on a small sample size of real success that only came once that quarterback was part of a Roster/Organization at the top of the league talent wise, running a system expertly designed to minimize his impact on the game.

    Why do the Chiefs (again) believe that this same success will somehow carry over when you put this quarterback in a situation where the talent around him is no where near what it was with the team that benched him?

    New Regime/Same Results

  74. Revis would be great to have, but wouldn’t they benefit from trading for Percy?

    Moss is old, Jenkins is toeing the bust line, Ginn is/was always will be a bust…

    Besides if Harbaugh wants to put his touch on the team, he should target some offense. Harvin/Crabtree I think would do it.

    I’d think the 1st pick in the second round for MN would do it..

  75. ” Harbaugh and Baalke have shown no real ability to draft well outside of top ten picks.”

    Except for that Kaepernick guy, or that Culliver guy, or that Kendall Hunter guy, or that Bruce Millar guy.

  76. Hmmm, if everything that is being said about Smith is true (how awful he is) and Kansas City goes 2-14 again, then can we say hello Mr. Clowney. Maybe it’s a tactic to get the number 1 pick next year and draft that helmet buster from South Carolina. Wonder if any of the other GMs in the room see that as a possibility.

  77. @djjerrynice…its no doubt that the core of team is from Nolan & Singletary, however, wat about A. Smith who wasnt in anyones top 10 in any mock draft…Kaep, Culliver, Hunter, & Miller…all major contributers…I’d grade that draft an easy A for Harbaugh & Balke…

  78. This is a win win trade. SF gets good value and KC gets a QB. Not like any of the crop coming out are ready to start and Smith was the best available out there. He will do fine under Reid. SF has no backup now and with Kap running around don’t think teams won’t be going after these running QB’s next year. They will be in the market for one of those QB’s in the draft to come in and groom for sure.

    KC still has the top pick and will look to move down. Heck with San Fran sitting on 15 picks they may just trade with them again. Justin Smith aint getting any younger and they could use a Star ( Leutele) on that dline. His heart checks out and his pro day is good that very well could happen.

  79. @djjerrynice… so Kaepernick, Hunter, James, Culliver, and Miller were all top 10 picks now? Because all of them are very solid. None of them were 1st rd picks let alone top 10. Jenkins didn’t play because he really wasn’t needed anyway. Neither did James until late in the year and he has shown he can play. I understand the blind ignorance and hate though

  80. Wow the chiefs got owned in that deal. Andy Reid is an idiot for giving up a 2nd for Smith. The Chiefs should have only sent them a 4th, maybe a 3rd. but they also threw in a tentative 2014 pick…..stupid.

  81. All this Alex Smith bashing just shows me how weak minded society is. It’s because the pundits say Alex Smith is a bad QB. Pundits who don’t watch west coast teams play or watch film. The weak minded sheep just accepts it as truth.

    The fact is Alex Smith is a good QB who is 35-25-1 in his last 61 starts
    With a 62 – 22 TD/Int ratio…..a 2nd round pick is a coup for the Chiefs and their fans should be glad that Andy Reid is capable of forming an original opinion or evaluation of a prospect outside of the normal or popular thinking. It’s how Big Al turned the Raiders into a powerhouse back in the days.

  82. How many times does it have to be said that the niners good drafts prior to Harbaugh’s arrival were not due to Singletary and Nolan.

    It’s laughable to even put Singletary’s name in there. The dude was thrown into head coaching situation let alone be the GM.

    The drafts were made by McCloughan and Baalke.
    One side note: Baalke (and others) wanted Dalton, Harbaugh wanted Kaepernick. I think either one would have worked out great.

  83. I do have to say I love the 49ers fans who just got 2 2nd round picks for Alex Smith and then so kindly offer up only 1 for Revis or Harvin. Dream on! If Alex Smith is worth 2 2nd rounders, you will be needing to pony up more than 1 2nd round pick for either of those top players at their respective positions. Even with a 1,2,5 for Revis or Harvin (Revis is worth more picks, but Jets are more desperate to trade him it seems in the media so I value them equally) is a steal for the 49ers. You’d still have 12 picks and 8 next year, plus getting a premier player at a position of need. Not to mention I think both the Vikes or Jets would make the deal for that amount of picks.

  84. Maybe there are using the twisted logic that if RG3 is worth three 1st Rd and one 2nd Rd pick then Alex Smith is worth half of that. In any event, Reid has been taken to the cleaners.

    At best I would have offered a 4th rounder take it or leave it.

  85. Reid is getting his own move pulled on him. No way San Fran doesn’t cut Alex with that salary and their struggle with the cap. As a division rival fan – I could care less about 49er getting draft picks in baby Jimmy’s era. Their first round WR couldn’t beat out bust Ginn. 2nd round finally started playing before the playoffs and fumbles the ball like a true rookie. McCloughan seems to be the missing piece for the draft decline and I forgot what team he works for now :]

  86. Andy Reid had an incredible run of luck…..the last 4 yrs proved he was not as smart as he thought… KC is going to pay for it…

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