Cullen Jenkins: You can’t just bring in a bunch of superstars


When the Eagles released Cullen Jenkins earlier this week, it was the latest rebuke to the idea that the group of players acquired before the start of the 2011 season made up a dream team.

The Eagles have drawn a fair amount of criticism for their attempt to build a winner on the fly by signing the likes of Jenkins and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (among others) while also trading for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Jenkins was the fourth member of that class to get his walking papers and there may be more to come before the start of next season. That explains why Jenkins said, during an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, that the process that brought those players to Philly was flawed.

“We didn’t jell together enough. You can’t just always bring in a bunch of superstars — people who think they’re superstars. You gotta have players that just know their role and go along with that and just do whatever they can to help the team. We just didn’t jell the way that we needed to jell to be a successful team,” Jenkins said, via

Jenkins is reportedly interested in returning to Green Bay now that he’s on the open market, although there hasn’t been any sign of reciprocal interest from the Packers at the moment. Wherever he winds up, we’re guessing his arrival will create less fanfare than it did two years ago.

27 responses to “Cullen Jenkins: You can’t just bring in a bunch of superstars

  1. I think most people knows that except the Eagles fan.

    I called into a Philly radio show and told them the same 2 years ago and they all laugh at me and told me I know nothing about football.

    Who is laughing now

  2. sure you can.

    but you need a Head Coach that has the sand to put that team together.
    If everyone buys into a program, amazing things can happen.

    The dream team was too little too late. the personell moves necessary happened two years too late.

    Andy Reid lost this team when he released every leader on the squad.
    Then, he left the club in shambles with his terrible drafting philosophies.

    best of luck KC.

  3. Don’t worry, the new coach seems to recognize high character guys when he sees them. What better way to turn around the Eagles than by keeping Mike Vick around. It’s not like he perfectly symbolizes every bad decision the Eagles made in recent years to get where they. It’s not like guys like Mike Vick, with attitudes like his (that they are unstoppable and heres there list of excuses why its someone elses fault, are exactly the sort you want out of your locker room.
    Nope. Now the Eagles are back on track. lolls.

  4. I’m not sure why players use that excuse at all. They are PROFESSIONALS, they should able to play in most situations, especially at a position where it doesn’t require players to “gel”. You get your play and you do perform your assignment. It’s the DC’s job to call the right play to counter the offense and its the player’s job to run the play correctly. You can’t blame missed tackles and no effort on not gelling.

    One of the few positions that actually need gelling is the QB and his receivers and possibly the O-line.

  5. It is also bad to bring in players that you overrated and whiffed on the talent evaluation and just called superstars. But they really weren’t.

  6. Before anyone says Jenkins should come back to Green Bay, there is no chance of that happening. Go look up the falling out between the front office and Jenkins. They hate each other.

    I guess time can heal, but I wouldn’t count on this one.

  7. Snowpea84 you have no clue what your talking about, I guess all those poor decisions helped the eagles get to 5 NFC championship games in 10 years which isn’t to bad considering how many NFL teams would love that Scenario… Relax moron

  8. There was not a falling out between the GB front office and Cullen. Just business as usual. Philly offered more money, Green Bay thought they could live without him at that price.

  9. With his value driven down the Cowboys might benefit from picking him up to fix their tackle situation in the transition to the 4-3 they’re working on. The Rams could use a little stoutness in the middle, too.

  10. tdubdizzle says:Feb 27, 2013 11:21 AM

    The Eagles are the best team to never win a Superbowl.

    This one actually made me laugh. The Eagles and best will never go together in a sentence. You can’t be called the best team without ever winning a superbowl.

    No one cares how many NFC championships you’ve won because no one remembers who wins NFC championships unless you’re an Eagles fan.

  11. @Bucrightoff – The lakers are close to .500 and almost got 8th seed in west though that is irrelevant as this is the NFL not NBA. Secondly the bucs just did the same thing with Carl nicks, Eric wright, and VJ.. So shut up..

  12. The Eagles deserve criticism for a poor return on big money spent on free agents but not for calling themselves a “dream team”. That was from 1 guy who was a starter on his former team making an excuse for why he was 2nd string on the Eagles (and is now out of the NFL) – Vince Young.

    Jenkins is a 32 year old free agent. Of course he’s going to say that it was the team, not him, that’s to blame for his weak stats last season. Anyone in his position would.

  13. If he’s still got a year or two in the tank – come home to Green Bay and let’s go attempt a shot at another Superbowl … we need all the thumpers we can get.

  14. Isn’t Jenkins the same diva that got his panties in a twist because Reid yelled at the D for playing poorly and he yelled back at Reid? I guess Jenkins doesn’t own a mirror for this blame game.

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