J’Marcus Webb arrested on drug charges

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler could be shoving left tackle J’Marcus Webb.  Again.

According to KFVS in Chicago, Webb was arrested Sunday for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Webb was released after paying 10 percent of $5,000 in bail.  His next court date is in March.

A seventh-round pick in 2010, Webb is signed through 2013, at a base salary of $1.323 million.

UPDATE 2:23 p.m. ET:  The Bears have issued a statement regarding the incident.  “We are aware of the recent arrest of J’Marcus Webb in Pulaski County, Illinois,” the team said.  “We are currently gathering information to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the arrest.”

49 responses to “J’Marcus Webb arrested on drug charges

  1. Ridiculous. Dumb law is dumb, and only serves to profit the judicial system.

    My opinion of Webb hasn’t changed one iota.

  2. I am simultaneously typing this response and crossing out J’Marcus and JaMarcus from my book of baby names.

  3. If he had taken toxic, addictive, prescription pain killers it would be ok.

    He chose the natural drug with zero toxins, and no harmful side effects and that is wrong.

    Oh, I get it… wait, no I dont.

  4. As good an excuse as any to draft his replacement with the 20th pick. The new staff has no allegiance to Lovie’s pet projects. Draft Lane Johnson or DJ Fluker with 1st pick. Manti Teo is a 3-4 ILB, not the next Urlacher.

  5. A young man wanting to burn one in February of the NFL offseason is a massive NON ISSUE and taking a dime from his pocket for doing it is a joke.

    How else is he supposed to keep his weight up?

  6. hahahahahh!!! oh man…..

    I know that’s mean but the stupidity of some of these players (or ex players trying to get another shot/players coming out of college) is just down right ridiculous. You want to give them the benefit of the doubt but to not be able to abstain from something like drugs or drinking and driving for such a short period of time in your life is just absurd.

    I used to think these players need help with this transition but I’m starting to believe in free-reigning Darwinism

  7. In this day and age, that’s like being caught with a pack of certs. Nothing to see here. athletes walk away from a whole lot more than this.

  8. “Possession of marijuana & drug paraphernalia”…so he had some weed and a pipe? Weed and a bong, maybe?

    What a waste of tax payer funded police work and jail space. When is this stupidity going to end, and the authorities start putting real criminals in jail?

  9. I many states it is legal to use if you have a presciption. What is the NFL going to do when a player has one. It is no different than any other presciption. I see a law suit coming in the near future.

  10. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on regarding marijuana, the fact remains that is it not allowed by his employer and he made a choice. He’s just lucky that his employer is more forgiving than most – most employers with a drug policy have zero tolerance. If I got busted for the same offenses I’d be looking for a new job.

  11. There should be a law….

    … against calling marijuana arrests “drug charges”.

    And no, I am not a pot smoker.

  12. Just an FYI, but KFVS isn’t located in Chicago. It’s at the other end of the state by Kentucky.

    Another point is that had it happened in Chicago, he would not have been arrested, he would have been given a $500 ticket and sent on his way.

  13. It does not matter what anyone thinks about it being legal. The fact remains it is against NFL policy and the law, and the fact he is stupid enough to risk his career displays his stupidity as well as the posters who side with him.

  14. You mean he was arrested for the same thing our founding fathers grew? Yeah, Ben Franklin, Ab Lincoln, they all grew and and used marijuana, and yes this all all well documented. So since everyone is saying he’s stupid or an idiot, then they must be to huh? Haha ignorance at its best. A waste of taxpayer money. But if he had some perks or codiene it would be fine, or even a pack of cigs or a unopened 40 oz, all of which have 100s of thousands of deaths related to them each year. Who’s ever dies from weed? Exactly, has never been a death due to marijuana ever in history. Like I said ignorance at its best.

  15. It doesn’t really matter if it should be legalized or not. That’s a separate issue here. The facts here are that Webb chose to break the law and by doing so predictably risked his career, his financial well being and the image of his employers/league so that he can enjoy the temporary benefits of being high. Its about his judgment and commitment to his employers and his craft.

  16. RE: butkusrules says:

    Why does the fact that someone breaks an unjust law tell you they make bad decisions? Heroes break unjust laws all the time, should they be scolded?

  17. punkyqb says: Feb 27, 2013 2:57 PM

    This just in: J’Marcus Webb traded to the Lions for a 4th round pick.


    The Bears got him in the 7th round and the Lions have 3 offensive tackles that are better than this scrub.

  18. Now that his enabler David Puddy, er Mike Tice, is gone, maybe this will give the Bear even more reason to get rid of this human turnstile once and for all.

    Quoth The Hawk: “He gone.”

  19. Setting aside the fact that there should be no prohibition against marijuana, you have to be pretty stupid to get arrested for weed these days.

    Unless you’re driving and pulled over for doing something else stupid with weed in your car you almost have to walk right up to a cop and shove it in his face to get popped for that.

    The combination of arrogance, stupidity and entitlement in so many of these players would be amazing if you didn’t see it exercised so often.

  20. punkyqb says: Feb 27, 2013 2:57 PM

    “This just in: J’Marcus Webb traded to the Lions for a 4th round pick.”

    Actually we need a 3rd.-rounder.

  21. hyzers says:

    “The Bears got him in the 7th round and the Lions have 3 offensive tackles that are better than this scrub.”

    So do all the other teams in the league…What’s your point?

  22. Two issues here: One major. One minor.

    The major, of course, is whether it should be legal and become part of a legal, taxable industry. A debate for another place and time.

    The minor issue is that it is illegal right now, like it or not, and mostly it’s the morons that caught. Most people who smoke pot will never have a run in with the police.

    Until it is legal, it might be a good idea to be a little less stupid.

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