League will investigate questioning of Nick Kasa at Combine

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On Tuesday, Colorado tight end Nick Kasa told ESPN Radio Denver that he was asked, by at least one team at the Scouting Combine, “Do you like girls?”

The NFL does not like that.

Spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the NFL will investigate the situation.

“We will look into the report on the questioning of Nick Kasa at the Scouting Combine,” Aiello said.  “Any team or employee that inquires about impermissible subjects or makes an employment decision based on such factors is subject to league discipline.”

Apart from the breaking of league rules, teams who ask those questions could be breaking the law.

“Like all employers, our teams are expected to follow applicable federal, state and local employment laws,” Aiello said.  “It is league policy to neither consider nor inquire about sexual orientation in the hiring process.  In addition, there are specific protections in our collective bargaining agreement with the players that prohibit discrimination against any player, including on the basis of sexual orientation.”

Kasa appeared on Wednesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the questions.  And while Kasa suggested it was asked jokingly, the league offices realizes it’s no joke.

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58 responses to “League will investigate questioning of Nick Kasa at Combine

  1. I don’t think this is going to help this kid’s draft stock. Coming into the league complaining about the hiring process is a poor way to go about getting hired. Snitches get stitches.

  2. We will look into the situation, acknowledge it, verify it, then completely discount it.

    – Aiello

  3. This is getting ridiculous. They were just seeing how he would react to awkward question. I don’t think they were actually questioning his sexuality. It’s like military basic training. All that stress they put on you is to weed out the people who can’t deal with random crap being thrown at them.

  4. Either he was just speaking too freely and said something that wasn’t necessarily true, or someone actually asked him that dumb question.

    If someone honestly asked him whether he liked girls, or in other words, if he was gay, then they need to smoke out the SOB and toss him outta the league for life to make an example out of them.

    Zero tolerance for bigots.

  5. The news here is, is that if a player tells the truth, it could be seen as a red flag on his character in the world of the NFL.

    So theres the lesson, kids, don’t tell the truth, tell them what they want to hear.

  6. Hey kid. You’re in a position to earn quite a bit of money as part of a small/elite fraternity. Keep your mouth shut.

  7. I guess all the super-sensitive types are giving r8rsfan thumbs down. I logged on to say the same thing. The team that interviewed him definitely took him off their list, and probably many other teams as well. Kid created a stir by running his mouth.

  8. If you’ve ever hired someone to do anything, you know there’s an entire series of questions you can’t ask in the interview process. Given the dollars at stake, you’d figure NFL teams could at least someone to Indy who was also aware of this.

  9. Frankly I’m surprised at all the super sensitive people out there who can’t handle inappropriate questions or bigotry being challenged.

    The times have changed. Toughen up, suck it up, and keep your unfounded fears and bigotry to yourself (and out of job interviews).

  10. Is there anything that Goodell does not investigate? Is he running the FBI or a professional football organization?

  11. To those claiming the “PC Patrol” who are considering looking into finding a job. Know your rights, they aren’t even allowed to ask if you are married, or have children, because for some jobs they may view it as they aren’t your top priority and you may be “difficult” when it comes to familial responsibilities. Hence why these laws exist, to protect you. If in fact they cross him off their lists for “snitching,” and can prove it, then the teams will be paying out the nose for it in court.

  12. Wait a second, how is the league required to follow equal opportunity laws with potential players? They discriminate based on disability all the time.

    If they’re not allowed to do that then Jarvis Jones should sue about his spinal stenosis being an issue. And Star Lotulelei should not have been sent home for his heart condition.

  13. First of all I am not a lawyer or an HR manager, but I did research and this is based (partially) on what I have seen at my company.
    There is actually no law that prohibits asking about sexual orientation or that prevents discrimination against gay people. Some companies choose to implement a policy against such behavior or hiring policies, but there is nothing in the law that prevents companies from doing it.
    As part of our HR Presentation, which I have seen about 200 times, it says we do not discriminate against [any of the protected status]. It also says we have adopted a policy of non discrimination based on sexual orientation.

  14. Lets say an NFL team hires a gay player and then that player goes on to sexually harass someone wouldn’t the team then be at fault for placing the victim in a situation where they could be harassed (nude showers, lots of man on man touching, etc)? So couldn’t a straight player not only file a sexual harassment suit against the predator but also against the team and the NFL? Also then couldn’t the predator sue the NFL and the team for not making special accommodations and putting them in a position of excitement?

    But in turn the NFL and its teams are not allowed to ask if a player is gay and so no special accommodations can be provided.

    Sounds like a lawyers dream.

  15. Rams should’ve asked Sam Bradford this before the 2010 Draft. They would’ve found out then what the world will find out about soon

  16. The idea that “They’re paying these kids millions of dollars so they can ask whatever they want” is shocking and foolish.

    It is “those capable of paying for the privilege should be allowed to say and do as they please, because it is their money that establishes right and wrong.” Does that sound right to you?

  17. Even if he does sue, there may be a loophole that would allow the team involved to get out of it. The equal opportunity employment laws apply only to companies that have 15 or more employees for 20 weeks of the current or preceding year. The team could actually argue that the players are not employees except during the 17 weeks per year that they actually receive game checks. They could make that same argument to cover coaches etc..In that case it could come down to the number of people they have that are not directly related to the operations of the football team.

  18. The people on this feed need to quit being so sensitive. This kid is only going to hurt himself, and frankly I don’t feel bad for him. Not a smart decision by him to come out and make a big story out a relatively small situation.

  19. If found out to be true, and his draft stock does indeed fall because he revealed this line of questioning, would he then not be able to sue the team(s) in question and maybe to a lesser degree the NFL, for potential lost salary (Asking Mr. Florio, cause I’m not sure)?

    Not that that’s necessarily the case, it’s entirely possible as some have suggested, that the team was merely attempting to determine how he handles himself when questions such as these arise (which they will) during his football career.

    My only suggestion is to think a little harder about the questions you throw out there. You can fluster someone without prying into personal information that really has no bearing upon their ability to play the game.

  20. In twenty states plus the District of Columbia it is illegal to discriminate on sexual orientation with regards to employment.

    In thirty states it is perfectly legal. So if the team that asked the questions was a franchise like the Falcons or the Cowboys, the team may have violated league policy, but they did not violate the law.

  21. I thought that we weren’t supposed to hear ANYTHING about ANYTHING that goes on in these interviews?

    So if this kid came out and reported this (see what I did there?) wouldn’t he be the one getting in trouble?

  22. Might have been Mara who asked — he has a history of running his mouth and getting the league in trouble….

  23. Jeff Ireland or Pete Carrol or Rex Ryan are my top suspects…

    And Belicheat would ask in a way that would circumvent what is allowed.

  24. As a business owner who has done his share of interviews, you cannot and should not ask questions about marital status or sexual orientation. This is 2013, a quarter of the states have gay marriage on the books, Dont Ask Dont Tell is rescinded, gay military servicemembers have come out and are getting married on base and the NFL is asking prospective employees if they are gay? Interesting.

    @onebucplace – Come on Man!

  25. So, they ask Kasa what he feels is an inappropriate question regarding his sexuality. Kasa feels that it is so inappropriate he lets people know that he was asked this question.

    And because he did this, people are actually castigating him and saying that he’s revealed a character flaw that will hurt his draft chances?

    Seems to me, that if you’re the kind of guy who stands up for what he thinks is right, that would be the kind of person I would want on my team. But I guess dumb and clueless is the baseline nowadays for most fans.

    With that level of expectation, people are actually surprised when these guys do something idiotic?

  26. Do not understand the problem, they ask questions you don’t expect all the time. Asking a man if his mother is a prostitute is 100x worst than asking him if he’s gay in a 15 minute interview to catch the kid offguard. The NFL is a fraternity of elite players, and your sexual orientation wouldn’t be a problem as long as you worked hard and gave it your all on every play, in my opinion. Culliver and idiots like him and very few now a days.

  27. As an HR professional who actually teaches College Courses on this – there is no such thing as an illegal question in an interview.

    You can ask anyone anything you want during the course of the interview.

    However, if you ask a question that is not work related, and possibly could be interpreted as infringing upon a protected category, you open yourself up to exposure (i.e. a lawsuit) if the candidate is not offered the position.

    In a prima facia case of discrimination, you would have to prove that you were qualified for the position, that you were discriminated against, and the position remained open after you were disqualified. Then it is up to the defendant to prove that their are justifiable reasons for passing on the candidate.

    In the case of the NFL – Teams are limited on the players they can hire – based on the draft. Teams could have plenty of legitimate reasons for passing on certain candidates – better candidates are available at that time, etc.

    Not a likely situation to see a successful lawsuit brought here.

  28. macwomack says:Feb 27, 2013 2:37 PM

    If its the Patriots the NFL will shred the evidence.

    And alas, yet again, an article regarding the entire NFL League brings out a comment pointing at the Patriots. Must be pretty sad to have nothing but the Patriots on your minds when reading Football News. Get over it Son..move on with your life. P.S. I guarantee you the Patriots were NOT one of the teams to ask that question.

  29. naes says:
    Feb 27, 2013 3:11 PM
    Wait a second, how is the league required to follow equal opportunity laws with potential players? They discriminate based on disability all the time.


    A disabled person cannot adequately perform the job of NFL Player so the law does not apply. If it did, we’d have deaf people in call centers and blind people giving driving test.

  30. You cannot legistlate stupidty. You would have thought that some of those GMs or who ever the person was, would have learned from the Jeff Ireland fiasco. Obiously not. Some of the GMs are so neolythically incompetent, it is mindboggling. Whoever asked Kasa that question should be fired out of shear stupdity.

  31. mcg8569 says:
    Feb 27, 2013 3:36 PM
    I thought that we weren’t supposed to hear ANYTHING about ANYTHING that goes on in these interviews?

    So if this kid came out and reported this (see what I did there?) wouldn��t he be the one getting in trouble?

    Use your head for a few seconds. Do you really think there’d be a law allowing employers to say or do whatever they want in an interview?

  32. This is some moron from one team taking a dump on the NFL shield. Whether it’s illegal or not, it’s massively stupid. The question doesn’t get you anything another question could, and it goes where no NFL sponsor wants to go. Monumentally stupid – I would not want the person who asked the question on my staff – he’s obviously clueless.

  33. @nyfootballgiants

    … not so fast… draftees are forced to play for the the teams that draft them. they are not permitted to join other teams if they find the employment criteria objectionable.

    agree otherwise… no questions are ‘illegal’ in the same sense that anyone can sue anyone for anything… neither in itself is meaningful until it is acted upon.

  34. If I were a GM I would draft the first guy who decked some old, pompous jerk for asking a question like this …

  35. Anyone taking bets on if the union reaches out to this guy to tell him not to cooperate in the investigation unless the league is ready to make some sort of concession?

  36. I look for the Browns to take him in the third round whether he likes girls or not. Good coaching will get him over any bashfulness.

  37. They also ask when the last time they smoked dope was. Everybody gasp!!! Their personal lives do matter. Do they have girls and babies all over or are they focused on a career? Those things are considered before mega bucks are dished out. This just sounds line the PC paranoids out in force. Now if they had asked “do you like boys?” there might be something there. Lol

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