Mathieu thinks he can cover Megatron, but respects him


Give former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu credit for two things during his comeback attempt at the Combine — his confidence, and self-awareness.

After completing his on-field drills yesterday, Mathieu was asked by the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders if he thought he’d be able to play outside, since most assume his size has him destined for slot duties.

“I feel like if I was to check somebody like a Calvin Johnson, he’ll make his plays, but I’m definitely going to get mine, too,” Mathieu said, via “He’s going to catch his five balls, but I’m going to get my two turnovers, so we’ll be even.”

Of course, Mathieiu is giving up eight inches and 50 pounds to the Lions star, another significant hurdle he’d have to overcome.

But lest anyone think he’s still too cocky, Mathieu took to Twitter this morning to clear things up.

“You got to understand I have the ultimate respect for Calvin Johnson,” Mathieu tweeted. “He is a freak of an baller & the best in the game but I’m gon compete.”

Mathieu has had his share of issues, but his sensitivity about a relatively innocuous remark proves that he A) has sensitive handlers and that B) he’s taking his need to prove himself as a person seriously.

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  1. I know this is not a popular view, but I actually think it was a good thing that Mathieu could not do bench press reps. That tells me that he has been serious about rehab and working with Patrick Peterson to focus on his off field problems, and not thinking about impressing everyone with his ball skills while ignoring his real problems. We shall see.

  2. gotta like his confidence but if you’re giving up eight inches to megatron he’s giving you his 9 inches for six

  3. Mathieu has a rare, natural ability. Did you see how effortlessly he moves and could snatch a ball out of the air during his combine drills? He caught them all.

    But, if you go back and review the BCSCGame, those big ‘Bama boys out jumped him and McCarron targeted his area of the field often. Mathieu was ineffective in bringing them down.

    So thinking TM can play outside on a pro D is pure folly, though Mathieu–or any player–would never admit to that in an interview.

    He’s a damn good baller though and I hope a team can make good use of him.

  4. A guy who is short, light, not that fast and can only bench 225 four times covering Megatron?

    How can you cover a guy that knocks you on your keester as soon as the play starts?

  5. I liked his game in college but at the sametime thought he was overrated… more so with the HB moniker and National media swinging on his.

    Now when I look at him something just doubts he’s really trying to make it in the NFL. But rather just trying to get a payday that will push him back to his smoking ways, blowing money producing bad rap music, and “keeping it real”.

    Pro Outlook if he does make it: Special Teams Returner/Mismatch Liability in the Secondary.

  6. Wouldve been funny if he said he wouldnt be able to cover Titus Young…which would only be true because Titus doesnt have a team ..

  7. Wasn’t a big fan of Mathieu before this but I like his attitude, I would love for him to ball out on the Raiders.

    Great article Darin, thank you for not tattooing it with cynicism.

  8. This guy can barely bench press 225 pounds 4 times. When he’s trying to cover a built NFL player (not a college player) he’s going to get tossed around like a little doll. He may think he’s a honey badger, but he’s more like a guinea pig.

  9. Total non-story. What are these players supposed to say, that they suck? Any lazy journalist can manufacture a controversy by asking player x how they would do against great player y and mouthbreathing fans react to it like Pavlov’s Dog.

  10. All the he can “ONLY” bench 225 four times….how many times can you Herculean monsters throw up 225? Its not like we’re talking about 50 pounds here people. That said he is probably a nickel guy based on size alone. I bet he’s a very good nickel

  11. If honey badger tried to even touch calvin within 5 yards, he would be planted in the turf before he knew what happened, meanwhile calvin would be streaking down the field alone.

  12. Sometimes players need to understand what they are saying, he hasn’t faced NFL speed or skill set. I’m all for believing in yourself but he needs to be checked into the reality Hotel!

  13. whoever says they can cover calvin (besides tillman), or are better them him or want his kind of money are disrespecting him. megatron could go down as the best WR ever in the game if he keeps on and stays healthy.

    this guy would get roasted quicker than the blunts he smokes by mega… now that i think about it this guy MUST of been smoking something before this interview to ever say that..considering he prob cant even cover victor cruz

  14. This kid can play football bottom line if it were all about the combine half the star’s in this leauge would have never been drafted at all…. YOU guys think Tom Brady lite it up at the combine.

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