Nine days in and no tags yet

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The window for applying the franchise or transition tag flew open nine days ago.  To date, none of the NFL’s 32 teams has applied either tag.

That could change soon, and not simply because only five days remain before the window slams shut until next year at this time.

Now that the flame has been extinguished on the Underwear Olympics and coaches and General Managers and other execs have returned home (except for the Colts employees who never had to leave home in the first place), decisions can be finalized and implemented regarding the use of the franchise or transition tag.

In Indianapolis, teams conducted a wide range of meetings.  Many amounted to tampering with looming free agents or players facing pay-cut ultimatums.  Others involved attempts to sign their own free agents to long-term deals without using the franchise or transition tag.

Now that this process has ended, it’ll soon be time to tag or get off the pot.

4 responses to “Nine days in and no tags yet

  1. Because no one wants to use the tag and at the moment it’s better served as a threat to all upcoming FAs.

    At the last moment we’ll have a bunch come rolling in. I fully expect the Fins to franchise Randy Starks.

  2. And stop with the Underwear Olympics stuff. It’s not funny, it’s not catching on, and you look awkward for including it in every single post about the Combine. Lame.

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