Niners are in position to dominate the draft, and the NFL

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Three years ago, former Eagles coach Andy Reid fleeced the Redskins for a second-round pick for quarterback Donovan McNabb.  Now, it looks like Reid could be the fleecee.

Regardless of whether Alex Smith works out better for the Chiefs than McNabb did for the Redskins, the Niners have landed a high second-round pick this year and a conditional selection in 2014 for a guy who, barring injury to Colin Kaepernick, was going to be sitting on the bench.

The selection gives the 49ers a whopping 15 picks in 2013, allowing them to dominate the draft, Patriots style.  If, for example, there’s a team that wants to move up to the 34th overall pick and get the highest remaining quarterback on the board, the Niners could stockpile even more selections — maybe even a first-round selection in 2014.

The arsenal of picks also allows the 49ers to, whether now or in the future, pile up more and more players who, if those picks are used wisely, can position the 49ers to contend for multiple championships.

At a time when the defending champs are staring down the kind of turnover that could make it hard to repeat, the Niners are better suited than any Super Bowl loser in years to get back to the big game and win it.

If that happens, it’ll be the first time a team lost the Super Bowl and then return to win the game since the 1972 Dolphins.

77 responses to “Niners are in position to dominate the draft, and the NFL

  1. or their offense can get figured out like the Dolphins wild cat craze and some injuries come along and they flop out and don’t make playoffs and everyone says how they are a huge disappointment….its happened before.

  2. The key to the whole article is this phrase: “if those picks are used wisely”

    I remember hearing a few years back about how the Patriots were draft geniuses because they had stockpiled picks. How many titles have they won lately?

  3. You can hate Harbaugh, the Niners, Kaep, Gore or whoever and as a fan we all hate specific teams..its what makes the Nfl great and makes you love your team more. But you cannot deny the fact that the Niners know exactly what they are doing and have done everything you could do to set themselves up to be a top tier organization. After losing the super bowl, this takes a little of the sting away. Go Niners!

  4. Yawn. Words mean nothing once the season starts.

    San Fran is a great organization with a great chance to win a Super Bowl. But, 31 other teams will have their say.

    “Dominate the draft, Patriots style”

    Has that converted to a championship lately?

  5. A different perspective is they have enough draft picks. They are now vunerable to losing playoff home field advantage with a short kaepernick injury if Seattle continues to progress.

  6. There are football players in this world. The niners have some of the football players. Long passes, short passes, run plays. Its all part of the game. Have a nice day everybody!!!!

  7. If this is true, it’s a fantastic deal for the 9ers. We all wish Alex the very best. Lots of people will hate on this deal for KC, but Alex can do well in Reid’s system and if they can play decent defense they might be able to creep into a wildcard position. The Chargers and the Raiders will offer little resistance. Besides the top teams, I view the AFC as wide open.

    Regarding everything else you are mentioning here, I’d like to cite the infamous Mr. Wolf and his famous line. The 9ers are in a fantastic position and will be in an even better one, but anything can happen and the division is very tough and will get tougher. “Lets not go…just yet.”

  8. If I hear one more time that the 9’ers are the dominating team in football I think I will choke.

    Oh wait, that is what SF does when they get to the big game!

  9. For anyone saying “there is still a cap”…


    They aren’t gonna use all those picks. they are going to be trading all over the place to get the guys they want and move some of those picks for better picks next year.

    Moreover, Baalke can draft. He knows talent. Mike Iupati. Anthony Davis. Navorro Bowman. Aldon Smith. Colin Kaepernick. Chris Culliver. Kendall Hunter. Bruce Miller. LaMichael James.

    ALL Baalke picks. 4 of those guys have already been All Pros and Novorro has been All-Pro twice.

  10. Having too many rookies on your team is never a smart move. There is no room on any roster for 15 rookies. Well, maybe for a rebuilding team, but not a team that just went to the Super Bowl.

  11. Exactly how did the redskins get fleeced in that trade?? We was able to get Alfred Morris after trading McNabb but the eagles drafted Nate Allen (ask eagles fans how that worked out)… he still in the league?

  12. If the Niners are smart they’ll package those picks and move up in the draft to find impact players. Otherwise they’ll be drafting a lot of bench warmers

  13. @dontouchmyjunk

    If you really think the Niners are going to select 15 players in the draft then you are completely missing the point.

    draft picks are currency in the NFL. You package them to move up. You use them to aquire vets (Revis, Harvin). You can trade them for BETTER picks the following year (which is how they got 2 or 3 of them to begin with).

    The point here is that they are in the driver seat to sustain their success becasue they will most likely have multiple picks for some time to replace aging players.

    Its something that Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick have done.

  14. First off …Kappy doesn’t run around like RG3…very few designed runs…and he doesnt get hit…most hits he’s taken were in the backfield…he’s a passer first…as for the trade…and all the picks…if you can restock with quality young (inexpensive ) players …you can be contenders every year… Niners are the next dynesty….

  15. I would have agreed with you in past drafts but there really aren’t any game changing, elite players in this draft. Thereafter some good players, but no one is elite, hence why there’s no true #1 overall pick. Plus, we’ve seen a lot of teams have a bunch of picks before and not do anything in the draft. Take last year for example, what draft picks played for the 49ers last year, other then the RB who was hurt a majority of the season. Just because you have a bunch of picks doesn’t mean they will be successful picks. My bet would be a majority of those 14 picks won’t see the field this season

  16. Any team that would trade next year’s first round pick for this 2nd round pick to take one of these mediocre quarterbacks should be fired on the spot.

  17. To many picks to keep them all they need to trade some for future picks to keep the train rolling down hill. Trade some to move up for better players it can be workout.

  18. Why do people keep saying that the Niners have too many draft choices? It gives them mulitple opportunites to trade up or down this year or in the future plus ability to offer picks in trades for a player. Smart move.

  19. 15 new rookies is a tough one even if you send 7 to practice squad. I see SF using those picks to trade up to fill upgrade needs. They could potentially trade up for another first to add a pass rusher or someone to eventually replace Justin Smith considering age and potential injury concerns. I think that’s the smart way to approach it especially when this class is deep in middle/lower tier pass rushers (by that I mean no one really deserves to be top 10, but a lot of guys who would be middle/late 1st if the class wasn’t so deep).

  20. “If the Niners are smart they’ll package those picks and move up in the draft to find impact players. Otherwise they’ll be drafting a lot of bench warmers”

    With the possibility of losing Goldson and one of or both NTs along with needing a guy to groom to replace Justin Smith in the future this draft is very loaded at S and DL and there are more than a few 3-4 NTs and DEs in this draft. I’d say if they used all 3 picks in round 1-2 two of the 3 would have a legit shot at starting now.

    On a side note it’s about time Andy Reid had to pay a second rounder to get another team’s backup QB. He made a living off that exact thing.

  21. No guarantee He signs with KC own his own..So why not grab him now? I mean really..KC is not a hot destination spot for NFL players.

  22. What bilge. The Seahawks are already better than the 49ers and only a lucky tie with the rams gave them the division. The Seahawks are younger, quicker and more physical, and have the better QB. The only reason the Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl this season was because the NFL made them an eastern time zone road playoff game at 10 AM and they didn’t even wake up until the 2nd half. The 49ers will be lucky to stay ahead of the Rams, much less keep up with the Seahawks. And by the way, the Seahawks have 10 picks in this draft too.

    “Domination?” I’ll tell you what domination is; 42-13. That’s domination. What a joke of a post.

  23. Ravens made kaep throw the ball and he accounted for 14pts that killed his team, badly over thrown ball to moss led to a td, bad accuracy to 2 wide open rec in the end zone that cost them a td. And he got away with a pick when the Ravens dropped the ball. He was figured out. Will not win with the option

  24. @r8rsfan says:
    Feb 27, 2013 1:12 PM
    Last I heard there was still a salary cap. Still have to pay all those picks.
    Rookies don’t have to be paid as they used to.

  25. So the Niners are set to dominate the NFL after losing a Super Bowl? Hate to be the bearer of bad news but history doesn’t reflect kindly on teams that’ve recently lost the Big Game.
    They’ve lost a NFC Title Game and a SB the past two seasons.
    Wasted opportunities.
    So good luck with that “domination” thing.

  26. Everything I have seen shows that the 49’ers have 11 picks in the draft plus proceeds from the Smith deal which makes the total 12. Where do the extra 3 picks come from?

  27. Seriously, you’re talking dynasty when they haven’t even won the big one yet (in the past 18 years anyway). Lets see them win a Super Bowl before we anoint the the team of the decade.

  28. 1. I think Florio is getting a little carried away with this trade equating to domination by the 9ers.

    2. In the long run, Smith is the better QB. I just don’t think his future team will know how to let him succeed like his former team finally figured out.

    Option offenses are just a flash in the pan.

  29. Unless the roster limit is expanded to 68, this can only serve to make a good team slightly better. The cap will prevent them from piling up high picks year over year, and on a good team you’re not going to add a huge amount of depth. In other words, replacing journeymen with high-round picks isn’t sustainable.

    But, it definitely is better to have more picks than fewer picks, so I suppose they are in a good spot.

  30. Rtant2013 we didn’t have a bunch last year, we traded a bunch for picks this year.. As for the players we drafted,we weren’t drafting players who we thought would play this year(Jenkins,James,looney) and thoes were our top picks from rounds 1-4.. if you’re drafting for starters all the time you’re not playing for Superbowls you are rebuilding. Not saying you don’t want to find stars but we are drafting and acquiring picks for the future stars.

  31. PERFECT !!!

    So when Kap gets whacked in week 3 they can trade all those picks and players to the Cheifs to get Alex back.

  32. you still have only 53 guys, and need to be under cap….I agree Niners are solid for the next couple of years, but looks like they might start to fall apart in 2015 when Kapernick, aldon smith, culliver, iupati, anthony davis, crabtree, and gore are all UFA’s…….you might be able to afford one or two of them but with the commitments they already have with others, thats about it.

  33. The biggest thing the Niners have going for them is that they have failed to win the Superbowl. There is some hope of retaining good players at a decent price if they don’t have a ring.

    Once you have a ring, you’ll start having guys take a payday to play on a terrible team. Plus you’ll have vets that could probably play another year or two who will decide to hang it up. Then on top of that, you’ll have to pay whatever young guys are coming off a rookie contract.

  34. So did anyone think about what happens if Kaepernick goes down? SF now has to go get a strong backup QB – and there will be a cost for that.

    If Smith, a pocket passer, goes down in the season but SF is saved by having Kaepernick, as the backup, what happens now WHEN they need a good backup.

    Oops I say. Oops.

  35. Why is everybody worried about Kap getting injured? He is a pocket passer first and a runner later… The option is him deciding if he wants to hand it off to RB or PASS!!! NOT RUN fools…. The running part only comes in when pocket is broken or play is not there!

    Very few plays are designed for Kaepernick to run straight from the huddle

    If we use your logic then every player who makes contact on majority of plays (DL, OL, RB, LB, TE) have a worst chance of being injured!

    Kap has just a much chance as being injured as Tom Brady just because he has the ability to run does not make him more susceptible to injury!

    You people kill me with you twilight zone knowledge of football…

  36. They probably should win *one* Super Bowl with their current team before we start speculation about “dominating the league.”

  37. How come fans of teams with running quarterbacks constantly tell people that, no, their QB is a pocket quarterback first?

    You are the only ones that believe this.

  38. This is the first of a several moves the 49ers make this year.

    The best roster in NFL has a NFL-high 15 picks with 5 picks in the Top 92. There is no room for this youth. They are trading half of these away for the future or moving up significantly. My guess… the Super Bowl window is short and they will trade several picks and move up in draft.

    Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson is probably gone. This is another big move coming soon.

    Replacing Goldson will be a big move too.

    This is going to get interesting in a matter of weeks.

  39. ALL Baalke picks. 4 of those guys have already been All Pros and Novorro has been All-Pro twice.

    No one’s saying Baalke can’t draft Marvin, but the “weird” thing about All-Pros is they tend to want to be the highest paid players at their positions.

    The 49ers will be in cap hell or dismantled(at least the main parts of this year’s team) within the next 2 seasons.

  40. Teams don’t dominate the NFL—the 15-1 season by Green Bay and 16-0 by New England are the two closest things to domination and neither won the Super Bowl that year. These Niners are good but haven’t won a thing yet. At this point they are nothing more than a team with unfulfilled promise. Shoot, they might just be the new Buffalo Bills for all we know.

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