Pioli: Niners-Chiefs agreement hasn’t been finalized


Former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli has launched a media career with multiple outlets, including NBC Sports Network.  On Wednesday, he appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio to discuss that trade that his former team has made for a quarterback.

And Pioli offered a caveat — the deal may not be completely finished.

“The one thing I have heard talking to some good sources is this thing has not been completely finalized yet,” Pioli said.  “I think they are still working through some of the absolute details of what the compensation is.  Because I think what happens in these trades, if you give up a pick for something or if you’re going to give up two picks, what’s been a new trend in the NFL is people generally kick picks back.  Because teams don’t like to see their, even if they are going to give up a higher pick they want to get something later in the draft so they at least have a volume of picks to have more opportunities.”

In other words, if the Chiefs are giving up a second-round pick to the 49ers, they could be getting a seventh-round pick back from the 49ers.

Even if a deal is finalized, nothing is official until both teams call in the trade to the league office.  And that can’t even happen until after 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 12.

20 responses to “Pioli: Niners-Chiefs agreement hasn’t been finalized

  1. It’s a little surprising that Pioli still has “good sources” in KC who are willing to talk to him. All the reports are that he left a lot of burning bridges behind him when they gave him the boot.

  2. Chiefs get ready for Captain Checkdown! Alex Smith.

    One of the worst trade in KC history! two, 2nd round picks for a guy whos reputation is a game manager and coach killer.

    I hope he does the same with Reid if this trade does go down.

  3. Basically, the Chiefs want a late round pick – which the 49ers have multiple picks in the 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds – and may be haggling over the 2014 conditional terms (15 TDs vs. 12 TDs, 12 starts vs. 8 starts).

    Sounds like massaging of the details rather than a hurdle.

  4. smith as a coach killer??? hate to correct you, but ever 49ers coach since seifert lost their job by themselves. singletary lost it because he cant distinguish an x from an o.

  5. Coach killer?

    True or False: Nolan and Singletary were forced to start Smith against their will and have since gone on to have great head coaching careers elsewhere.

    BTW, this deal can’t be finalized for two more weeks, but they’ve already agreed on a trade that will happen that day. My guess is that they might be looking to swap some picks to make the trade a little better for both sides.

  6. Smith is such a wild card. Although I think reid is a good QB coach smith wasn’t good until he played for harbaugh.
    I now think the chiefs might be able to give denver a little trouble but denver will probably still win the division

  7. Andy Reid always knew when someone was done and it was time for him to leave Philly, even if the person leaving wasn’t quite aware he was done. So Andy now had Andy leave Philly. The terms of the Smith trade tell you why. Not to mention that Smith will never be able to play in a Reid offense. Feel sorry for the KC fans. They’ve heard this song before.

  8. I don’t exactly consider Scott Pioli the most objective observer when it comes to the Chiefs, after the incredibly lousy (though self-impressed) job he did there.

  9. For everyone bashing this deal for the chiefs, I would love to hear your brilliant ideas on what else the chiefs should do for next year. Did you watch them last year? QB play absolutely killed them. Just killed them. While Smith is nothing more than a solid game manager, that will be a remarkable step up for them that will allow them to be competitive. If not Smith, who else? The great Matt Flynn? If they reached for a weak QB in the draft instead of taking an all-world left tackle, most here bashing them for the Smith deal would also be crushing them for the draft. A bit of an over-payment for Smith to be sure, but that is the nature of QB in the NFL.

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