ProFootballTalk: Panthers searching for depth at WR?

While Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell are a decent receiving duo, the Panthers are still on the search for depth at the WR position. Who is on the Panthers wish list?

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6 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Panthers searching for depth at WR?

  1. I liked the Gettleman hire at first. Now? I’m not so sure. This guy thinks that LaFell is pretty damn good?! Are u kidding? Please tell me you are kidding! OK even if u are not kidding, you’re telling me that LaFell is as good as a Mike Wallace? Or that LaFell has the same ceiling as Mike Wallace? C’mon, man. Wallace can run 2 40 yd dashes in the same time that LaFell can run one. Nuff said. Gettleman don’t be a fool, or this fan base will hang u like we hung Hurney! You better go back to the tape ASAP! LaFell disappeared in the last 6 games last yr (the games in which we played the best)

  2. What will this be Lafell’s 4th year? Let me know how the Panthers plan to sign Mike Wallace with no cap space? More importantly, why haven’t their been any cuts to free space or restructures yet when the likes of Canty and Jenkins would fill major needs up front.

  3. Brandon LaFell was one of the best WR’S on 3rd down converstions in the league last season check the numbers and he missed a few game with a foot injury. All yall none football players ever think about is speed. Jerry Rice didnt have speed and he the Greatest WR ever. Study the game and learn football. smh

  4. Jiggybone, bro, your comment is so frustrating. We have been a 2-10, 6-10 team, a 7-9 team with LaFell on the other side of Smith. Nuff said. He’s a decent 3rd down receiver sometimes, but your line of thinking is the same line of thinking that is the reason why we suck! Marty Hurney Jr. is your name. I don’t care what u think— Mike Wallace > Brandon LaFell (many times over).

  5. Diehardcatz is right on this one. Lafell has la-failed. The panthers need to seriously upgrade at WR and have needed to for quite a while now. Smith is past his prime and teams just don’t fear him like they once did.

    Not sure what Gettleman is thinking other than he wants WRs on the cheap.

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