Report: Jets discussed Revis trade with multiple teams at Combine

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The Jets didn’t talk to the representatives for cornerback Darrelle Revis at the Scouting Combine, but they did talk about Revis.

The New York Daily News reports that Jets General Manager John Idzik talked about a Revis trade with multiple teams in Indianapolis. A source told the Daily News Idzik was “actively” shopping Revis, and teams that have interest in acquiring him are exploring both what they’d need to give the Jets to get him, and what they’d need to give Revis to sign him to a new contract.

According to the report, Jets coach Rex Ryan is out of the loop on trade talks. Ryan, who has frequently talked up Revis as one of the NFL’s truly elite players, would presumably not be happy if Revis were sent packing. But the idea to trade Revis apparently stems from owner Woody Johnson, and Idzik is working to satisfy the boss, regardless of what Ryan thinks.

Revis is coming off a season that was lost to a torn ACL, and he’s entering the final year of the four-year contract he signed after a lengthy holdout in 2010. The Jets seem to think they’re going to lose him in free agency a year from now anyway, and that they might as well get something for him now.

78 responses to “Report: Jets discussed Revis trade with multiple teams at Combine

  1. Any team that trades for Revis is going to have to deal with him wanting a huge contract and a possible hold out. He already threatened the Jets with it before they called his bluff. Why you would give up picks and commit the money this guy will want is beyond me. Draft 3 young kids and hope one of them is good. Why would a team like the Saints give up draft picks, then say, oh boy now we have a hold out if we dont give into Revis’s historically insane contract demands. Your basically paying out the nose to pay out the nose. Revis is a good player, but he is not worth it.

  2. Wow we can see already how the media is going to portray the whole Ryan Idzik Johnson JETS organization. Should be an exhausting year ending in a firing. makes me want to root for Ryan just because the media has clearly marked him.

  3. what’s market value for a selfish broken down 1 year wonder anyway? a 3rd pick for Revis would be plenty considering he is about to hold out again meaning more hold outs than good seasons

  4. LOL both Deion and Champ were traded in their prime… Revis isn’t elite however. If you want to see elite CB’s, check out Brandon Carr, and Sherman; Possibly Mo Claibourne next year

  5. Everyone is saying he isn’t worth it – I mean, if a shutdown corner isn’t worth it, what is? Coordinators rave about his ability to eliminate a side of the field from the passing game and the defensive schemes that allows for.

    His last 4-year deal was so-so. I think he should be able to reach for whatever the market is willing to pay.

  6. Jets are a messed up organization thru and thru but they may have indirectly gotten more out of revis delaying his big contract with band aids to keep them under the cap every year with mega signing bonuses or whatever pushing back the cap hit a year or 2 each time, not fiscally responsible whatsoever but if they paid him a long term deal he would have bombed 2 years ago after he got it, no motive to keep playing for big money. Guess we will see this year he is going to have to get paid this or next year.
    I miss Tannenbaum and his ” lets lock up Sanchez after Peyton laughed in our face instead of our best player by a mile” attitude

  7. Revis is all about Revis it isn’t about the team. These type of guys that feel they are special isn’t the type of player I would want on my team. He is injury prone anyway.

  8. I wonder if the pats could pull off a trade for revis, I know it’s within the division and rivals and all but they have the desperate need for a cb, and the cap room, plus the jets are among the most cash strapped teams in the league and Idzik seems committed to getting them in the green no matter what (releasing all the veterans).
    As a jets hater and huge Pats fan I would welcome Revis with open arms if he was willing to come and was committed. Is there any hope whatsoever of this happening MDS?

  9. So the coach is officially and totally out of the loop on personnel decisions. Same ole Jets…..dysfunctional.

  10. As a life long Jets fan and HUGE Revis supporter, I say trade him. It is sad because he truly is 1 of the best D players in the entire NFL but he comes with tons of baggage.

    Finally glad to see a Jets GM do what it takes to make the team better not just right now but in the future.

    If they do trade Revis, they need to resign Landry.

  11. As a die hard jets fan I need to educate some of the haters on this thread:
    A. Revis is not a one year wonder he had 5 all pro seasons before last year when he got hurt so if anybody calls him a 1 year wonder they are ignorant to what is going on.
    B. Revis is the best defensive player in football(if healthy) so if he proves he is healthy this year the jets should sign him to a long term deal and give him his money…he deserves it
    C. The Jets will never get equal value for a player like Revis especially coming off an injury so trading him now would be one of the stupidest moves in franchise history. It would be almost as dumb as drafting Kyle Brady over warren Sapp when they already had a starting tight end in Johnny Mitchell.
    D. Champ Bailey was traded in his prime for Clinton Portis just to educate one of the idiots on this thread
    E. Knowing how stupid woody Johnson is in a football sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if the jets do the ultimate stupid move and trade the best defensive player in franchise history (and the second best corner ever) for something as measley as a 2nd round pick

    It’s painful to be a jets fan I wouldn’t recommend it.

  12. Well after dealing with his Uncle and his antics, I can honestly say I hope the Skins don’t trade for him…holding out for large contracts seems to run in the family….

  13. Saints will take him for 1/4 of his contract, an injury clause and will take JETS 3rd round pick.

    In exchange for Chase Daniels as an upgrade to the QB position, and we will throw in Devery and Roman.

    That sounds like equal value for this headache of a solid DB.

  14. As good as he is, I’m not breaking the bank for a player unless he’s a franchise QB, and especially for a somewhat injury prone CB.

  15. “First round and second round draft picks 2014 and 2015 plus a top tier player this year”

    You will never get that, even on Madden.

  16. The guy who said Deion and Champ weren’t traded in their prime was making a joke, one that flew over the heads of those five guys who couldn’t wait to ridicule him. It’s called being facetious.

  17. how can anyone get mad at an elite NFL player holding out to get the money they want and deserve?

    In this NFL market, the teams have the power. Once you get older or start to underperform, they ask you to restructure or get cut.

    So when a team’s #1 priority is cap and money, why shouldnt a players #1 priority be cash??
    especially since they are the ones putting themselves on the line??

    hold out, get paid.

    no one beef’s when manning signs a $28 mil deal and leaves his team stranded.

  18. And I thought last year was rich with Sanchez, Ryan, Tebow, Cromatartie, on and on.

    Revis is steaming mad and this is oh so great.

    Is there any popcorn left?

  19. His another Asamougha…..he’s over the hill…coming of an ACL….and wants FAR too much money

    I wouldn’t give a 7th rounder for this malcontent.

    NOOOO team is going to give a bunch of high picks and then ALSO have to pay him some grossly over blown contract.

    The Jets will be lucky to get a fifth rounder for this dude.

    ONE corner is NOT a game changer….they just throw to the other side.

    And mark my words…he wont be going to the Patriots….Steelers…49ers….Packers….Falcons……or Ravens. Now the Broncos are a possibility since Champ Bailey was a huge help in letting my Ravens make the superbowl.

    Its an age old saying…you build through the draft…not by buying big money free agents like Albert Haynesworth or Mario Williams or Asamougha

  20. Steelers were going to draft him before Jets moved ahead of them in the draft. Maybe the trade for him and free up some salary this year. Get them to throw Tebow in too, the Steelers also wanted to draft him. Maybe get Shone Green thrown in also. Then just give the Jets Mendenhall and your whole Draft this year. I bet Revis would take less money to play on the Steelers.

  21. This sounds to me like the Jets are starting all over. I think it sounds like Woody just doesn’t want to pay Ryan not to work and he is basically a lame duck coach, with a front designed to appear that this is not the case. This is why the GM candidates had to commit to working with Ryan, albeit with assurances that the GM gets a pass for this year’s performance. They suck it up until they can get rid of Sanchez and Ryan at a lower cost to the organization next year. This is why Ryan is out of the loop, because they don’t really care what he has to say about it because he won’t be there after this year. The only problem I see with the move is that they are selling low on Revis. I wonder if they would be better off moving him after trading partners can see if he is healthy and returning to form. I wouldn’t want my team to give up a bounty for a guy coming off a torn ACL, unless there are good signs he is returning to form.

  22. how can anyone call revis the best defensive player in football when he has never won a DPOY award?

    hes a freaking corner, probably the most overrated position on defense, and not someone you build a franchise around

  23. I bet the Lions were one of the teams asking about a deal for Revis. The need a CB and are very active in the trading department. They have the #5 pick and are looking at Dee Milner the best CB in the Draft. Maybe they work out a deal with that pick and Revis. The Lions could add Shawn Hill as he is an upgrade at QB for the Jets. Can you do a sign and trade in the NFL like in NBA? If so maybe Cliff Avril is in the deal. I heard that Rex is a fan of Avril.

    Can someone answer that sign and trade question? Thanks

  24. Is Revis really worth the money he is going to demand at this point in his career? Just ask Philly what it’s like to break the bank for an “elite, shutdown” CB.

    As a Birds fan, the only thing I’d give them for Revis is Foles. They desperately need a QB and we don’t need him anymore with the direction that Kelly is choosing to go. I’ll keep my draft picks and take a much younger and much cheaper Dee Milliner with my #4 pick.

  25. If Revis agrees to $12 million a year he is tradable. No team will play a non QB $16 million a year no matter how good. His uncle the agent is a pain but if both of them realize $12 million is the top I think a lot of teams would be interested.

    I wouldn’t mind a trade to the Pats for their #1 plus Aaron Hernandez but I’m a Jet fan.

  26. Not only are Revis’ demands crazy, he’s coming off of a torn ACL. After All Day had an unheard of year after tearing is knee up, people seem to think it will be the norm for players to come back after knee injuries just as good as they were, or better. There’s far too many others who have come back from knee injuries and never been the same. Pull your head out of the grass.

  27. NE is on the verge of a SB but needs a corner.
    Revis would cost them 6 mil this year.
    NE needs to pull the trigger and get it done, then trade him next year. Keep dreaming ha-ha-ha.

  28. I’m a Raiders fan, we have no corners…And I don’t want us trading for Revis. Hes too self absorbed, i don’t believe you can win championships with attitudes like Revis’s. You can definitely win with his talent but his mental game is off. I’d rather have Nnamdi back then Darelle. Cheaper and more of an asset to the WHOLE team.

  29. The further away they get from Mangini the worse they get..Rex gets to 2 AFC Championships with Mangenious”s players and most of his coaches and the last 2 years they can’t bail that sinking ship fast enough..I know Jet fans don’t want to hear it but its true.

  30. gbar22 says:Feb 27, 2013 6:51 AM

    Wow we can see already how the media is going to portray the whole Ryan Idzik Johnson JETS organization. Should be an exhausting year ending in a firing. makes me want to root for Ryan just because the media has clearly marked him.

    Enjoy standing alone rooting for him.

  31. They won’t move Revis in the division. Don’t tell me Bledsoe and McNabb because it’s totally different situations. Woody isn’t smart enough to set aside his division rivalry anyway even if the deal was better.

    I could see this as a draft day deal once his new team fails to address CB in FA and misses out on their draft targets.

    I’d say a 3rd/4th this year plus a 1st and a 4th next year is fair compensation. Granted that’s with a team friendly extension which allows the new team to get out of the deal following season 2 and each following based on injury. Something along those lines, Revis should be desperate enough at this point to get out of there.

  32. Whomever they may be talking to have to realize that they are essentially buying a pig in a poke here. Two very big uncertainties make this deal almost a folly. 1) How hard is he working to come back as the player he was before he went down? Its almost certain that he will never be “Revis Island” at 100% again.
    And 2) He is gonna want a boatload of money in a contract extension that will most certainly cripple the team that gets him. That is a huge pile of if’s and what ifs for a cat that could very easily be done. The mention of a third or 4th round pick is also a joke tho; no way the Jets let him go that cheaply.

  33. Jets ought to be talking to the Niners about Revis.

    Niners are on the doorstep, and the SB exposed their need for a shut down CB right now.

  34. I dont understand Revis he made like 15 Mil a year for the last 3 years and didnt play to that money and he still think he deserves its. I watch the Bills throw at him atleast 10 times with 8 catches by Stevey Johnson shut down my ass.

  35. Cowboys should send Mo Claiborne and this year’s #2 for Revis provided they can work out a long-term contract for him in advance. I think the Jets would take that in a heartbeat.

  36. Chris Fiorentino says:

    Cowboys should send Mo Claiborne and this year’s #2 for Revis…

    C’mon, let’s get serious here people…no GM would EVER make that deal.

    Ugh, PFT has devolved into fantasyland.

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