Report: Multiple Cowboys candidates to have contracts reworked

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A contract extension for quarterback Tony Romo would make a lot of sense for the Cowboys. He’s in the final year of his contract, and he has a $16.8 million salary-cap number for 2013. The two sides have talked about an extension that would provide both sides security and give the Cowboys some cap relief.

That said, if a Romo extension doesn’t get done, the Cowboys might have to seek alternatives when it comes to cap space. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, wide receiver Miles Austin, cornerback Brandon Carr, offensive lineman Doug Free, guard Nate Livings, quarterback Kyle Orton, cornerback Orlando Scandrick, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware and tight end Jason Witten are potential candidates to have their contracts reworked in some way.

Rapoport noted that some restructurings may not entail a pay cut. Free and Austin have previously been reported to be players who could have their deals reworked. Free, who struggled a season ago at right tackle, could be moved to guard.

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  1. This cap mess could have been avoided if Jones didn’t pay way too much in extentions for Scandrick, which was nuts, Free, which was based on one play, and Livings, what was he thinking!?! Even Church, who was hurt last season, even received an extension!

  2. Church’s extension was a mill which is basically nothing. Yes free’s deal was bad but scandrick a deal for a solid slot corner isn’t all that bad it was market value. The truth is our cap problem isn’t any worse than most other teams we would only be over 15 mill if not for the five mill that was stolen from us by marra that slug. Every team has guys that do nothing but cap crunch it’s not as bad as people think we happened to make it work last year and we got 5 mill tacked on a day before free agency and we were able to make it work

  3. Perhaps all of those teammates are going to feel like Cowboy Fans when he starts lobbing interceptions, fumbling in the red zone, and being flagged for Delay of Game, etc.

  4. With Dez and Witten in place, $9M a year is WAY too much to pay Austin to be the oft-injured 3rd option in the passing game.

    As for Free, the scouts that write for the ‘boys website say he doesn’t project well as a guard.

    Carr’s contract was written in a way that the deal could easily be re-worked after the first year, which is exactly what’s happening now.

  5. @ ppc50

    You don’t know what you are talking about, obviously. Livings contract places a measly 1.7 million against the cap this year, with a total of 6.2 million guaranteed over a 5 year contract – that is a pretty minimal contract for a Guard, and he played pretty well last year, so I don’t know what you are talking about. Rotoworld agrees to as much. Carr, Ware, Austin, Scandrick and Witten are all the biggest cap hits, and all will get reworked, if need be.

    Free’s deal obviously wasn’t great looking at it in hindsight, which any spider monkey can do. You are not some sort of football genius throwing your hater opinion around and garnering any respect here, Einstein. Free will gets his contract restructured. I fully expect that he will also play much better this year, because if he doesn’t, he won’t have a future with any team. I doubt they switch him to Guard, unless the Cowboys draft a stud rookie O-lineman who doesn’t have experience at anything but the tackle position. Callahan will work with Free on what needs to be improved and get him playing like did in 2010, where he had an very solid year. Let’s not forget he switched sides with Smith in 2011 – not just a simple thing to do, by any means.

    Like Paulsmith107 said, the 5 million cap hit (which any sane person knows is absolute BS for last year AND this year for both Dallas and Washington) is a tough one to take as well. All the rest of the contracts will get reworked, and the Cowboys will be able to do what they need to do in FA and via the draft. As long as the team prioritizes drafting (and FA acquisitions) to emphasize strong O-line play, and with Kiffin coming in and working his defensive system, the Cowboys are going to be inconveniently very competitive again this year, haters.

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