Report: Raiders interested in Geno Smith

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The cheesecake may soon stand alone.

With experts and analysts and reporters making it clear that no quarterback in this class is worthy of a top-10 pick, the Raiders could be pouncing on West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith with the third overall selection.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that there are rumors of the team’s interest in Smith, who by virtue of the fact that he was the fastest quarterback in Indy makes him an obvious candidate to play for the Raiders.

If the Raiders take him, Carson Palmer likely would be cut.  And if Terrelle Pryor remains as the backup, the Raiders would become the first team to go two deep with mobile quarterbacks — which would allow them to run the same offense with either guy.  Unlike the Redskins or the 49ers or the Panthers or any other team with a mobile starter.

Of course, it all could be a smokescreen aimed at persuading teams like the Cardinals or Bills to trade up to the third spot.

Regardless, the dearth of quarterbacks (as evidenced by the haul the Niners will receive for Alex Smith) will prompt quarterback-needy franchises to do desperate things.  A trade up to No. 3 could be the end result.

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  1. Dude, Geno Smith is not a mobile QB! This guy is a pocket passer! Did you watch him play in college?! If this dude was white no one would ever refer to him as being a “mobile QB”… smh

  2. They truly are a rudderless ship.
    If even HALF of their picks had panned out in the last 5 years they would be a playoff team.

  3. The Raiders are still surging from a very difficult and bad situation. I think it will be two more years before the organization is back on top of all there issues.

    They need to trade out for more picks and not worry about the QB slot. Build the O and D lines and give Terrelle Pryor a shot. This also give Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie another year of experience and hand picking the talent they want to put in place.

  4. I thought Carson would dO better than he did. Hindsight they should have stuck with Jason Campbell. Geno may turn out to be a good fit. The fact the raiders are interested says they aren’t happy with pryors progress. Poor raiders can’t seem to find a qb the past decade. As a skins fan I feel their pain. Hang in there raiders fans. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just who knows how long the tunnel is

  5. Feb 27, 2013 6:20 PM
    Dude, Geno Smith is not a mobile QB! This guy is a pocket passer! Did you watch him play in college?! If this dude was white no one would ever refer to him as being a “mobile QB”… smh
    Dude relax! They are calling him mobile because he ran a 4.5.

  6. I seem to remember Jason Campbell having a pretty good start to the season for them before he got hurt. The Palmer trade never made sense.

    I can’t believe Pryor is the answer, though I would like to be able to have some film to verify that and see what he could do. But now that I think about it Geno would be a great fit for what Oakland likes to do and may bring some stability…

  7. If the Raiders take him, Carson Palmer likely would be cut.
    Really? If Alex Smith can fetch a 2nd round pick and another mid-round pick, I assume Palmer has some trade value too. Why just cut him?

  8. Why is everyone slamming Carson Palmer? He had a good year. In fact, a great year if you factor in inexperienced receivers and poor O-line play.

  9. Dear Raiders, please continue to play up your interest in Geno so that my Jaguars can land a sweet deal to trade down from some other QB-needy team.

  10. vincentedwardjackson says: Feb 27, 2013 6:25 PM

    Of course they are………in the 2nd Round


    That might be true, but the Raiders don’t have a second round pick!

  11. Please stop the speed factor comparison with the Raiders already…that was with Al in charge. Reggie will take football players first, not track stars like Mr. Davis loved.

  12. Hopefully we pick a defensive player high in the first round, not a QB.

    Our D plain sucks. Thus the ‘Oaklan Raiers’.

    If they make this move I wouldn’t be surprised. Disappointed but not surprised.

  13. If this is not a smokescreen and the Raiders are truly interested in drafting Geno Smith with their third overall pick, then wouldn’t it make sense for them to turn around and trade Carson Palmer to a team like the Cardinals. Maybe they can get their second round pick for him.

  14. This is such a smokescreen if there ever was one. Anybody that has listened to Reggie McKenzie for half a minute can figure out that he isn’t a reach for a 2nd round graded QB in the top five of the draft type of guy. He is just trying to drum up interest in a trade and or get some leverage in a Carson Palmer restructure.

  15. The Raiders ranked 28th in rushing in 2012. If Fisher or Joeckel are there, I have a feeling they are going to be drafting one of those guys, but that’s if they can’t trade out of the pick.

  16. Looks like the smoke n mirror show of who is “interested” in who has started with the Raiders.

    I just find it refreshing that there are comments that even think this is a smoke screen. If this was the Al Davis era, it would have been a no brainer that the Raiders would draft the fastest person at one of their biggest needs.

    I think the Raiders try to do their best Patriots impression and trade down multiple times. They need to get in as many quality players as they can.

  17. Al isn’t there anymore. Height weight speed isn’t the requirement.

    Stop with the a raider bashing and subtle(or not diss) in your stories. I swear you “journalists” got your lunch stolen by a raider fan or something.

  18. “Of course, it all could be a smokescreen aimed at persuading teams like the Cardinals or Bills to trade up to the third spot.”

    Gee, you think???

  19. For all concerned Raiders fans, this is not gonna happen. RM will take the best available talent when the Raiders pick and there is no way that he will telegraph the pick unless there is another agenda going on. RM is looking behind him at Philadelphia at #4, Arizona at #7, and Buffalo at #8. He’s looking to trade picks and grab the high 2nd rounder from any of these 3 teams. Declaring who they are interested in, is not the way of business for the Raiders and the days of picking the fastest player in the draft are gone with the passing of the Great Al Davis. I love this approach, adds a little drama to what the Raiders will do in the draft. One thing you can count on is that the Raiders will no longer be drafting an Olympic track team.

  20. Really disappointing Florio!

    First off, speed was Al’s achilles heel so spare us the typical Raider bias.

    Second, Geno is not a mobile QB period.

    I think the Raiders want someone to trade up. They don’t need Geno.

  21. McKenzie is smart enough to realize he can’t reach for a QB like Geno Smith with the third pick. They have no impact players on defense. They need a right tackle and two guards. Their starting TE can’t block, and is a free agent. They need corners. They need defensive tackles and an edge rusher. For now they have 6 picks in the draft, and two of those are in the 7th round. When the cupboard is as bare as Oakland’s, the only thing to do is start with the lines and build your way out. This draft is line deep and QB light, and that’s the way the Raiders need to draft.

  22. This is looking good for my Jags.. plus we hold the 1st pick of the 2nd round, I think we trade out of both spots for extra picks (extra EARLY picks that is).. I’m lovin’ this!

  23. Remember when Pryor was coming out of high school? HE was supposed to do what RGIII is doing. Instead, he’ll probably be catching balls from RGIII in the near future — and that’s his best case scenario.

  24. First, Geno may indeed be picked in top 10 by a team that watched him do well as a pocket passer most of his career.
    Second, shame on you Mike for connecting dots that no longer exist. Everybody knows it was Al who was enamored with speed. Al is gone and the new regime almost went out of its way to avoid a speed pick last year.
    So that was just a cheap, gratuitous shot, which is made worse by the fact that you are one of the few usually better than that .
    Finally, I know Mort and he knows this is smoke screen season. So should you. So let’s step it up and try to be credible or add perspective worth reading

  25. Commitment to excrement. At least they’re as dumb now as when the crypt keeper was still drooling all over himself.

  26. Raiders can’t trade palmer because nobody wants a contract plus older player for anything lower then a 5th rounder. Palmer has been serviceable considering his tools but he’s only worth a 2nd rounder in dream land

  27. The Raiders need to draft defense! If that means trading down for more picks, fine. If it means drafting the best defensive player available at #3, then ok. Let’s not forget it’s the defense that has blown leads/games the last two seasons, especially down the stretch in 2011.

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